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Tint du Soleil SPF30 Whipped Foundation by colorescience

Tint du Soleil SPF30 Whipped Foundation



Nourish and even complexion with tint du soleil broad spectrum spf 30 uv protective foundation by colorescience. Multi-vitamin complex, peptides, ceramides and milk lipids improve the appearance of skin tone while the creamy, hydrating whipped formula feels like bare skin at its best.

Key Benefits:

  • Water Resistant
  • Hydrating
  • Smooth
  • Blends Well
  • Lightweight
  • Not Creasing

Ratings & Reviews

4.895% of 1076reviewers recommend this product

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John Lewis user
October 26, 2013


I have sensitive skin which has slightly oily t-zone but with dry patches.I had a Bobbi brown make-over and the one bit i didnt like was the skin care. It was heavy and made my make up melt' felt very think and sticky on my skin however i do believe that every skin type is different and this may be better for others. The smell was nice and the make-up bobbi brown is brilliant.

sephora user
April 17, 2012

The only moisturizer I use.

Living in a very dry climate, this moisturizer has saved my bacon. I have had dry skin for years and have tried everything under the sun to remedy my skin. I have used the BB Hydrating Face cream before, but it wasn't enough and after long and tedious searching, I came back and started using the BB extra line. Wow how much better my skin is since using this moisturizer. My skin stays hydrated all day long. My skin dosen't get tight and itchy at the end of the day. My skin glows. My makeup applies more smoothly and evenly. It is so nice now that it is now formulated with anti-aging ingredients. They just took a fantastic product and made it better. I also use the one without SPF at night as it is heavier and more hydrating. All I can say is that this moisturizer gets used up and dosen't end up in my enormous collection of products that I hate or that don't work. I won't use any other moisturizer. This is definately not for someone who has oily skin. It is truly made for those who live in drier climates and have very dry skin. I thought I would wear this only in the winter when it is super dry, but I wear it year round. I don't apply it like a regular moisturizer. I warm it up in my fingers and then I press it into my skin. This application makes a difference. This truly is the only moisturizer I use.

nordstrom user
July 28, 2012

LOVE < 3

I have tried lots of face creams and everytime I try them they just aren't ever as moisturizing at BB's Creams + they break me out. What I truly love about this is there are no parabens! I have combo skin however more on the dry side. I use this as a night cream primarily but sometimes I apply it later in the day as a face cream. Also it has a primer built in which is nice. I haven't tried the one with SPF 25 yet until I run out I will be using this one. I have sensitive skin as well and I never break out using her skin care line!!! I love that her products are very easy on your skin they sink in well mell good and make your face feel awake. When I wake up in the AM my face feels like butter. Super amazing--a must have. Kind of expensive but you only have to use a little. I also have her hydrating face cream (which I use for day mainly) and I think I may start buying the extra repair balm but with SPF 25 instead of the hydrating cream. More bang for your buck and it is a little bit lighter weight than the one without SPF. Even young girls I believe need to moisturize as if your older. I think a lot of people confuse if your skin is oily then you dont need something with oil or to moisturize alot--untrue! user
April 6, 2014

This is for those who are undecided...

I really struggled with making yet another foundation purchase after trying numerous products over the years. I am completely thrilled with the results. At 54 years I have some noticeable changes to my skin: fine lines, redness, hyper pigmentation from the sun and an overall loss of glow- this product was amazing and I truly mean that. It provided light to medium coverage (I applied with a damp, good quality sponge# and evened out my skin tone without settling into a single fine line. There is absolutely no powdery, cakey, or gloppy cream finish- no exaggeration of lines/wrinkles. Instead my skin looks truly fresh and dewy- not shiny; no unrealistic glittery components in the finish- just bright, youthful looking skin. I know I sound like a commercial for this product but I'm writing with passion for all of you, who- like me- thought I could never feel comfortable in my own skin again. I have some areas of redness in the creases of my nose which require more coverage- for that I used the BB foundation stick #also applied with a damp, good quality sponge# for beautiful coverage. These two products combined gave me a light, dewy complexion all over #from the moisturizing balm# and beautiful coverage of my redness -precisely and ONLY where needed #from the foundation stick#. The two products blended together beautifully- no kidding, seamlessly. I was also concerned about getting a good color match shopping online. As a young woman my complexion was very fair #almost porcelain) with age and sun exposure it has darkened substantially in some areas. Finding a good match has been impossible. The Light to Medium Tinted Moisturizing Balm was perfect- how it works across the multiple shades of my skin- I don't understand- but it does! It is worth every penny- it takes just a small amount to get my whole face, neck, deco looking beautiful without a trace of looking like I'm wearing makeup. For the foundation stick I took a chance and tried Sand. Again perfect! Most foundations I have tried made red areas look even redder and still didn't cover and made the rest of my complexion too orange. These two products cooled down my complexion. I am so happy I tried these products! I am a Bobbi Brown convert. I once again have the lovely complexion of my past- and am getting compliments once again. Try it, if it somehow does not work for you return it- taking a chance was a gift to myself. I have such confidence now- especially in bright daylight- nothing to hide anymore! « less user
September 4, 2010

Where have you been all my life??

I'm not one prone to exaggeration nor do I write reviews very often, but in this case I must share how incredible I have found this product to be. So you know where I'm coming from: I'm 35 years old, very fair, blue-eyed. I have recently struggled with adult acne (but thankfully have just about won that battle *fingers crossed*) and I have combination skin. I don't need heavy coverage at this point I would simply like something that "enhances" my own skin. I have bounced around with various foundations my whole life - mineral powders, regular cream products, etc. All I want is a product that provides decent coverage without making me look like I'm actually wearing something. I hate looking dry or cakey, but I don't want to look greasy either. Well, OH MY GOODNESS! This product is MIRACULOUS! I waited for a week before I wrote this to be sure I didn't break out or I wasn't having some kind of honeymoon phase with it. I'm not! It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I've never tried any kind of tinted moisturizer before so I can't compare, but it goes on like silk. It blends, moisturizes, makes my complexion look smooth and dewy. I can build it in the areas that need a tad more coverage, it lasts all day and I don't feel like I am wearing a thing on my face. I have never, in my entire life, felt this beautiful wearing make-up. And THAT is a statement I think every woman longs to make!!! I see no reason that I won't be wearing this for the rest of my life. I only weep a little inside for the fact that I didn't know about it 20 years ago. *sob* Thank you, Bobbi Brown, for truly making me feel like a beautiful woman for the FIRST TIME in my life when I'm wearing 'foundation'. I can look in the mirror and see ME and not the make-up on my skin. What freedom! « less

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