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Quickliner For Eyes by Clinique

Quickliner For Eyes

staying power(1158)
Variation: BLACK/BROWN
nordstromBuy ($18)

Top Reviews

staying power


i love how it goes on and how it stays on

- Macy's User

i love how the liner goes on smooth & stays on all day

- Macy's User


not smudging

so pigmented, so easy to create the perfect wing, and lasts all day long and never smudges

- Sephora User

i found that it's not as smooth and creamy as urban decay's 24/7 pencil, however it stayed on much longer without smearing, doesn't require sharpening, and is cheaper than ud

- Sephora User



waterproof, yet easy to remove with clinique's makeup removers

- Ulta User

i've tried all different kinds of waterproof/smudgeproof eyeliner but this is by far the best

- Clinique User


precise application

however, this lasts all day and gives the best precise lines i could hope for

- Sephora User

this liner is a godsend for anyone who wants a precise, simple liquid liner that lasts

- Sephora User
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Sephora userJanuary 23, 2016

Pure sorcery.

SHORT: This is the eyeliner to end all eyeliners. Just. Buy. It.LONG:I never thought I would be in love with an eyeliner product? I don't usually seek out liquid eye liner pens. I tend to gravitate towards cream eyeliners that you apply with a brush. I guess I just assume liquid pens are messy and hard to use. Not this! The tip is extremely precise, so I can easily get under my top lashes towards my waterline for the first time in my life. Which makes a huge difference in my overall eyeliner game.The best part is the staying power. I can't say its truly waterproof (and it doesn't claim to be anyway), but it's absolutely everyday life proof. Doesn't smudge when sweating and doesn't fade. If you don't believe me, just swipe some on your hand next time your at sephora and walk around all day with it. Wash your hands a few times. Do normal things. It will still be there. Bananas.But wait, there is more! Because it has such phenomenal staying power,I can actually wear this on my lower lash line!!! I scraped trying to do that years ago folks, because my eyes get really small when I laugh and smile, which means I have an eyeliner smeared lower lash line ALWAYS.This has revolutionized my eyeliner life.CON: Sephora needs to carry the brown color, which I bought at the Clinique counter. AND Clinique just needs to come out with a full line of colors for this period. PURPLE, please!!! « less

- Sephora
Sephora userSeptember 20, 2013

New colors and I fall in love all over again

I have already raved about Intense Ivy, which remains one of my very favorite liners, but I recently purchased three of the newly-released colors.Intense Clove - this is a gorgeous color that is somewhat difficult to describe. It's in between a dark brown and black. It is not a reddish, warm brown, but rather a cool, chestnut brown. It goes with literally everything and makes my blue eyes pop. This has a slight metallic finish, but it's very subtle.and sophisticated. This is a "can't go wrong" shade that would compliment most anyone. Neutral, but far from boring. I thought this would perhaps be easy to dupe, but I can't find anything close to this in my collection.Intense Peridot - what a fun color! True to its name, a golden hue with green leanings. But, the green is very wearable and again reads more neutral. This has a more pronounced metallic finish, but that's part of the beauty. It's not over-the-top edgy, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to try this. I've worn this alone as a liner and also smudged it out as a cream shadow and topped it with a black liner. I love this! I have blue eyes and it makes them appear a little more gray, which is cool. But, if you happen to have brown eyes with flecks of green or gold, this will be a show-stopper.Intense Truffle - this is a mid-tone taupe. It just dark enough to show up well as a liner on my fair skin. It's subtle, but very pretty with a soft, metallic finish that captures light beautifully. Again, this is one you can easily smudge out and use as a shadow with another liner. It's also lovely alone, but more subdued.I am so impressed with all three of these shades. There are nuances in the colors and finishes that make them unique and fresh, yet totally wearable and chic.A word about the formula - it glides on like a gel and is easy to work with once you get the hang of it. But, you need to smudge and even out the line quickly as it sets in a hurry. And, once it's set, it's not going to budge. Though the sponge tool on the end of the liner works well, I find that using an eyeliner brush gives me the best and most precise results. The other challenge is to get a thin, precise line (especially on the bottom lid) as the liner is quite soft and cannot be sharpened. I found a fix for this by lightly running my eyeliner brush across the product and applying directly from the brush. Much like you'd use a gel liner in a pot. It's an extra step, but it works. I most often use this technique when working with the darker colors on my lower lash line. You can also build color for more intensity, though the colors are highly pigmented and offer impressive color with just one pass. It's best to let the liner set in between each pass, if you choose to build the color. Speaking of set, once set, this liner stays put until you take it off. With the lighter colors, soap and water works fine, but you will probably need an eye make-up remover to completely remove the darker shades.Try some of these lovelies...I think you'll be very pleased. And, final added bonus, the price point is excellent. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userJuly 4, 2015

Horrible Twist feature, Bad eyeliner, not precise

The eyeliner itself is okay, but it will not give a sharp precise application. The only good feature of it is that it will be good for tightlining. However, this eyeliner does smudge when put on the bottom. It is not worth the price of 16.50. I highly suggest you look for a better quality eyeliner somewhere else. Also, my eyeliner broke in half and will not twist up anymore. I highly suggest. The only upside is that it is not that unlong wearing. I bought it because it was cheaper than some of the other alternatives, but please reconsider before you pick this eyeliner up. 

- Sephora
Sephora userFebruary 19, 2013

Intense Ivy

This is a surprise hit with me. I have this in Intense Ivy which is a very dark moss green. It is so dark that it almost looks black, but the green adds a little something unique. I am very fair with blue eyes and blonde hair, so green is not a color I would normally put at the top of my list. But, this somehow works and gives me a little departure from my usual black, gray, and brown liners. I think the key is that this is such a deep green that it reads neutral. The formula is excellent as well as it is soft enough to easily glide over your lid, never gripping. To soften or smudge, you need to work quickly (the tool on the end works very well), as this liner will set fairly quickly. And, once it's set, it's set. Very long-lasting formula that stays put. My only gripe is that after the first use, the tip of the liner is no longer a fine point and there is no way to sharpen it. This translates to slightly thicker lines. So, if you are looking for a very thin, precision line, this may be frustrating. Also, because the product is so soft, you do tend to use a good amount, so I'm guessing this is not going to last as long as some of my other liners. But, the color and performance are such that I still consider this an excellent product. Intensive Ivy - give green a chance! You may be pleasantly surprised. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3008534627655864495-full" data-show="3008534627655864495-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora
mecca.com.au userNovember 29, 2015

The One

Smudgeproof, budgeproof, waterproof, longwearing (8+ hours), smooth and precise application, deep colour, no harshness or drag, no breakage or crumbling, no transfer to bottom lashline, no sharpening required with twist wind up, inbuilt smudge tip – ticks all the boxes. I’m now onto my third pencil in Really Black and have no intentions to trial or move onto any other brand. I’ve found The One after much trial and error.Message to Clinique: please do not discontinue or change the dynamics of this pencil. It is perfect just the way it is.I trailed the Intense version and found it too dramatic for everyday use. I’d definitely recommend that version for evening wear or for those who love dramatic eyes as it lives up to its name.Tip: For a while now I apply my liner by pushing it up and into the upper lashline (not waterline) in feathery left-to-right strokes thereby giving the illusion of thicker, dark lashes by creating depth. Why this application is not practiced more is beyond me. I recently participated in a By Terry event where they used this precise application on me. Enough said.Because of its staying power I’d recommend pressing and gently patting a cotton pad diluted with makeup remover (just enough, not heavily) over your closed eye for a few seconds and remove with a gentle swipe. Thereafter use a clean cotton bud dipped in makeup remover to wipe off transfer to bottom lashline to erase the ‘panda eye’ effect the initial removal may cause. « less

- mecca.com.au


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CI 19140hazard
Chromium Oxide Greenshazard
Chromium Hydroxide Greenhazard

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