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Lash Building Primer by Clinique

Lash Building Primer

staying power(110)
look: everyday

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this lasts all day and lengthen lashes

- Sephora User

having naturally thin and short lashes i have been using this product for years and love it my lashes are fuller and longer coupled with the lash doubling mascara my lashes are lush and beautiful

- Stagestores User



great lash thickener

- Ulta User

this lash primer does a great job of lengthening and volumizing your lashes and makes a dramatic difference; i cannot wear mascara without using this primer first

- Sephora User

staying power


it also allows the mascara to stay on better through the day

- Clinique User

my mascara stays on better, and looks fuller

- Sephora User


not smudging

this stuff really helps to make lashes look thick and beautiful and keeps the mascara on the lashes - no flakes, no smudges

- Clinique User

builds lashes without looking clumpy and it keeps my mascara (clinique's naturally glossy) from smudging under my eyes

- Sephora User



i ordered this over 1 month ago and i just have to say i love it and finally found a primer that actually does the job, i also went ahead and bought the clinique waterproof mascara, perfect for daytime wear, this primer knows its job

- Macy's User

lastly, this primer protects my lashes from getting brittle from waterproof mascara and i've noticed that they feel and look better without makeup than they did before using primer

- Sephora User



with this primer, my lashes look long, thick, and curled -- and they stay that way all day and all night

- Clinique User

i love it, you don't need your lash curler with this product, it does a great job of lengthening and thickening your lashes

- Clinique User


not clumping

it took my lashes to the next level, long, bold, sexy, lashes no clumping at all

- Clinique User

doesn't clump, doesn't irritate and makes my lashes look long, full and fluttery

- Debenhams User



cliniques lash building primer creates terrifically soft lashes, so lashes look silky smooth and glistening all day long

- Editorial Review User

it's simply the best, most natural looking eyebrow aid

- Nordstrom User
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Sephora userMarch 2, 2016

Bang for your buck

This product works great! This was my very first lash primer so I did not have anything to compare it to, but I can gladly say that I am not disappointed at all. I will say that I did not like this product when I first tried it out, and here's why: As the other reviews say, it didn't hold a curl well, it made my mascara clumpy, and didn''t look like it did anything to my lashes (I compared with one eye that had it and another eye that didn't.) But after trial and error I must say that I LOVE this product now. The key is to curl your lashes AFTER you put the primer on and it completely dries, and your curl will last! To avoid clumpiness will just be trial and error with different mascaras and I found it works great for me with just a drugstore one. One of the most life changing steps I have added to my mascara routine is to comb through my lashes with a lash comb when the mascara is between wet and dry, and the clumpiness is gone. This lash primer does a great job of lengthening and volumizing your lashes and makes a dramatic difference; I cannot wear mascara without using this primer first. I have VERY short, straight lashes, but after a few weeks of using this product, I noticed that my natural lashes are longer and fuller, making for an even better result after putting on the primer. I am so happy I decided to give this product another try and not return it. I am considering getting the Lancome Primer just as a comparison, but this one is a great for its price! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
ulta.com userJuly 20, 2017

Worst Mascara primer ever

I was given this product as a recommendation from a woman working for clinique at ulta. She highly recommended it so I thought I would give it a shot. She said you could either wait for the primer to dry and then apply mascara or apply mascara directly after applying the primer. I tried it both ways to see of there is a way this primer could work for me and it definitely didn't. When I applied it, it was weirdly thin yet would not apply evenly and kind of pooled in certain places along my eyeline. I applied it after I curled my lashes and instead of helping hold the shape like every other primer I have used this removed the curl causing my eyelashes to clump and droop (this has never been a problem with any other primer I have used and I have used a few). So now before mascara application i have clumpy droopy eyelashes, however after having it on for about 30 seconds it ran a little into my eye and it burns. The time I allowed it to dry fully i put mascara on afterwards and it still caused my mascara to be very liquidy (moreso than normal) and it ran into my eyes. I was looking for something to help my mascara stay and build volume and this did neither. When I applied mascara it did not apply as evenly as normal so it already looked like from the beginning it had worn or washed away. The mascara afterwards took like 5 min to dry after the one good eye where it didn't magically run into. Because of this drying problem and trying to address the other violently red eye when I cleaned that mess up I realized that mascara had gotten everywhere. When I was able to finally fix things and go I realized that my mascara had smeared and moreso than usual (a problem I often have and the reason for trying out a new product) this wasn't flaking it was a full out smear and my lackluster clumpy lashes no longer looked like they had any color to them either. The only bright side to this product is it makes mascara very easy to remove. « less

- ulta.com
clinique.com userApril 3, 2015

amazing stuff

I can't believe the difference this primer makes! I've sometimes just skipped mascara because it flaked, smudged, and didn't make my lashes look that great anyway. With this primer, my lashes look long, thick, and curled -- and they stay that way all day and all night. I even kept my primer+mascara on overnight one time (a no-no!) to see if it would last, and it did -- I actually woke up with great lashes and NO smudges or flakes. I'll never wear mascara without this primer again!

- clinique.com
clinique.com userOctober 21, 2014

Forget Lash Extensions - This is all you need!

I've never had "long" lashes or incredibly thick lashes, but this product has changed that. My naturally blonde lashes are fine and hard to see on their own, and super thick "lash-rageous" mascaras just look clumpy on me. However, I've always wanted fuller lashes, so I've tried extensions, falsies, and other solutions. Light falsies are great for special occasions, but this is such a fantastic every day answer! I apply it generously, let it dry a bit, then gently curl, and then go over it with Naturally Glossy mascara. My lashes look very naturally fuller and gorgeous.

- clinique.com
Sephora userFebruary 14, 2016


This is a really great primer. I got this as a sample at some point. It came on a double ended tube, opposite the Clinique High Impact Mascara. First of all, the brush is AMAZING. Not a gimmick like mascara brushes are today. It grabs and coats every lash with primer. Best of all, although I normally have to curl my lashes, I didn't with this. It pushed my lashes up (again, that AMAZING brush) separated them nicely, curled them...AND THEY STAYED PUT. After one coat my natural, light lashes looked immediately thicker, longer and separated. I highly recommend this primer. Now that I can ditch the curler if I want, this might just be my holy grail item (combined with the high impact mascara).

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Stearic Acidacne
Sorbic Acidhazard

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