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Acne Pimple Master Patch by cosrx

Acne Pimple Master Patch




Key Benefits:

  • Redness Relief
  • Good For Acne


Cellulose gum, Liquid Paraffin, Cellulose gum, Liquid Paraffin

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4.380% of 101 reviewers recommend this product

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ulta user
September 05, 2019

Angry Acne Be Gone!

I bought this product last month and I've almost cleared the sheet! I have dreadful hormonal acne and these little translucent patches are my saving grace. Like some of the reviewers noted below, the small patches work better when the white head is about to erupt from the red, painful zit. I've tried both methods: 1) popping the pimple first and then placing the patch on and 2) putting the patch on a pimple that's ready to pop. For me personally, the latter method works much more effectively at extracting the pus. I will note that the area where you apply these patches have to be completely dry though because any moisture on your skin will not allow the patch to completely stick. I love that the ingredients on this patch also reduces swelling and redness - I am definitely seeing a difference! I haven't felt this confident in my skin in nearly a year, so I'm totally loving this. This is my new holy grail acne buster. Ulta - please restock tons of these soon! I'm about to run out!

ulta user
September 05, 2019


These hydro colloidal patches are very effective on any blemish (except for deep cystic acne) I've used them on. I do also love and use a bi-phase overnight blemish drying treatment with calamine, sulfur, alcohol and salicylic acid one night, and then the next night I'll use a hydro colloidal patch on a bigger blemish. After those two nights of alternating's GONE! I can't recommend these patches enough! They're not expensive either which is a BIG PLUS! I've heard that if you gently pierce through the first two thin layers of skin with a sterile straight pin right in the center of a white head or larger red blemish then apply the patch it will allow the patch to absorb the fluid out completely. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL if you do use a straight pin and do not go too deep nor pierce it more than once. I WILL NEVER go without these!! I've stocked up!

ulta user
September 05, 2019

Always Keep on Hand

These are great! I often mess with my acne even though I know I shouldn't, and placing one of these over the zit helps keep me from messing with it. It also helps bring gunk to the surface more quickly and can draw it out if the zit is very close to the surface already or has been popped. These help to reduce infection in popped zits and help to draw out any excess puss or oil left over so that the skin is usually flat after one or two applications. This doesn't immediately reduce inflammation for me but usually the day after I've used it the redness has gone down a bit more quickly. I had a bought of cystic acne for a while and constantly used these to help keep it in check until I could get to a dermatologist. Now I always have these in stock just in case something decides to pop up on my face. I would recommend giving these a shot if you are acne prone, they definitely help keep you from picking at zits which helps reduce the change of further infection and scarring. These aren't going to magically make your zit disappear overnight, but they will help to speed up the healing process by quite a bit.

ulta user
September 05, 2019

These really work!!!

I love these patches! They're easy to use and they really work! I took a chance on these, as I had never seen or heard of them before. I'm so glad I did! They really pull the impurities out of the blemishes. They work best on those that have already been lanced/popped and those that have come to a head. After just 1 night of using the patches, the blemishes that I used them on are flat, not painful or sore, and not as red. They work on cystic acne too, and make it less painful and inflamed. They adhere to the skin nicely, stay put, don't come off during the night, and they prevent additional bacteria from getting into the acne. So much better than the ointments that dry out your skin, cause additional sensitivity or irritation, and bleach fabrics. I highly recommend these! I'll be stocking up for sure!

ulta user
September 03, 2019

Save your Money

Not a fan. The acids in the patch definitely react to skin if left on long enough and create a little white film, but unless your acne is really near the surface of your skin, it does very little. I tried all of the patches, as directed, and all it did was reduce the size of the acne (how inflamed it was and stood out from the skin) but in a few hours it would come back just as bad.

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Can anyone recommend me a good acne spot treatment?🥺 My pimples hurt :(

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Acne spot treatment that will diminish acne overnight? I’ve a painful cyst forming. Please help me out and thank you in advance!

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Oily Skin IconOily Skin

I LOVE these patches. You just stick one over the pimple and leave it on for a couple of hours or overnight, and it sucks out the oil and dirt causing the acne.