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i have combination skin, and this is perfect to keep my skin matte all day

- Ulta User

good for oily/combination skin

- Walgreens User



while i love the medium coverage and mattifying affect, i love the finish the most

- Ulta User

this is a very great mattifying product for people with very oily skin

- Walgreens User



it’s comfortable to wear and it’s heavy or cakey, even after sweating at work for 8 hours

- Walgreens User

it evened out my skin tone, kept my face looking matte all day without drying it out or looking cakey, doesn't clog my pores, and is absolutely buildable without looking cakey

- Ulta User

staying power


lasts all day and the finish is so flawless, i’m always getting compliments

- Walgreens User

this really does perform like a high end foundation it's insane how inexpensive it is, i had pretty much given up the idea that i would find a truly matte foundation at the drugstore (i love the all nighter by urban decay and matte velvet plus from makeup forever) and this was everything i wanted, i wanted a lighter coverage then my super super full coverage all nighter foundation (even though this bbcream has the coverage of a medium foundation

- Ulta User


blends well

i love love love this product it has great coverage and blends into my skin so evenly i'm in love it is my new favorite liquid foundation

- Walgreens User

i like that it is lightweight and have a medium coverage and blends really well and does give you a nice matte look

- Walgreens User



this book cream make my face look smooth and flawless , i never once had to dab my face and everyone complimented on how great my makeup looked when the true secret was that the base of my makeup which was the cover girl clean matte bb cream

- Walgreens User

my face feels and looks smooth all day when i wear this

- Walgreens User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

its very lightweight, doesnt clog your pores, and you can build up the coverage

- Walgreens User

i needed a bb cream for my gym cz a foundation will plug my pores and since the day i received it i ve been using it daily for the gym and for a night out

- Walgreens User



this is the best bb cream i've tried, it keeps me matte all day without feeling dry

- Walgreens User

i've tried other matte bb creams in the past and this one is not as drying as others have been

- Walgreens User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it is light weight, blendable, buildable, matches my skin tone perfectly, stays matte through out a 12-hr work day, doesn't transfer, doesnt oxidize, doesn't sink into my huge pores or fine lines, doesn't make my blush or bronzer fade away, looks great in person and photographs beautifully

- Ulta User

doesn't oxidizes or gives me an orangey face

- Walgreens User

water resistance

water resistant

it's practically waterproof, it's affordable, and it has great coverage

- Walgreens User

and i would say it’s waterproof bc i stood in the rain at concert wearing this on my face & it stayed

- Mira User


non brightening

at the end of 6 hours i had no coverage and my skin appeared dull

- Walgreens User

when i apply this product i get extremely orange and even tho i don't have dry skin i start to look very dull dry and caked up

- Walgreens User


medium coverage

i'd recommend to anyone on a low budget looking for a great matte medium coverage cream

- Walgreens User

the coverage is light to medium, covers all of my scars and flaws yet is weightless on the skin

- Walgreens User
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walgreens user
August 06, 2016

Covergirl Clean Matte Medium

I received this product courtesy of BzzAgent and Covergirl for review. I have combination skin and acne prone skin. I have blemishes left behind from the acne. I was quite weary trying this product because usually I get shiny after a few hours wearing any kind of foundation. I also didn't know whether I will get a good match for my skin. This is my first time trying a bb cream and I did not know what to expect from it. The covergirl bb cream claims to be oil free, won't clog pores, suitable for sensitive skin, lasts all day, and most importantly it is a bb cream for oily skin. This was like everything I wanted in a foundation. I applied one thin coat with a brush all over my face. The consistency of the product was quite thick and not runny at all. A little goes a long way. After the application of the product my face appeared smooth and matte. However, after I waited for a bit some of my acne marks starting peaking through. I applied on a second layer and noticed that it was quite buildable without it being too heavy on my face. My face tends to get itchy if I apply too much product on. I noticed that after the second coat everything seem to be quite covered up and I looked quite flawless and natural as if I just had awesome skin. It was nice and smooth and I looked blemish free and it wasn't cakey either. After a whole day of wearing it, my face didn't have much shine and I didn't need to apply any foundation. It looked a lot better than the other foundations that I wear because I would need to do some touch up throughout the day. Overall, I am very impress with this bb cream and the shade medium was the right tone for me. I might have to find another shade in the winter months but as of right now it is perfect. I would definitely purchase this again. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

walgreens user
August 31, 2016

Loving it!

My skin type:  -Combination  -Acne prone  -Sensitive  -NC37 in fall/winter   NC40 in summer  -Currently using Ester lauder double wear foundation in Rattan  -Revlon colorstay whipped foundation in Golden beige  -Previously used Marcelle and Smashbox bb creams! Preview: When I first got the #bzzagent #covergirl invite for this campaign I was very excited. I am a big fan of bb creams and powder foundations especially for summers! Putting on foundation in this hot weather makes me really oily and clogs my pores. I like the overall feel of bb creams which are light and airy. I have previously used Marcelle and Smashbox bb creams. They are both good and really suits me but they are bit on an expensive side. I was excited to try this #covergirl clean matte bbcream so I got this in shade Light/medium. #gotitfree #bzzagent #covergirl Product specifics:  -Comes in a nice tube and neat packaging.  -The #bbcream is foundation like and not watery.  -The shade is neutral and doesn't have very yellow or pink undertones.  -It doesn't have SPF. Pros:  -Easy to apply. Texture is very smooth so its easily blendable. No need for makeup brushes or a beauty sponge. Fingers does the trick.  -Less time consuming so easily used on the go.  -Tube is small so easily can be travelled with.  -Doesnt oxidizes on me even in the hot weather.  -Keeps me shine free for 3-4 hrs  -Hides redness,blemishes and evens out skin like a light weight foundation.  -Good staying power! Doesn't make me look cakey. Gives a very natural finish when set with a powder  -No odor  -Doesnt clog pores  -Very affordable  -Readily available at drugstores  -Smoth and light feel/coverage Cons:  -Less shades to choose from. Some may not find their shade  -No SPF  -Makes skin oily after few hours. Overall experience: I have been using the #covergirl #cleanmatte bb cream for almost 3-4 weeks now. Have already used most of the product because its so easy to use and apply. Its very light weight and gives the perfect amount of natural skin coverage hiding imperfections. Great for summers as I hate the cakey feeling of foundations esp when I m sweating! The light/medium shade is a perfect match for my nc37-40 skin. It doesn't cause any acne or allergic relations for me. Doesn't oxidizes or gives me an orangey face. Keeps me shine free for few hours. And the longevity and performance can be up by applying some translucent powder to keep the oiliness in check. It doesn't have SPF or other skin care benefits like other bb creams claim to have but overall this is an amazing product for an easy to go and awesome coverage light weight cream. Great for oily skin as it keeps the face matte but is not over drying. The finish is a natural looking satin matte. Definitely going to repurchase and recommend other to try this amazing bbcream! #covergirl you nailed it! (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

March 9, 2020

Great!! I like how it blends easily! Perfect for a natural look with light coverage that evens out the skin tone!

February 28, 2020

I have used this product for years, despite my taste in makeup, I can’t find myself to leave this behind! For someone who has sensitive and mostly oily skin, this foundation is amazing ! It matched my cool tone so perfectly it was hard to see what was my skin and what was makeup. But don’t let that steer you away, this has extremely great coverage. And I would say it’s waterproof bc I stood in the rain at concert wearing this on my face & it STAYED !!!! If you’re looking for a matte that’s not drying by any means, this is definitely my favorite.

walgreens user
September 01, 2016

Fall's Flat

First of all I want to point out that NEVER in my life have I had a foundation or BB cream shade match my skin tone SO perfect! I don’t know how Cover Girl did it but almost all of my friends that have looked into this bb cream have found amazing results when it comes to matching skin tone (and let me tell you there was a VERY wide range of skin tones!) That being said things only went downhill from there. My skin type is acne prone (although at the time of the product testing I had no active acne and just a little bit of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks) As someone who struggles with acne I could appreciate the fact that this BB cream did not cause further breakouts nor did it irritate my skin. I applied this product like I do all my other makeup products that I own, with my fingers. I fell in love with this product when I first put it on my skin but as I tried to build it up and blend it out that love quickly dissolved into hate. The BB cream didn’t unify my skin tone and appeared splotchy and streaky despite being a perfect colour match. Most BB creams that I’ve tested are buildable, but adding more products made it harder to blend and caused the cream to sink into fine lines around my mouth. Imperfections (e.g. texture) were much more visible. At the end of 6 hours I had no coverage and my skin appeared dull. On the plus side my skin appeared to be mattified while I could feel a day’s worth of oils and built up dirt. The product becomes matte within 10 min of its application, but within 30 my skin looked chalky around my mouth( I have combo skin and usually it take about 4-6 hours before my bb cream or foundation begin to look cakey/ chalky) .From what I’ve been able to tell there are no other uses for this product, usually I turn discarded BB creams into primers for my foundation, but the mattifying properties of the Cover Girl BB cream were so intense that it didn’t make much a difference in the saying time of the foundation nor did it improve the look of the foundation. I noticed that after removing the BB cream I had dry skin and had to add extra steps to add moisture back into my skin. Over all I would recommend this product to someone with very oily skin and no visible imperfection the 2 stars that I gave it had to do with the fact that the bb cream was a perfect colour match and did not break me out. This BB cream brings little to nothing to the table; in all honesty there are far better products on the market. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

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Maris Bryant Bowlby
Oily Skin

What is the best lightweight / light-medium coverage foundation for oily skin? Looking for something on the weekends that’s a little more breathable and not full coverage for running errands, etc... I’ve found that most CC creams and light coverage foundations give you that dewy look which an oily face does not need! #oilyskin #lightcoverage

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Dry Skin

Matte, breathable, light coverage...

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Tiffany Nguyen
Combination Skin

I’m looking for a tinted moisturizer or something similar (that gives off natural matte finish) for combo skin? I’m usually oily in my tzone. Don’t need a heavy foundation w full coverage, light coverage can also be good. #sos #foundation

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Caycee Landers
Combination Skin

Highly recommend

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Sensitive Skin

does anyone know any kind of light weight foundation // concealer or tinted moisturizer? i cant find a good one🙁 (preferably a drug store one, but anyone will help!)

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Ainsley Poole
Oily Skin

I use this one and I love it