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Amber Crystal Collection Set by Colourpop

Amber Crystal Collection Set


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4.075% of 64reviewers recommend this product

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sephora user
December 03, 2017

Great affordable set!

I've been wanting to try the Crystal collection so I'm so happy one of them came to Sephora! The lip balm is smooth and hydrating and adds a nice wash of colour to the lips. The highlighter is a very pretty warm shade and works great mixed into foundation as well. However, you need to remember to shake it before you use or it gets a little oily. The setting spray is my favorite product in the set. It smells great and leaves my face feeling refreshed. I have to hold it a little further away than most sprays, but that type of thing doesn't bother me. I also hope they release the spray on its own because I would run out of this faster - the highlight is huge and you need so little; I don't think I'd need a replacement anytime soon. Overall I'm very happy with this set and hope Sephora picks up the other ones as well!

sephora user
February 22, 2018

Surprised with Results

Bought this set cause a friend suggested it, I'm usually a too faced or urban decay kinda girl but I wasn't disappointed with this set in anyway! The balm had a good tint and was very moisturizing, the setting spray lasted me all evening out and didn't feel harsh on my skin or heavy but the best part was the highlighter it would be great on any skin tone! It didn't make me look pale or orange and the shimmer was just right. Couldn't be happier with this set and I'd buy another just to have for later if it wasn't constantly out of stock lol

sephora user
November 05, 2017

i find this set disappointing. the highlighter is chunky. i had the rose quartz liquid highlighter and that one has also the same consistency. it is too thick to be applied on the face. you end up, even when sheering it out with a blender or a brush or mixing it in foundation, with emphasized texture. it does not look natural. the spray bottle needs some work. the nozzle is not fine enough and even with my eyes closed tightly it stings, which makes me wary of the ingredients. the lip balm is the best out of the three. it is moisturizing and has a light tint when watched on the hand but it needs several applications to show up on my lips and at that point it feels rather tacky and sticky. i don't like feeling like i have something waxy on my lips. so this was unfortunately a fail for me and will be returned. i hope colourpop comes out with more elegant liquid highlighters. the color is beautiful. the consistency needs to be lighter.

sephora user
November 26, 2017

I did not think I was going to like this as much as I do. The lip balm is very sheer but also very moisturizing. I keep it in my purse for everyday use (I've been using everyday since I got it). The sprayer it self is eh.. but the actual product is amazing, and smells wonderful. Last but not least, that highlight... that highlight... is the best thing ever! (The directions do say to shake before use) This highlight was made for my complexion (olive). Just one tiny pump and rub of a finger and I am glowing like a gold goddess!

sephora user
January 10, 2018

for the price, this set is really nice! all of the products have a sort of strong peachy-mango smell, so if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, i wouldn't recommend this. the setting spray itself is quite nice. it has good ingredients and works very well at keeping my makeup in place after a long day. i really like the finish, too. it's dewy, but not overly shiny or greasy or anything like that. the only thing i'm not the biggest fan of is the nozzle, but if you hold it farther away, it's not that big a deal. (i also was able to find an empty bottle with a spritzer nozzle thing that is much more fine, so i just ended up replacing the original) the highlight is a bit too gold for my personal liking, so instead of a highlighter, i only use it to mix in with my foundation or moisturizer. fortunately, a little goes a long way with this product, so this bottle will probably last me a long time. the lip balm is me favorite product. it's moisturizing and smells amazing. the color matches my undertones wonderfully. the packaging for all three products is also really high quality. i personally love how the highlighter and the setting spray are in glass bottles--it just makes the product feel so much more lux!

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