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Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss by Clinique

Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

not sticky(648)
hydrates lips(610)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: CURRANT
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Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

they are super moisturizing and feel great, these are by far the best glosses clinique has come out with

- Sephora User

this is the smoothest, most moisturizing, best gloss ever

- Sephora User


not sticky

it is super moisturizing, non sticky/tacky and super shiny and natural looking

- Sephora User

this color looks good on everyone

- Sephora User



very glossy and gives good natural color without the heavy weight of a traditional lipstick

- John Lewis User

it's provides great color and coverage without the heavy lipstick feeling

- Sephora User

staying power


no flavor, no fragrance, no mint, no glitter, stays put forever and my lips are super soft

- Sephora User

great color, stays on for a long time

- Sephora User



when i wash my face for the first few day's after especially, i use this moisturizer and my face feel's so smooth without any irritation at all from washing it

- Macy's User

for someone who usually wears indelible matte lipstick, this is really saying something: this gloss has a beautiful, sheer, rich color and a smooth, soft texture that is the complete opposite of the gross sticky glosses i've come to hate

- Sephora User



the color seems a little sheerer and the consistency doesn't seem as thick, but maybe it is just in my head

- Sephora User

i did like the thicker, moisturizing texture though so i ended up exchanging this one for the root beer color which looks very natural on me

- Sephora User



it lasts for hours and the color is great and nicely sheer

- Sephora User

super moisturizing-this gloss looks feels great on your lips and it's got a great sheer color to it

- Sephora User
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clinique.com userFebruary 4, 2016

My favorite gloss, but I won't buy it anymore

This is my favorite gloss: it's moisturizing, relatively long-lasting, the colors are beautiful, it isn't flavored, and it's not at all sticky on my lips. It is sticky, however, in my handbag - because of the design of the tube and cap, it starts to leak when I've only used about a quarter of the tube. Every tube I have purchased has started leaking; one of them I exchanged at the Clinique counter where I bought it, and that one, too, leaked. What a waste. I can only keep them at home and use them before I leave the house, and what good is that if I want to reapply later? Redesign the delivery system to something watertight and I'll start buying Superbalm again.

- clinique.com
Sephora userJanuary 13, 2012


Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss is wonderful. I've enjoyed various shades over the past two years. I just recently got another gloss in Black Honey when I purchased the Clinique Black Honey Glow set. I purchased the set specifically because it included the gloss. While I normally prefer light shades of lip product, I surprisingly loved Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick. (Black Honey Almost Lipstick is SOLD SEPARATELY at Sephora. Almost Lipstick is extremely moisturizing, and becomes a shade that looks great with my pale skin. It's long lasting and has a nice smooth gloss finish, with a glass-like finish which disguises fine lips lines. My husband says it's definitely kissable. My friend also has this shade, and it looks different, but also great, on her lips. I like the sheerness, yet the perfect hint of color). I wanted the gloss to give a little bit more shine to Almost Lipstick. I'm very pleased with the Black Honey Gloss. It's relatively long lasting for a gloss. It's not too sticky, the way some glosses are. It gives a nice additional shine to the Black Honey Almost Lipstick. It has a really nice glass-like shine that fills in fine lip lines. I also looks nice layered over other lip products. Best of all, it's great on its own. It's very moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling well hydrated. It's also kissable. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
sephora userNovember 03, 2010

better than a balm

got this in currant. it's a super shiney, VERY sheer rosey color. very moisturizing. not sticky at all, more of a creamy texture. I like that it has no smell or taste. good straying power for a gloss.

- sephora
Sephora userJune 17, 2009

black honey - best lip color out there

To start off with somethng I think people should know from the title: it is a bit sticky, and I don't know how moisturizing it is, but then again, most glosses aren't.Now to the good stuff: I'm sure some of you out there are nervous about how dark the color is (especially with a name like "black honey.") I had some misgivings about it myself, because I'm fair with an olive undertone and when I'm not tan I tend to look a little washed out and dark colors tend to make me look ghostly. However, this color is completely forgiving and it works with EVERY SKIN TONE (another reviewer said this and I completely agree), because--whether you're super pale, super dark, older or younger--the color isn't as opaque as normal lip colors and it adjusts to your lip color. It's truly a really flexible color. In fact, I showed this to one of my mom's friends (she's fifty) and it looked amazing on her too (though the color did switch a little)!My suggestion to make the color last longer is to buy both the lipstick and the lip gloss versions. The lipstick (which isn't quite a lipstick) sort of stains your lips over time, and the gloss picks up on that so it can last all day.I'm not a huge lip stick/lip gloss person, but I'm a sworn follower of this product. If you're nervous, go to your nearby store and give it a shot before you buy it, but I doubt you'll be disappointed.LOVE! « less

- Sephora
Sephora userMay 5, 2010

Big improvement in formula for classic shade

The buzz about the Black Honey shade has been around for years, and I agree that it is a universally flattering, deep berry that gives a rich, defined look to lips. However, I was never a fan of the Almost Lipstick formula, which I found applied unevenly and sank into liplines, making the surface of the lips look less than their best, despite the pretty color.The Superbalm formula corrects all that. It is a thickish, cushiony gloss that instantly moisturizes and smooths lips, allowing the color to go on smoothly and evenly. The formula is pretty pigmented, so you can wear it on its own, and the non sticky texture is long-lasting to boot.I see many many more tubes of this in my future.

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 19140hazard
Hexylene Glycol 己二醇acneirritant
Petroleum Jelly 礦脂, 凡士林hazard
CI 17200acne
Squalane 角鯊烷acne
Tocopheryl Acetate 醋酸鹽維他命E, 醋酸生育酚酯, 生育酚醋酸酯, ...hazard
CI 73360acnehazard
CI 15850acne

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