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Profile picture of Alyssa Carlee Dubinski
Alyssa Carlee Dubinski
CombinationCombination Skin
I need help finding a good everyday lip.. I have never really done anything with my lips unless I wear a bold lipstick, but I’ve been very self conscious about my no bold lipstick lips lately. I’ve been just wearing chapstick especially because of it being winter time. But I think I want a nude lipstick that isn’t matte that will last a long time. I usually wear a full face of makeup and the just chapstick needs to go lol
Profile picture of Kaleigh Whitnell
Kaleigh Whitnell
CombinationCombination Skin
Mac has a really pretty nude lipstick in the shade bad n bare! I forgot about it for a while and just found it and have been wearing it everyday to work! Just a little something that isn’t very noticeable but makes me feel good! It’s also a satin formula so it’s not drying like a matte would be and it’s a really long lasting formula! The shade velvet teddy is also pretty if you want to do a more pinky nude, I didn’t include a photo of that one. All the Mac lipsticks are awesome
Profile picture of Roxanne Guzman
Roxanne Guzman
CombinationCombination Skin
Are the colourpop palettes worth it? Especially the peach and coconut ones?
Profile picture of Rob Carney
Rob Carney
CombinationCombination Skin
Colorpop’s shadows are quite nice for the price. Mattes blend pretty easily and their pigment is nice, and shimmers are decent. Though like others I’d recommend their Super Shock singles if you want those really intense shimmer or metallic finishes. Also, in terms of swatches as mentioned above, I’ve personally found that a finger swatch doesn’t really show you much in terms of actual performance when applied to the eye. So take those statements with a grain of salt.
Profile picture of Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson
OilyOily Skin
*good foundation for oily skin* I need a reliable foundation for my Oily skin. Right now, the one I use separates on my face after a few hours. I put on a tun of powder and it still doesn’t help. After an hour or two I am left feeling self conscious about my skin and makeup. Please help! I am willing to spend some money on the foundation, as long as it works well. Any suggestions? #Ineedtofixmyface
Profile picture of Bri
DryDry Skin
I’ve heard many customers rave about this!! (I work at Ulta)