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Ac Collection Ultimate Spot Cream




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my husband and i both suffer from acne and so, this has been keeping them under control and away

- Yesstyle User

really good acne spot treatment

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redness relief

it works very well calming and reducing spots

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it contains salicylic acid to fight the pimple, but also lots of healing ingredients, which helps redness and works as to reduce scaring and hyperpigmentation after a pimple

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good for acne

this cream is super good for acne spot treatment

- Yesstyle User

i truly love the product and highly suggest trying this out if you struggle with an uneven skin texture, tone, and pimples

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but this product works wonders, it even helps with some red, irritated skin i sometimes get

- Yesstyle User

(acne prone and really irritated) i used this cream and the next day my red spots weren't so red and angry - it had done what it said

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April 26, 2019

very good!!!

I love cosrx in general and its my go to brand! this recent collection is so good for my skin! (acne prone and really irritated) I used this cream and the next day my red spots weren't so red and angry - it had done what it said! just place a little bit on the spot and sleep with it on (can make it thicker if they are really red and bad too) I would recommend this 100% user
May 18, 2019

New Holy Grail Product

I absolutely LOVE this cream. I suffer from acne prone skin and literally within a day of putting this on, I saw acne from a breakout practically disappear. I've been using it every day since then and it is very soothing for skin. I haven't had any breakouts since, and I've noticed that acne scarring is greatly reduced when this cream is applied.The only thing that I would mention is that cream will continue to come out of the tube if the cap isn't put back on immediately. Thats a design issue and I hope the packaging for this product will be updated. user
May 8, 2019

It's okay

I bought this for my brother and he says that it helps with calming down red spots and inflammation but it doesn't get rid of spots completely. His still using it but he says it's not as effective as he thought it'd be. I think if you have mild acne problems it would be help get rid of your spots but not if you have very troubled skin like myself and my brother and we both have combo skin too. user
March 15, 2019

amazing anti blemish cream

i have tried many anti blemish cream like murad, origins, mario badescu , topical retinoid etc none helped and they just make me peel. This cream is AMAZING at getting rid of the inflammation. shrinks the angry pimple and the next day the redness really subsided a lot. i have cystic acne it even works for those without a white head. user
June 11, 2019

Good for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and usually get irritated or red from using acne spot treatments. This one is gentle yet strong it if makes sense meaning it is ok for sensitive skin but effective and gets rid of new heads. Would recommend trying it if you have acne and sensitive skin