Chubby Plump Shine Liquid Lip Plumping Gloss by Clinique

Chubby Plump Shine Liquid Lip Plumping Gloss


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hydrates lips
pigmentation: pigmented

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"it feels lightweight on the lips"
- Sephora User
"they are not greasy or waxy, just soft and comfortable and lightweight"
- Sephora User
"i especially love the consistency and the smooth texture"
- Sephora User
"it gives you such a smooth texture to your lips and hours later they still feel moisturized"
- Clinique User
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chapped lipshydrates lips
"i love how moisturizing it is"
- Clinique User
"i love how moisturizing it is"
- Sephora User
staying powerlonglasting
"and long lasting"
- Sephora User
"stays moist for a good long time and is 1-2-3 quick to re-apply"
- Clinique User
"it's obviously for lips but i've used it as blush as well in a pinch and the creamy texture and perfect pink shade works for everything"
- Sephora User
"this is like a tinted lip balm, with a creamy and smooth texture when applied"
- Clinique User

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Pigmented, hydrates lips, lightweight
Chubby sticks glide on smoothly and really do moisturize. They are the perfect Fall and Winter lipstick because traditional lipstick can be too dry/drying. You can wear a little for sheer color, or build it up for more intense color.So far, I have collected six of the colors, and I'd love to get more. Mixing the colors is so fun; it is unbelievable how well they blend. The shades not only differ in color, but also level of pigmentation and shimmer. I wear Whole Lotta Honey as my stand-by nude. Mega Melon is a great orange-nude with a bit of sparkle. Chunky Cherry is the probably the most pigmented of the colors I have tried, and it stays on for a long time.The twist-up packaging is lovely. I use the tip to outline my lips and then fill them in with the sides. This keeps my Chubby Sticks shaped in a point. « less
Sephora User
Pigmented, hydrates lips, lightweight
I confess, I am now the owner of ALL if the Chubby Sticks. This is the lip product I have been searching for. They have sheer but buildable coverage and are very moisturizing. The finish is balmy and moist but not shimmery or overly shiny. They are not greasy or waxy, just soft and comfortable and lightweight. I'm not sure the color lasts longer than an average tinted balm, these are not a stain and you do need to reapply, but they leave my lips feeling moisturized even when it's time to reapply. I like that they wear off evenly so I don't have to worry about touching up all day at work, only when I want to. Now for the color. Out of all 8 of these the only color that doesn't completely work for me is the Woppin Watermelon. My lips are pretty pigmented already and it just takes some effort to make it show up. Girls with less pigmented lips will probably love this one. Otherwise ALL of the colors work for me and I'm very pale with neutral to warm coloring. Seriously ALL OF THE COLORS are awesome. Even the darkest one (Richer Raisin) is very wearable by my pale self. Mega Melon and Chunky Cherry offer the best pops of color, but still aren't over the the top. Whole Lotta Honey is the one I've reached for the most. For me, it's the perfect pinky beige "my lips but better" shade. I would say that Sephora's color swatches are pretty accurate on my monitor. You won't be disappointed by these! « less
Sephora User
Sheer, hydrates lips, lightweight
I really, really, really love Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour balm! I wore it in "Whopping Watermelon" yesterday, and I love how just a single swipe of this adds a really nice shimmering, dewy sheen to my lips, without having too much colour or ever looking overdone! I have a fair complexion, so I find that sometimes opaque or very dark lipsticks can look overly heavy, and easily seem like "too much" on me. The particular texture and light, sheer finish of this product are perfect though! I wore this alone with a full face of makeup, and it looked great! I also love that it's moisturizing as well, since I'm addicted to wearing lip balm all the time! I love this lip gloss, and I definitely recommend it to everyone who loves a really nice, sheer lip product! It's worth buying! « less

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