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For Men Face Bronzer by Clinique

For Men Face Bronzer

Clinique For Men Face BronzerProuct Variation Sku ulta-xlsImpprod2200043


Yellow 5, Water, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Butylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, Tromethamine, Carbomer, Blue 1, Red 33, Caprylyl Glycol, Disodium EDTA

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April 5, 2006

Clinique Mens Non-Streak Bronzer

I first discovered this stuff in New York City while working long days. And how the bleak winter days have a way of casting it's pall over everything. No sun + sterile fluorescent lights = green skin. At least it does on me. After several years of tanning beds, I had begun to wonder if these cancer-casting-coffins might be so good for me after all. I asked a male co-worker how he stayed so perpetually tanned, especially in the winter months, and he told me his little secret. -By placing a small dab of this bronzing gel, at a couple of "highlight spots" on your face, you can look as if you just returned from the sun-drenched Caribbean. It's truly natural looking, when done right. Just don't smear it all over your face, but to rather "frame" your face with it, while blending it in at your hairline, down into your face. Try it, and experiment with it. It's made for men, and it works excellent. It's healthier than any type of tanning out there. It's not an all over body tanner, but just a facial bronzer, and should be used as such. Clean up, with the right type of soap (I recommend only Ivory soap, as it melts the color from your fingers!) is a breeze. I also keep a small fingernail scrubber brush near to my Ivory soap bar, so I don't have to touch the bar with my fingers, thus keeping the bar of soap clean, not stained. And I don't tell ANYONE I use this stuff! Make-up for men is a highly taboo subject, and regarded as "only for women". Whether you're hetero (like me) or not, your personal grooming habits should be kept to yourself. Guys lets just keep this to ourselves, and not tell anyone. They just wouldn't understand. Trust me on this one bud. I'd rather look healthy, confident, gregarious and successful, -than sickly, meak, and suspect, anyday of the week. Try it. I'm sure you'll agree. It looks 100% natural, when not applied too heavy. Hope this was helpful to you. Bronze forth brother!!! « less user
April 23, 2009

Incredible! Most natural looking tan ever!

I have never written a review for anything in my life, but with this I just had to. This is the best stuff I have ever bought for my face. I have very pale, dull, acne prone skin. I have tried every fake tan available, and they all end up making me look yellow. However I like some of the guide colours of fake tans, but once those are washed off I'm left with a yellow face for days. What I needed was a tint that could wash off and reapplied the next day. I started trying tinted moisturisers, all of which felt like I was wearing makeup, making my face look blotchy, and breaking me out. Drunkenly, I spoke to a friend about this (normally I wouldn't want any of my friends to know I use fake tan/tinted moisturiser) and he told me about clinique non-streak bronzer (who knew a close friend was similar to me in caring for his skin! I looked it up and read many good reviews, so had to try it. --HOW TO APPLY-- Mix a bit of the bronzer gel on your fingers with your usual moisturiser (add more for a darker tint). Apply all over face and neck. You can also just lightly apply to places such as forehead and cheeks if you just want to add a bit of glow, but I am so pale I want the all over tanned look. --THE RESULT-- WOW! My skin looks so naturally tanned, people ask me where I've been!! It doesn't look even slightly fake. My face looks smooth and healthy healthy healthy! And best of all, it's oil free and doesn't break me out! I have nothing but praise for this product, and hope Clinique never, ever change the formula. It is perfect. I can wear it without worrying if I look like I'm wearing fake tan or makeup. I am so so so so happy with this. Bit over the top? Try it and you'll see! « less

nordstrom user
March 22, 2015

Face Bronzer

I have been using "NON STREAK BRONZER" FOR YEARS. ALWAYS LOOKED TAN AND GOT COMPLIMENTS. Just bought a new supply and the formula has changed for the worse. It is not as thick and creamy as it used to be and it clumps on my face in tiny beads , especially if there is any stubble. I can no longer use this product and I am very sorry to lose it. I'll bet you get other complaints too.

Nordstrom user
May 19, 2013

Time-Tested Classic - The Best

This gorgeous bronze-color gel (not a self-tanner) is simply the best there is. I've used it for many years, beginning with it when Clinique offered it in their soft-green tube for women. Why they discontinued it in that package I've no idea, it was a bizarre move; but ever since I learned from a sales rep that the very same product now comes in a charcoal tube for Men, I've bought that, instead, happily. Nothing can beat it's most realistic color: no sparkles, shimmer or fakey-gold highlights, and no orange, yellow, red or anything else odd in the color. And because it's a sheer gel, your own skin tones and texture show through as with a true tan. Never found any powder that compares to it's natural color and adaptability. I often use it for my legs and everywhere else, too.I use it in several ways: my favorite - and I think the most realistic and easy application is to combine a bit of it in my hand with an equal am't of light moisturizer and quickly spread the mix onto facial sun-areas (or anywhere else): the bit of moisturizer allows a bit more time to perfect the application and allows a broader range of color-adjustment - more bronzer = deeper, more moisturizer = a iighter shade. « less

Sephora user
January 11, 2010

The Perfect UVA/UVB Free Tan!

For anyone questioning the quality of this product, leave your skepticism for something else, because this product is excellent! It is NOT a makeup, so it does not appear cakey, matte, or unnatural. It keeps the look of your skin, just gives it a deeper, tanned color...not orange!! A little goes a long way, so it is great value for money. I was a little scared when it first came out of the tube and I applied it to my face with my moisturizer, because it looked like it wasn't going to blend. Rest assured, I just rubbed it in like I normally do with my moisturizer, and it blended in and was just perfect. Get it. Honestly.

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