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Perfectly Real Compact Makeup by Clinique

Perfectly Real Compact Makeup

blends well(43)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: SHADE 102
nordstromBuy ($29.5)

Top Reviews

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

after a little while it oxidizes or something and looks terrible

- Clinique User

another major plus about this foundation powder is that it doesn't look cakey on my skin and since i've been wearing it these past years it doesn't oxidize to an unrecognizable shade

- Clinique User



my favorite powder light weight with full coverage

- Macy's User

this product provides light weight full coverage

- Macy's User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it covers the flaws without making my pores feel clogged and/or giving an unnatural look

- Clinique User

this diminishes the look of large pores and keeps the oil under control

- Belk User



see my face was so dry this winter, now that i've ben using clinique's super rescue antioxidant night moisturizer, my face is super soft and now the color seems so dark

- Clinique User

i use my perfectly real compact daily, over my dramatically different moisturizing lotion if i'm feeling lazy & need a quick skin touch up

- Nordstrom User



it makes my skin look so smooth and natural

- Macy's User

i use it every day and it has honestly changed my life because it works so well and it's so smooth on my face

- Macy's User


blends well

after the ladies at the clinique counter helped me find my perfect shade, i can wear this foundation and know it matches and blends into my skin perfectly

- Nordstrom User

this is a product i buy three times a year i use it every morning the color blends well with my skin tone and lasts all day

- Macy's User

staying power


it stays on all day/night

- Clinique User

love the even tone and all day natural look, it stays all day and get many compliments extremely happy with the purchase

- Clinique User



it is buildable and it gives me a flawless finish and covers wonderfuly, i use it with estee lauders maxium coverage only because i have vitiligo and need the extra coverage

- Nordstrom User

it's very sheer with great buildable coverage

- Clinique User


not creasing

doesn't set in creases, and lasts all day

- Clinique User

i was skeptical at first, because all powders tend to settle into my pores and make any lines stand out, but this is formulated so well, and makes my 51 year old skin look so pretty

- Clinique User


poor quality

unless clinique has changed the quality of their sponges, the sponge was switched in my order

- Clinique User

the shades and overall quality of this foundation leave a lot to be desired

- Clinique User


medium coverage

you can use this by itself which i would say is a medium to full coverage

- Bloomingdale's User

i highly recommend it to any girls who wants light to medium coverage powder foundation

- Clinique User
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Nordstrom userDecember 3, 2014

I woke up like this

I have extremely sensitive/oily skin & can hardly wear most makeup brands without having an allergic reaction or breaking out. It took forever to find a lightweight makeup with full coverage for my acne scars/rosacea. I use my Perfectly Real Compact daily, over my Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion if I'm feeling lazy & need a quick skin touch up. Or I layer it over my foundation for a perfectly flawless skin texture and color. My bumps and scars make it difficult for makeup to set, but the Perfectly Real Compact adjusts to your skin over time. I highly suggest this for anyone with easily irritated skin. This gives you the "I woke up like this" flawless coverage you've been looking for, without the breakout after wearing.

- Nordstrom
Belk userAugust 8, 2014

Very photogenic...

I have been using this powder foundation since the day it came out. I have switched back and forth with the Stay Matte powder for a while, but this is my true love. The coverage is medium. The powder does not make my face itch, sting, or break out and I have acne-prone skin. Once applied to the face, the coverage looks really good in photos. The powder is light in texture. If you have very dry skin, I wouldn't recommend it. It is perfect for my oily/combination skin. However, the powder does get darker in shade towards the end of the day(oxidizes). Because of the color variations, I would suggest you sample this before purchasing. 

- Belk
Nordstrom userFebruary 7, 2012

I have tried a LOT of compact powder foundation and I keep coming back for this one. I've been using Clinique's products ever since I was a teenager (maybe 12-13 years now) and I have an extremely sensitive combination skin. I also flare a butterfly rash and make up isn't so good for my skin but there is just days where you need need. I have an olive tone skin, in a light shade and I use the Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup Shade 114. This powder is AWESOME. Light wear, long lasting. You can put little to nothing or buildup your coverage. It looks natural on your skin and it's comfortable, it won't dry out your skin or irritate it.

- Nordstrom
clinique.com userDecember 27, 2009

A major disappointment

I love the design of the compact--it's so cute and functional--the texture of the first coat of this makeup is also wonderful. However, its good qualities end there. It does have buildable coverage, but it really looks heavy with more than one layer on the face and seems to oxidize and change color with face oil. I found that this looked really cakey around my cheeks and jaw only a few hours after applying it. I can't recommend this product because of that--it kind of contradicts the selling points. Also, I am fairly light-skinned and it seems none of Clinique's products work with my skin tone. It's really upsetting. The colors shown online are misleading--I even got the lightest shade (102) tested on me in the store and even though it seemed fine enough to buy it, when I stepped outside into natural light my skin looked cakey and orange. The shades and overall quality of this foundation leave a lot to be desired. What a disappointment. I had to return it. Less

- clinique.com
clinique.com.my userJanuary 7, 2018

Years of Looking Led to Years of Loyalty

I grew up with what most would gingerly refer to as, "problematic skin". Honey, my face's terrain was a red, rocky landscape that put the Rockies to shame. Mince garlic, not words, people.Years of dermatologic visits, beginning at the tender age of 8. Every single prescription pill, cream, gel, wash, and toner available on the market was thrown at me, short of Accutane. Understandably, my folks weren't too keen on the drug after seeing my oldest brother's miserable (and unsuccessful) experience.Needless to say, my pre-teen, teenage, and early 20's years contained The Quest for the Holy Compact. Name a brand and a product. I've tried it. Drugstore brands. As seen on TV. Magazine rave reviews. Dermatologist recommended. And of course, I tried everything that was recommended for my skin by various consultants from various companies (even Clinique, back around age 13). But my finicky skin rejected them all. Too dry. Too cakey. Turns my face into a mirror within an hour. Changes color after a couple hours. Makes my breakouts worse. Can't build up coverage. Not enough coverage. You get the picture.But then, at 18, I find this product. Cue angelic chorus bursting forth from parted clouds. It matched my skin perfectly (shade 114), banishing my uneven, blotchy redness with ease. Didn't change color through the day. Stayed put. A little more coverage here, a little less coverage there. Prevented shine without drying my skin out. It was ridiculously perfect. I cannot stress that enough. This Holy Compact--so innocent in its pleasant spring-mint packaging--contained the stunning conclusion to my quest.10 years later, here I am at 28, still faithfully carrying this precious product in my purse each day. Even if you discontinue this product, just know that it made a huge impact on the tumultuous and socially-ostracized adolescent life of one girl. Thank you. Less

- clinique.com.my


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 15510hazard
CI 77288hazard
Potassium Sorbatehazard
Red 30 lakeacnehazard

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