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Cream Shaper For Eyes by Clinique

Cream Shaper For Eyes

staying power(264)

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staying power


color is great, easy to put on, last all day

- Macy's User

goes on smooth, stays on all day

- Clinique User


not smudging

my favorite eye liner, lasts, doesn't smudge, goes on easy, looks good until i take it off, lasts all day and night

- Macy's User

the best eyeliner ever, never smudges unless you want it to

- Clinique User



love the luster brown color and texture, and it's water proof

- Nordstrom User

glides on smooth and very waterproof

- Nordstrom User
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clinique.com userMarch 12, 2016

Love but no starry plum or other fave shades

Love the cream shaper eyeliner which I have been using for years. Great for contacts, no smudging, and easy to remove at end of day without pulling or tugging my eyes. Went to replenish my eyeliner and to my dismay Clinique has discontinued all of my favorite shades...starry plum was my go to as it was softer than black and better than brown. And I can't find any of my other favorites...brown sugar and more. These shades were beautiful and flattering. There are now 3 measly colors, which don't look good on everybody and can be purchased anywhere. I am so disappointed by this decision and now likely going back to a different makeup line to purchase the equivalent of starry plum and other shades there. Had the other shades not been discontinued, I would have rated this eyeliner as a 10+. Without these shades and only a black, navy and weird color brown, I have to rate this eyeliner as a 1. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- clinique.com
Macy's userJune 12, 2010

Cannot stress enough how awesome this product is!

Where to start, where to start...There are so many pros to this product! First of all, I have yet to find another pencil that goes on as smoothly and quickly as this one! Often, pencils can be a bit difficult to manuever in order to acheive your desired result, but this one glides right on. It has absolute staying power! Believe me, this is built to last through a long, crazy day-All while still looking as fabulous as the minute you put it on. However, even with a great eye makeup remover, it does take some muscle to remove it. That seems fair given how well it holds up. If you love a subtle smudge like me, this is ideal. Make sure it's slightly dulled if this is your plan. When sharpened to perfection, the lines are clean and solid. I love Egyptian, which really compliments my hazel eyes. The slight tints of green add a little pop of color when I do simple, basic makeup for my days at work. At the same time, it translates well for a more dramatic look. Definitely worth a try! You're going to love it! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="4640874306840277632-full" data-show="4640874306840277632-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Macy's
clinique.com userOctober 26, 2016


This color was my ultimate color and I have used it for years. I just finished my last one and extremely disappointed that I can no longer get it. This pencil is the only one that works for me as the other Clinique eyeliners smudge too much. The color glides on with the Cream Shaper and not only is easy to control but stays put the entire day with no smudging. Unfortunately, the other colors in this product don't work for me. I am hoping Clinique gets their act together and brings Starry Plum back. It is loved and missed by many. I received so many compliments every time I wore it.

- clinique.com
clinique.com userDecember 18, 2010

great long lasting eyeliner

Whenever I buy a 'waterproof" eyeliner, it ALWAYS smudges under my eyes, making me look more tired than i already am. this eyeliner stays put all day, and has a great creamy texture to it. i got the sparkling plum one, and its a dark purple with very little shimmer to it, dont take the "sparkling" as glitter; which is a plus for me. i have hazel eyes, and wanted to bring out the green in them, and this definitely helped. the only thing i can see thats wrong with this is that it may be a little too creamy, cause it needed to be sharpened after only a few uses, and i dont use that much at a time. it would also be great if they included a sharpener.

- clinique.com
ebay.com userSeptember 28, 2010

Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes Eyeliner

I absolutely love the Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes Eyeliner. My favorite color of this is Starry Plum. I have used Clinique makeup for over 11 years. This is a great eyeliner. This eyeliner is creamy, so it glides on easily on the eyes-it does not hurt like some eyeliners upon application. This eyeliner is also great because it has a hint of shimmer in it. This is my favorite eyeliner that Clinique makes. This eyeliner lasts throughout the day. It never smears. It stays put even through humidity and tears. It is my number #1 eyeliner choice. This eyeliner comes in an array of colors to choose from, so there is one for everyone. This eyeliner removes easily with any eye makeup remover/toner. One does not have to scrub to remove from the eyes. I would recommend this product to anyone. The creamy texture, high color intensity/pigment, shimmer, durability, and wearability are the main reasons this product is great to use. Very reasonably priced. To sum it all up, the one word I would use to describe this product is FABULOUS!!!!!!!! « less

- ebay.com

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