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Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel by Clinique

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

uneven skintone(74)
Variation: 0.5 oz Tube/ 15 mL
0.5 oz Tube/ 15 mL1.7 oz Tube/ 50 mL4.2 oz Pump/ 125 mL6.7 oz Pump

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i love how lightweight & non-grease it is

- Sephora User

all other moisturizers that i've tried made my skin feel very greasy but ever since using this light oil-free moisturizing gel, my face feels refreshed and moisturized but the best part is that i don't feel like i'm wearing anything on my face because it's so light-weight

- Clinique User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

my skin tone (which has always been very uneven), skin texture and overall appearance has improved drastically

- Clinique User

this moisturizing gel tones things down and bring my skin back to its happy medium

- Sephora User


good for acne

since i started using this moisturizer, the oiliness in my face has balanced out significantly, my breakouts have reduced, and my skin feels incredibly soft and moisturized

- Sephora User

i love it and it absorbs beautifully into my skin with no breakouts

- Clinique User



this product has the consistency of a very, very thin cream, it creates no irritation and you need to use only the amount of a very small pea each application

- House Of Fraser User

this moisturizing gel does an amazing, yet gentle, job of giving my skin an even texture, without the excess greasiness or irritation like other lotions and creams have done

- Clinique User



this helps my skin stay oil free all day but at the same time makes it so smooth and hydrated

- Clinique User

this lotion keeps my skin feeling hydrated and comfortable all day

- Nordstrom User


redness relief

calming and doesn't make my skin break out or turn red

- Clinique User

the gel calms my morning facial redness and smooths out my skin before makeup really well

- Sephora User



this helps keep my skin looking smooth and radiant

- Sephora User

it's helped to even out my skin tone, i have no new breakouts, it's healing my old scars, brightening dark spots, this is the best ever

- Sephora User



and no wrinkles

- Clinique User

this is a dream product come true and has probably also taken a couple of years of my aging skin

- Nordstrom User
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Sephora userNovember 25, 2014

This is the hero of my routine!

I'm the kind of gal that revamps her entire routine every so often, because of new products/trends and trial and error with said products and trends. When I discovered this product, I knew immediately this would become a staple in my beauty routine. For anyone with combo/oily/acne prone/sensitive skin, this is the holy grail! I don't know how it works, but it works! When I originally bought this product I was using a a benzoyl peroxide cleanser, a salicylic acid liquid astringent, and then this as a moisturizer. I wouldn't even use a foundation primer at that time, I would just apply bare minerals right over the top of this product and it would look flawless and last for hours! Loved!Later my needs changed and I tacked on a mattifying moisturizing after this step in that routine, and added a foundation primer because I changed foundations. I was using hourglass immaculate and the veil mineral primer. The products applied beautifully over this prep routine and lasted until I washed it off! Sometimes I could sleep in a fully made face and wake up and wear it again! Don't tell any one, that's gross!Now I'm a little less concerned with acne, although I do still combat breakouts, I am moving into aging prevention. I do enjoy tanning and I have to consider sun protection and my routine has changed drastically. I've recently started using a PTR anti aging cleanser, a few different facial treatments and masks. However, I still use this gel and my mattifying moisturizer or night cream. This is always applied after cleansing or applying a mask, I kind of use it like a gentle toner before moisturizer or treatments. No matter how my needs change, I still seem to see immediate and long term results from this product. It immediately starts to even out the complexion and tighten pores. It evens out dry and oily patches AT THE SAME TIME! It's truly amazing! « less

- Sephora
Macy's userOctober 27, 2017

Best moisturizer ever!!!

I have been wearing Clinique for 15 plus years . It's the best!!!!! I am extremely oily. Also tried the acne solutions makeup for acne prone skin which I do not have but it's too die for. I have been wearing that now since it was introduced too the line. I also use the 3 step skincare program. Great products. Being a hairdresser in the past you always look for good products, and Clinique is the very best!!!!! The acne solutions makeup is for oily skin. It's so great!!!! Just try it it will not disappoint. It has saylicic acid in it which helps control the oil tremendously....and oh for the moisturizing gel it's the bomb. I live on the gulf coast where the humidity is gross. I am always happy when I can find the jumbo size in the. It's such a great buy. I just ordered one and am about too purchase another one because it lasts me almost a year. In this size. Get it before it's gone because. They only offer this size once a year around this time. Breast cancer awareness month! Yes the is the Best Buy for your money do the math and Clinique does not disappoint. I promise life long wearer!!!!!!!the very best thing about this moisturizer is I have very sensitive skin and when I was 15 the dermatologists recommended this line been using it ever since.....it's so light weight and not greasy feeling like I said give it a try u will love it I also use the eye serum as well. I guess you could say I'm just 100% Clinique girl. Lol « less

- Macy's
mira userSeptember 25, 2019

If you’ve oily/sensitive/acne prone skin, please stay away for this. It gave me horrible cystic acne and bumps all over my face. I look like I’m going through puberty again. After 2 weeks, I was suddenly breaking out but I thought my skin was purging so I kept using it and my face got worse. It has Laureth 23 and Laureth 4 which has comedogenic ratings of 5. Now I’m left with so many acne scars and it didn’t control oil at all. I was a greasy mess within couple hours.

- mira
clinique.com userMay 11, 2012

Just like it says, it's for Oily-Combination skin!

I have the worst possible combination skin :) lol. Oily. It's greasy one hour after I've done my makeup. BUT its DRY (confusing, yes I know) Who doesn't wash their face in the morning and then put on makeup? no one. If I wash my face and then just put on some powder (I don't like the heavy down, face can't breath feeling. I feel like I can feel zits clogging lol. So I barely wear makeup and only just started wearing makeup regularily probably about 3 years ago and I'm 22) When I do this you can see the dry skin on my face, specifically around my nose (which seems to be the greasiest part later on in the day :s) I tried using other moisterizers but they always just felt heavy and my face would breakout. My boyrfirends mom gave me a gift certificate to a mall for one of my xmas presents and me and a friend were walking through and stopped to look at some stuff and we were introduced to the 3 step system! Thank You Clinique!! I dont know why I didn't find you before but I'm just thankful I have now!! haha I normally probably wouldn't have bought it because of the price (I live in Canada so it's a little more than the price in the US) Also my ongoing history of buying skin care that promises such great results and doesn't live up to their word kind of scared me, at least the cheaper stuff is only a small gamble you know? But seeing as it was "free" money essentially anyways I took the plung and I'm so glad I did! Face always feels amazing! It's so worth the money! And this GEL puts other moiusterizers to SHAME!! It's PERFECT for my crazy unforgiving skin. Absorbs quickly and feels so silky smooth and plump and well, moisterized! lol. But not heavy in any way, I can't even feel that I've put anything on my face other than its dramatically softer and plumper feeling. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AND THE ENTIRE 3 STEP SYSTEM TO ANYONE WITH ANY TYPE OF PROBLEM SKIN!! .....my mother always did say I talk to much.. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="2915655373819600090-full" data-show="2915655373819600090-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- clinique.com
Sephora userJuly 17, 2018

Solved my acne problems for good...

I live by this product. Since I was 14 I have struggled with cystic acne along my jaw line, chin, and on my cheeks. I have literally tired everything...proactiv, over the counter topical products, as well as numerous face washes and leave on spot treatments. All of the above would either work for a while, or actually make my skin more sensitive and inflamed. A couple years ago my mom recommended Clinique's face makeup to me, and I decided to buy this product along with their foundation.After a week of washing my face twice a day and using a couple of pumps this gel afterwards, my skin issues virtually vanished. I no longer struggle with painful, deep cystic breakouts along my chin, jawline, and on my cheeks, and the redness in my skin had greatly diminished as well. I ACTUALLY get compliments on my skin, where I never have before. This product leaves my skin feeling moisturized and cool; not like many other moisturizers which tend to leave skin feeling greasy, and heavy. Your skin will literally drink this gel, and thank you for it!One tip I have for people who really struggle with sensitive, acne ridden skin is to use this product in conjunction with Glam Glow's SUPERCLEANSE Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser. There must be something about the combination of high quality ingredients and the fact that both products have been formulated for sensitive skin, that makes this combination such a winner for acne prone skin. Either way, buy this moisturizing gel, and I promise that you won't be disappointed with the results- clear, even, beautiful skin :) « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne
Red #4hazard

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Profile picture of Marissa
OilyOily Skin
hey, does anyone know any moisturizers, foundations, concealers, and setting powders that go good together, last long, and doesn’t make your face super oily? I naturally have super oily skin and black heads. thanks!!!
Profile picture of meghan g.
meghan g.
CombinationCombination Skin
clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel, tarte shape tape, estée lauder double wear stay in place foundation, laura mercier transucent powder, and urban decay all nighter setting spray all go well together. This is what i usually use for an all day routine.
Profile picture of Brittany Mason
Brittany Mason
OilyOily Skin
Hey there! I’ve recently started used the Cerve Foaming Facial Cleanser for normal to oily skin and was wondering if anyone had a good moisturizer to pair with it? I have the oily-est skin ever, I wish I was joking. I usually have to blot my face twice a day, so I’m looking for something that might help reduce my oil rather than making it worse. Tia!
Profile picture of Ruby Valencia
Ruby Valencia
OilyOily Skin
DEFINITELY try this, it is LITERALLY the holy grail of moisturizers for oily skin, it helped my skin so much when my sebum oil was literally leakin from my face :) !
Profile picture of Breanna Myrick
Breanna Myrick
DryDry Skin
Good moisturizer and foundation for dry skin? Preferably a fragrance free moisturizer.
Profile picture of Laura Nicole Castro
Laura Nicole Castro
CombinationCombination Skin
For all skin types
Profile picture of Lauren Wandersee
Lauren Wandersee
OilyOily Skin
What is a good moisturizer for acne prone skin?? I have combination oily skin usually, but currently dry skin because of the season changing! Help!! ps. not looking to spend a crazy amount :-)
Profile picture of Hannah Wright
Hannah Wright
CombinationCombination Skin
Agree with the above comment! I started using the Clinique moisturizing gel and it was perfect for my combo skin. Noticed results really quickly!
Profile picture of M
CombinationCombination Skin
I know this isn’t the cheapest option but it’s really good! Try a sample at least
Profile picture of Savanah Terrell
Savanah Terrell
OilyOily Skin
What is a good moisturizer for oily skin? I typically don’t use moisturizer because my face is already oily but in the winter it does start to dry out a little bit and I use topical acne medication that sometimes dries it out as well.
Profile picture of Madyson Moye
Madyson Moye
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Have fair skin and acne prone. What’s the BEST face wash and / or moisturizer for sensitive skin and Benzoyl peroxide allergy?
Profile picture of marissa bullis
marissa bullis
SensitiveSensitive Skin
I also experience acne prone/sensitive skin and have found this moisturizer to be super helpful and soothing on my skin! When purchasing make sure you have the oil free version since they have the same looking bottle for different ‘levels’ of moisturizing. For a face wash, I would recommend the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Face Wash! It works well on acne without upsetting sensitive skin. However it can be hit or miss depending on the type of acne you have since the little beads in it can actually contribute to clogged pores, but its worth a try!
Profile picture of Lauren Orosz
Lauren Orosz
OilyOily Skin
Does anyone have any recommendations for good toners and good moisturizers? I have really oily skin and large pores. Looking to try some new products. Thanks!
Profile picture of Meisha Beau 💛
Meisha Beau 💛
CombinationCombination Skin
The best moisturizer ever for oily skin. I use it as a primer too to not add too much oil.
Profile picture of Mady
SensitiveSensitive Skin
hi does anyone have any recommendations for moisturizers for dry skin as well as cleansers?
Profile picture of Beth Summers
Beth Summers
OilyOily Skin
I put this one at night most of the time before I go to bed or under makeup if I need to. It really helps 🥳
Profile picture of Stephanie
OilyOily Skin
Hey I’m new to the app and I always struggle with oily skin and I’ve tried many face washes and moisturizers, any tips or products y’all recommend? :) #beginner #skincare #oilyskin
Profile picture of jen
OilyOily Skin
get ready for a lot of info! aways look for oil free in your products, and if you’re makeup remover is oil based, make sure you double cleanse!! honestly, you should always double cleanse if you’re wearing makeup. also make sure when you’re washing your face to be doing it for at least 60 seconds or more before you rinse it off! doing this absolutely changed the game for me. also, i LOVE this moisturizer. i still get oily through out the day but it’s not close to as bad as it used to be. if not this one, as a general rule try to stick to gel moisturizers because they’re not as heavy on the skin, but never skip moisturizer either!!! last but not least, if you do wear face makeup, get a mattifying primer and a mattifying setting spray. i found that if you go over your face with a beauty blender after using the spray, it makes the makeup stay so much longer and look at least a little bit better