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TLC BFF Mascara & Liner by Colourpop

TLC BFF Mascara & Liner


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September 2, 2020

My ride-or-die eyeliner FOREVER

I'm so happy Ulta is carrying KVD now! The Tattoo Liner is the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used hands down and I've been using it for about 5 years. Why is it so great? First is the tip. Instead of being a felt tip that blobs product onto your lid, it's a finely pointed stiff brush that enables me to create lines from super fine to bold. Second is the formula. It's black as black can be. It's waterproof and lasts all day. It doesn't start smudging until about 10 hrs of wear. I absolutely recommend it. I've had friends try it after asking what I wear and they love it too. 

Debenhams user
September 6, 2016

Great liner! Best precision

The Kat von D tattoo liner is extraordinary!The first 2 uses, I required 2 layers to make it opaque and dark, but I still retried it because of how beautiful it looked on. But after that, on the 3rd use and till this day, It glided on like silk!The black is incredibly black and opaque.. One layer. the finish is almost a satin semi matt black.But my absolute favourite part is the brush. At first glance it seems like a felt brush... But when you look closely it's an accumulation of little fine brushes! PerfectThe control that one has is remarkable, drawing from the thinnest to the thickest likes you'd ever need!The way that you can make a flick so effortlessly and perfectly is amazing!I used this for about 2 weeks and in different environments, form colder Rainy, warm sunny, wet and humid days, and each time the liner stayed perfectly intact,Though on the more humid day near the inner eye duct it began to smudge ever so slightly, I didn't consider that a big factor because it was so unnoticeable..I wore this for sometime 16-18hours and again did not budge!There was no flaking or crumbling throughout the day as well!The liner on application does not drag or tug! In fact it's one of the smoothest application I've had! Also it's so much fun to draw with it too!I love it! I would (and have) recommended it to anyone from the beginner to the most experienced! Whether you are going for a more natural unnoticeable look to a more dramatic eye look!Creating the perfectly winged, precise pigmented lasting Liner has never been easier. No hassle, No fuss, just perfection! Less

Sephora user
September 2, 2020

It will stop working shortly after you buy it

So, I've been purchasing and using this eyeliner for a while now, and here are the pros and cons of this eyeliner.Pros: The tip of the eyeliner is such a nice shape and size that you can effortlessly do a beautiful cat-eye look with it. When the eyeliner is NEW, it glides very dark and very smoothly on your lid.Cons: After about literally 1 week, the eyeliner gets dry and just doesn't want to draw. You have to keep shaking it, draw a few lines on the back of your hand, and pray that the eyeliner would eventually work. The intensity of the eyeliner drastically decreases after less than 10 uses, which disappoints me so much. Also, if you have oily lids, you will need to apply the eyeliner on top of some eyeshadow, because else the eyeliner will smudge, melt into your skin, and disappear by the end of the day.The only reason I re-purchased this eyeliner was for its tip and the fact that I can rely on it when it's brand new. Other than that, it's truly not a good investment. I really hope the KVD team does something about the formula to make the pen more long-lasting. Honestly, it doesn't make sense to spend so much for an eyeliner, only to find yourself having trouble with it and disliking it a few days after. This will be the last time I'm purchasing this eyeliner until they do something about this issue. Less

Sephora user
June 17, 2020

The best eyeliner!

Love Kat Von D eyeliner, I have been using this product for a long time, honestly I have tried other brands but nothing compares to this one it is a favorite, I will tell you why; First this eyeliner is very precise it never smudges or bleeds, second it is waterproof so it wont come off at all and third it will last you for many many uses. One tip is always shake it before use and alway have it stand down in a brush holder or container so it is always ready to use. I prefer this eyeliner in brown it is a beautiful color! 

Sephora user
November 12, 2017

KVD vs. Stila

LOVE. If you’re trying to decide between this one and the Stila “24 hour/waterproof” pen eyeliner, and you need one that will actually stand up to its claims, get this one. The $22 I spent on the Stila eyeliner was a total waste. This eyeliner, on the other hand, is fantastic. Definitely lasts all day — through work,a good workout, and running around with my boyfriend and his dog. It is a brush tip, so just be aware of that, but if you like a brush applicator you will fall in love with this eyeliner.The first picture (not looking at the camera) is me wearing this KVD eyeliner after a few hours, the second picture (looking at the camera) is me wearing the Stila eyeliner for a few hours. The second picture is not even close up, but you can clearly see how smudged and faded the eyeliner is toward the middle of my eye. If you just want to draw on your face the Stila liner is fine, but if you want something that will stay on your eyelid get this Tattoo Liner. Less