Lid Smoothie Antioxidant Hour Eye Color Cashew Later by Clinique

Lid Smoothie Antioxidant Hour Eye Color Cashew Later

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pigmentation: sheer
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staying power


love how it goes on and stays throughout the day

- Ulta User

goes on smooth and dries smooth, it lasts all day too

- Clinique User


not creasing

i used to have a problem with my shadow creasing and disappearing halfway through the work day so i use this as my base color (cashew later) and layer powder shadow over it and it keeps everything in place all day long

- Clinique User

it lasts for 8 hrs, doesn't crease, and brightens the eye area

- Clinique User


blends well

keeps my eyeshadow on all day plus it blends well with my complexion

- Macy's User

makes blending and my smokey eye quick and easy

- Clinique User



it's sheer enough to wear by itself has a little shine to it, have worn without shadow on top of it, looks great, want more color add shadow, great investment

- Macy's User

color is sheer, and it helps shadows adhere for many hours without looking cake

- Macy's User
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Disappointed - Missing Touch Tint for Eyes-matte

Your add above states "crease-resistant eye colour wears for 8 hours" Not true, after only one or two hours the colour settled in the eye crease. In the past I used Touch Tint for Eyes - 101 Cocoa Cream - matte colour and that lasted 12 hours with no problem, please bring it back. Another great product is Touch Base for Eyes - but it no longer comes in a lovely matte brown colour from many years ago. Some other REALLY great products that have been discontinued are CHEEK BASE and BASIC EYE EMPHASIZER. I am still using some of the basic eye empasizer (it is a powder shadow and an eyeliner when used with water - it stays on even through a sweat drenching aerobic class) I have searched for years for anything better (including many different brands) and have never found anything that works as well. « less userOctober 11, 2012

Love it!

I first got the bit-o-honey, the lightest shade and liked it so well that I also purchased seventh heaven and cashew. I used the darkest shade on the lid and the lighter shade just under the brow. The blend beautifully together and you almost can't tell it's two different colors. It's truly beautiful. It goes on as a liquid and quickly dries to the lids. It does NOT fall into the crease either, it stays on all day. I just love this stuff and can't say enough good things about it. userOctober 22, 2014

So Many Different &Great Uses! More Colors,Please!

This product was hard to find, but it was worth the hunt. I saw some "how-to" makeup videos where Lid Smoothie was used as a kind of neutral base (Bit O'Honey, Cashew Later & Pinkgo Biloba - separate "looks,"Not all smooshed together!) for the application of Powdered eyeshadows. I marveled at how the makeup artists showed a tiny bead/dot, blended out rapidly, was enough to cover the model's entire lid. Lid Smoothie does dry fast, but it adds a lovely, subtle effect under the powders, especially when they were all brushed out. I tried some of my cousin's Pinkgo Biloba (LOL, those names are goofybut you tend to remember them... Weird, eh?) instead of using my tried and true, faithful Urban Decay Lid Potion (Great primer, esp. for oily/sweaty lids) & seemed to turn into the Harry Potter of Makeup: I could do no wrong! Smoothie really grabs ahold of your powders and keeps them from crumbling down, yet it gives you plenty of time to apply& blend them, but Smoothie didn't budge.I thought it might turn dry, tight & itchy like some other "similar" creams, but it stayed comfortable on my sensitive lids all day & kept my powdered colors true: no fading, creasing or crinkly looking. I layered a purple, rosy brown and a sweet pop of pink on my lids, with a little dab of the Pinkgo as my brow highlighter. Ok, I know it might sound like a freaky combo,but it looked fabulous! Sorry I didn't take a picture, but I will be buying plenty of my own stash. I've used Lid Smoothie as an eyeliner, a Highlighter on my cheekbones (when contouring them), mixed a smidgen with blush and of course I have used it all by itself. I wish I could afford to buy a tube of every color. Ladies, truly a little goes a LONG way with Lid Smoothie. You can build up the color,and it packs a color payoff Fast, like the Whomping Willow, or like Harry Potter chasing that wee golden ball, zooming around on his flying broom playing Quidditch [sic, but who cares?]. And it is FUN toplay around with, esp. with an easy touch and a lightning fast blending brush! Smoothie's subtlety& do-no-wrong versatility/adaptability keep me hooked. Uhh, uh oh: it doesn't have drugs in it, right? AAiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!??!! j/k! « less userNovember 11, 2013

Love, Love, LOVE this shadow!

I am going to have to start by respectfully disagreeing with some of the reviews I read here from us 'mature' girls. Many of you complained that this shadow was too "frosty" and should only be worn by the younger set. I received a sample of this product a little while ago. While the first color I tried (Bit 'o Honey) was a bit frosty, I felt it complimented my skin tone and didn't make me look 'wrinkly' at all. I decided to try another color, so I purchased Imprompt Blue. I have to say - this color is FABULOUS! It is far less frosty than the Bit 'o Honey shade and just a light coat of it on my lids not only looks pretty and natural, but last the entire day - even though I still have very oily skin. Since I received this shadow, I haven't wanted to use anything else on my eyes as it FEELS great and soothing. It doesn't crease or shift and looks nice and natural. I can't wait to try the other colors! I say you have to give it a try yourself. I think it is the best shadow I have every used, and you may agree! My only 'con' is that it is a little pricey. It goes a long, long way though and I think that I would rather spend on ONE good shadow than a box of products that I don't like as much. But that is just me. Maybe Clinique will give us girls a break and offer a set of colors at a slightly reduced price. (Hint, hint!) That way we could enjoy them ALL! Fantastic product! Highly recommend! :) « less userNovember 21, 2011

Clinique Lid smoothie 8 hour antioxidant eye color

A teeeeeny-tiny drop goes a long long way to completely covering your lid in smooth, streak free color that literally stays for 8 hours (or more). Subtle but stunning, oh so natural looking and even the accidental swipe across your eyelid doesn't displace or smudge your color in the least bit.I tend to be a fan of matte eye colors since Father Time has blessed me with the dreaded "creepey eye-lids" (every pun intended) but this had just a kiss of shimmer that really made my eyes pop.Easy to remove at night so no tugging and risking further progress toward crepey eyelids! Packaging in a tube is great since I've used small pots of creme to powder shadows that get clumpy and dry out, no matter how diligently I cover it. I seem to throw a half a pot out before I can use it. I suspect the tube means no waste as well.You can absolutely use the tools God gave you - your fingers - to apply it, but I would suggest investing in a good, medium bristle brush so you can layer the colors if you like.This was my first experience with Clinique, which I always thought was for acne prone teenagers. Oh how wrong I was. Buy it. You'll love it. « less