BHA Blackhead Power Liquid by cosrx

BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

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Blackheads be gone! Cosrx bha blackhead power liquid reduces blackheads and excess sebum while hydrating skin.

Key Benefits:

  • Gentle
  • Redness Relief
  • Good For Acne


Salix Alba Bark Water, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Butylene Glycol, Arginine, Betaine Salicylate, Salix Alba Bark Water, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Butylene Glycol, Arginine, Betaine Salicylate
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December 28, 2016

Seeing actual results!

I have struggled with stress and hormonal acne for a while now and it got really bad this past semester of university. I also struggle with extremely dry skin, especially in the winter months. I decided to start using this product to get rid of my acne. I have used all kinds of American drugstore products and none of them have ever worked and many of them broke me out further. Within about a week of using this product, I can say that I have seen a significant reduction in my acne and it did not dry out my skin all that much. I just put a light moisturizer on the top of this product after it soaks in. I love this so so so much. user
May 31, 2017

Lightweight, effective BHA - good value!

I was previously using PC 9% Resist BHA, and I liked it a lot, but wanted to try something a bit more affordable. After reading several skincare blogs I learned about this product and decided to give it a try. I was concerned that it would be less effective, given that it's a lower percentage of active product compared to PC, however this seems to work just as well, and at almost half the cost of the PC exfoliator. I use this primarily to clear up closed comedones, a problem I've developed in my late 30's. That said, it also works great for more troublesome cyst-like acne as well. I've not had any major breakouts since using a BHA, and this product brings CCs to the surface quickly, and makes it easy to extract them myself without irritating my skin. I'm 39, fair with freckles and light eyes, and have somewhat sensitive skin, prone to redness and irritation. I have to be careful with what I put on my face - this product is great, and very affordable for me. Give it a try! :) « less user
January 8, 2018

Best Product I've Discovered

Ever since I discovered k-beauty two years ago, my skin has transformed. This product (and my clarisonic) specifically is one of major reasons why my moderate to borderline severe adult acne (and in turn, hyperpigmentation) cleared up. This product, although marketed for blackheads, helped keep hormonal/cystic acne at bay or reduced. I haven't broken out anywhere close to how I used to back then because this product keeps my pores clear.I never struggled with blackheads or enlarged pores, despite having a very oily skin type, but like I said, it has significantly reduced my acne to a pimple or two every few weeks. My boyfriend does get blackheads though, and he uses this product. While I can't say it completely eliminated his blackhead problems, it certainly has reduced it.I use this every night and I also make sure to wait 20 minutes before I move on to the next product so it can sink into my skin. However, I would recommend building up the amount of usage of this, as it is a chemical exfoliator. « less user
September 1, 2016

Great deep pore exfoliator!

I don't have a huge problem with blackheads specifically, but I do have combination skin that gets clogged sebaceous filaments very easily as well as a few deep pimples that are red and swollen and don't come to a head, which is why I opted for the blackhead power liquid. This stuff is very gentle, no unpleasant smell that I can detect and is very thin, slightly viscous in consistency that absorbs very quickly with no leftover film. The power liquid will not clear your pores by itself (or at least it didn't clear mine) but with consistent use it makes it much easier to maintain and keep your pores clean by exfoliating the gunk to the surface so that your cleansers, masks and surface exfoliate products work much more efficiently. I like to apply it daily (morning and night) after toner but before my essence. I did notice after I started using it that I got a few very tiny whiteheads which is not normal for me so I knew it was the mild purging from the power liquid bringing the junk in my pores to the surface, but that subsided very quickly. One of my favorite ways to use this product is on nights that I use a weekly or bi-weekly clay or deep pore mask. After cleansing I apply the blackhead power liquid and let it sit for 20-30 minutes to give it time to work deep into my pores, then I do my mask and the results are much better than just using the mask alone. And my deep red pimples that would never come to a head are all but gone! I will still get one every once in a while especially when my hormones are out of whack from that time of the month or if I eat a bunch of unhealthy food. I give it 5 stars because it is gentle, very acceptable texture and no unpleasant smell (both of which I consider very important for any "leave-on" product) and even though it doesn't get rid of blackheads by itself it works really great when incorporated with all of the other skincare steps that we should be doing anyway. « less user
May 1, 2017

Not quite right for me

I have combination skin - I rarely get spots or full on blackheads but do have some clogged pores and sebaceous filaments I wanted to address.A BHA exfoliant sounded like the perfect way of dealing with this and looking around online I'd read so many good things about this product. Unfortunately my skin really doesn't like this product - I tried it at night after putting on my toner then aftet 30 mins added a night cream to moisturise. As per various articles online I gradually eased my skin into using it but it caused irritation and seemed to increase my blocked pores. I also developed a zit in an area where I've never had an issue with acne so think this was a bad reaction rather than purging.No product is one size fits all and I think this was just bad luck - I think I'll switch to some good face masks instead. :) « less

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Molly Davis
Molly Davis
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

I get very large and open pores as well as lots of random acne and breakouts, what should I do? I’m 16 so also go through hormones.

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Profile picture of alessandra ruiz
alessandra ruiz
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

I have so so so so much blackheads on my nose, I also have oily skin. What should I use? And shouldn’t use?

Profile picture of cassieheart
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

This is a BHA that will help with blackheads and to make your pores look smaller. Also don’t use pore strips bc they basically do nothing lol

Profile picture of Emma C
Emma C
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Best blackhead treatments?

Profile picture of Surarupa Bhattacharjee
Surarupa Bhattacharjee
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

This is amazing! Erases blackheads over night and reduces the appearance of large pores. Leaves skin tight and shiny smooth!