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Too many options?

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Colette Giganti
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best powder for oil control?? queen’s tired of lookin’ like a #greeseball !!!

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Briana Rueger
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Aisling Organics Eco Set powder !! It’s a freakin god send

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Eveliz Arevalo
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does anyone know how to control oil while not wearing any face makeup ?

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Ava Arnold
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This one works really fast paired with @Drying Lotion to control acne and reduce oil in pores, I play basketball and sweat ALOT while playing, so my face gets very oily so I just make sure that I use the face wash twice daily and apply the drying lotion at night. Hope this works for you!❤️

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Besa Shpati
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any one have any great sleep masks/night creams to help with sebum control? I wake up with extremely oily skin, its disgusting. also does anyone have any skin care they use for oiliness/acne? thanks :)

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The use the Niacinmide serum by the ordinary and it works wonders for my skin. Hyram does an amazing job explaining about skincare he also has oily skin and gives great recommendations! Hope this helps!🥰

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Amira Stephens
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@Kathy i second this!!! Love Hyram sm