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"helps hydrate and strengthen nails keratin is a naturally occurring part of your nails this massaged in daily and put under nails conditions them and helps them grow in better condition"
- Ebay User
"nourishes and moisturizes - love it"
- Ulta User
"it's lumpy, not smooth, and takes forever to dry"
- Ulta User
"took long time for top coat to dry and it chipped and rubbed off nail tips within the day and i don't even do dishes"
- Ulta User
brightnessnon brightening
"not many metalics or frosts, mostly just very dull cremes"
- Viewpoints User
"dull resolutes, not shiny at all"
- Ulta User

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Tashaa Firbyy
dryDry Skin

This is almost a perfect palette; it’s not cheap but it is so amazing! The pigmentations, the blend, the long lasting formula and it’s just buttery and beautiful. I prefer this size to the bigger ones, cause even spending a 100$CND is a lot lol but the only down fall is the shimmers are very soft, so I recommend laying or storing this palette flat or else the shimmers seem to come out. It’s strange but still worth every penny! #Beautyverse

Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona
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