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Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion by coola

Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion


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redness relief

overall, excellent lotion for after a burn; moisturizes and soothes red sensitive skin and prevents a burn from drying out and peeling

- Sephora User

next morning my face doesn't hurt at at, still a bit read but the skin feels great and my shoulder can stand a bra strap which is amazing for how red it was yesterday

- Sephora User



love this hydrating lotion

- Nordstrom User

i would recommend it to anyone who feels their skin is dry after a day at the pool or beach

- Sephora User



it’s a lightweight non greasy lotion that leaves you feeling fresh after being in the sun

- Nordstrom User

it’s lightweight, the smell is great, and i would highly recommend this to anyone looking for relief

- Nordstrom User



it softens even the toughest skin, and doesn't irritate my finicky skin

- Ulta User

the lingering, irritated redness began to diminish as well

- Sephora User
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Sephora userSeptember 22, 2016

became an occasional hand cream...

Not easy to apply, quite a dense texture. Might peel off. Skin doesn't breath when this cream is applied - feels like all the sweat is blocked underneath it (felt it this summer, it was hot and humid). Mind the scent as well.

- Sephora
nordstrom userAugust 27, 2018

The Best Treatment for Dermatitis

Coola’s after-sun lotion works on the rash associated with Duhrings Disease, AKA Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH), AKA the worst itch you can ever experience that is caused by consuming gluten. I have tried every prescription & OTC product - from steroids, immunomodulators, drying agents, etc. etc. I refuse to use the standard treatment, the antibiotic Dapsone (just read the side effects). The itching from DH is like nothing else, but with the after-sun lotion I can get some sleep (my derm told me to sleep with socks on my hands so I don’t scratch my skin open) and the lesions heal in days. My hubby loves it for razor burn too!

- nordstrom
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

Best lotion for sensitive skin!

I originally bought this for vacation - trying to be proactive if I got a sunburn. But now I use it almost daily. It softens even the toughest skin, and doesn't irritate my finicky skin. Most scented lotions make my skin break out in hives or rashes, but I've had great luck with everything I've had from Coola!

- ulta
Sephora userAugust 16, 2016

Great Product

I bought this at the beginning of the summer in case I got a burn. Yesterday, while on vacation in North Carolina, I ended up getting a burn on my fair back and upper legs. I'm so glad I ordered this lotion a couple months ago! I applied it after I got home from the beach and again before bed, and when I woke up today the redness was significantly decreased. I also used this earlier this summer also on a smaller burn and I never peeled and the burn turned to a golden tan. The key is to apply this lotion multiple times until the redness goes away. Overall, excellent lotion for after a burn; Moisturizes and soothes red sensitive skin and prevents a burn from drying out and peeling! Love it!

- Sephora
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

I love this product!

I love this lotion so much that i actually use it as a night cream. It is super moisturizing and repairs all types of skin conditions quickly. I have noticed a reduction of general redness on my face since i began using this product. Also it is the fastest way to sooth a sunburn that i have found and with less pealing. I am a customer for life! Love their mango sunscreen too! The only one that does not irritate my sensitive skin

- ulta


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