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Monochromatic Blush Duo by Cover FX
Cover FX

Monochromatic Blush Duo

blends well(59)
does not have fallout(8)
pigmentation: sheer

Top Reviews


blends well

i love how it blends into the skin

- Sephora User

amazingly natural and so easy to blend the packaging is so lux and the entire experience and quality is worth every cent, definitely want to get one of the bronzers

- Sephora User


does not have fallout

this blush is super pigmented and the matte side isn’t too powdery or ultra-matte

- Sephora User

it is super pigmented , and the matte shade is kinda powdery

- Ulta User



i love everything about this blush, the colour is perfect, it's not blotchy and you can either build it up or sheer it down

- Beautybay User

the shimmery side is a bit sheerer than the matte one and leaves a healthy glow behind

- Beautybay User
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Sephora userMay 12, 2019


I am SO HAPPY I was able to get my hands on this on the last day of the sale. I was worried when I saw reviews saying it's pigmented because I prefer a more sheer color on my cheeks that I can build up. It's true, this is very pigmented but the upside of that is that it blends out like a dream, so you're not left with a streaky mess. The matte shade has some kick up but nothing crazy, the shimmery shade is definitely my favorite, it's GORGEOUS. I love using it on its own or as a blush topper, it has that baked gelee formula so it doesn't have any kick up and it gives that sheer wet looking glow to the cheeks. LOVE! 

- Sephora
Sephora userSeptember 3, 2019

Pigment: too much and then not enough.

I feel like this product is not very consistent, though it may just be the colour I chose. The matte blush is incredibly pigmented (I know how to use a light hand and I use a brush that doesn’t pick up a lot of product at once) and then the luminous side seems to be hardly pigmented at all. As far as colour choice goes, this product I think is very inclusive as far as being flattering on a variety of skin tones. These more purple toned blushes are generally great for POC but I am very fair and once I learned how to tame the pigment and blend while keeping it in a small area, the colour was not too dramatic, but definitely a fall/winter shade for people with my skin tone. For the price, I will be returning it because I’d have others that will give me similar shade results, even though the colours look totally different in the pan. For reference, my favourite blush formula is from hourglass. If you love those, you most likely won’t love these. Less

- Sephora
Sephora userMay 19, 2019

These are so pretty! The matte side is very pigmented but doesn't apply patchy and blends no problem. These feel silky since they are talc free and the shade in this duo is so flattering. For the shimmer side, I don't agree with people calling this a highlighter because it is just a shimmer blush to me. If you actually want to wear it as a highlight it has to be built up and probably applied after putting on setting spray. I think you should go into it thinking its a shimmer blush that can be worn on the cheeks alone or on top to add subtle shimmer to the matte side. I don't like it as a highlight because it just takes to much to build it up in the way I like to wear highlight. Overall this product is so pretty and the design on the shimmer side is beautiful. I don't personally like the packaging on the outside but that's just preference and has no bearing on the product itself. I highly recommend these and I will definitely pick up more and want to try the bronzer version. Less

- Sephora
Sephora userMay 6, 2019

I bought Pink Dahlia and Soft Peach. I put them next to two blushes I feel like everyone owns, Nars Orgasm and Tarte Paaarty, to help with color comparison and shade lightness if you can't go see them irl. Another reviewer said Pink dahlia is Orgasm with a kick. Pink dahlia is a tad bit more peachy and completely matte while Nars orgasm is cooler and has shimmer in it. I consider Tarte paaarty a good shade for paler skin, and as you can see, both of the cover fx blushes, which are the lightest in the collection, are still darker. If you are a ghost like me, the two shades are still plenty wearable but you might need to blend it out a bit since they are very pigmented. One tap in the pan is enough to get a flush on your cheeks. The two highlighter shades are too dark for me, but they can go be used as a blush topper with a light hand, or as eyeshadow. I love them both and even though they are a bit pricey, there are two shades and you get quite a lot in the pan at 14.5 grams (the nars blush is only 4.8g for comparison!). Less

- Sephora
ulta.com userJune 9, 2019

Spiced cinnamon

Most all my blushes are peachy pink, pinkish rose, rosey mauve. Spiced Cinnamon is what I chose. Out of my comfort zone with this shade but love the look on my tanned skin. It's not as dark as pictured. Applied looks mauvey/brick. Warm for that summer bronzy look. Matte side is incredibly pigmented! I use a fluffy soft blush brush and a very light hand. The highlighter is more of a sheen. Not a blinding highlighter. Paired together beautifully. You can wear the highlight shade as a blush for a flush of color. That's if you have smooth skin, no pores. I like to cocktail the two or add the highlight as a topper just to apples. The highlight side looks great as a eyeshadow as well. Blushes- very smooth and even application blends nicely. 

- ulta.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Red 30 lakeacnehazard
Red 6acne
Polysorbate 20hazard
Chondrus Crispusacneirritant