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Brush-On Cream Liner by Clinique

Brush-On Cream Liner

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staying power


i love the way this looks, it's amazing <3 it stays all day and looks amazing especially useful for people who wear glasses because its very bold :) but gentle when i wear contacts it still keeps and doesn't bother my eyes, point in case i will forever use cream/liquid eyeliner over pencil and clinique, not testing in animals and with a decent price, has won my loyalty

- Sephora User

it goes on super easy (i use the amazing smashbox eyeliner brush) and stays all day

- Nordstrom User


not smudging

recently, i learned at the clinique counter to use the slanted brush, smudge the liner onto my hand, and then pick it up with the brush and push it along the lash line

- Clinique User

it stays on all day and doesn't smudge or wear out from sweat

- Clinique User



it stays put all day, but is still fairly easy to remove at night unlike some other "waterproof" eye makeup i've tried

- Nordstrom User

it is waterproof and my new best friend

- Clinique User


precise application

clinique delivers a super smooth buttery eyeliner that makes it so easy to be precise

- Sephora User

it comes with a cute portable brush which, although small, is precise when applying the liner, so you get perfect applications every time (which i can never say about liquid eye liners)

- Sephora User
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Sephora userFebruary 17, 2010


This is a really neat eyeliner. I've been trying to create a few looks that I saw in a magazine and was having a huge amount of trouble recreating them. I tried some liquid liners, but they weren't the right consistency for mastering the looks I wanted to create. My smudge pots, and gels didn't work, and pencils and eye crayons were too casual. I couldn't get it right with a peel off liner, either, nor with cake liners, because they weren't intense and thick enough, even when I made a thicker paste. Then I got this liner in a group of products in a makeup trade, although I was really trading for something else in the lot. The shade I got was Deep Brown, which is a perfect color for me as both a regular liner, and surprisingly, for creating those other looks. I admit to being shocked at how easily I was able to do it, after trying so many times with many other liners. I got a precise defined line, and was able to easily control the shape I wanted, because the brush is stiff enough (but not uncomfortable) to be able to control exactly where the liner ended up, with no stray bristles messing up the line. As far as the liner itself, it stays in place until it's removed. It didn't smudge once it was in place, and the great brush allows for a very precise line. The brush is versatile, too, because I can rotate it a little bit for different looks, using it almost head on for one type of line, and angled for another. The liners removes easily with my make up remover with no pulling or rubbing. Deep Brown is a really pretty color which leaves my dark brown eyes, looking warm. I've come to the conclusion that since I like a lot of different liner and eye looks, I'm going to need different products for each one. The days of one liner are long gone. This is a great addition to anyone's collection of eye liner products. The color is great, the liner goes on easily, it stays in place once it's applied, it's waterproof, and comes over easily with appropriate remover. And Clinique even provides a decent brush, which is somewhat unusual with many liners. I love this. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
clinique.com userSeptember 24, 2013

Stays on through every thing!

This is by far the best eye liner I have every used. It wasn't until recently that I discovered that it's basically waterproof and its more waterproof than my actual "waterproof" eyeliner. It stays on all day and doesn't smudge or wear out from sweat. I'm a dancer and it stays on through 4 hour practices when I'm dripping in sweat. I use the deep brown because I'm a red head with fair skin and black makes my eyes look to dark. I'm almost out and need to get more. I got mine in February and I still have about a month left. So it lasts for a really long time. Only thing is that it takes me about 4 tries until I get the perfect thin line I want but only because I'm very picky and my hand shakes alot. But it goes on better than anything else Ive tried.

- clinique.com
Sephora userMay 14, 2010

best eyeliner ever!

I have never been able to wear eyeliner. It always ended up on my lids and looked messy within hours. Even the waterproof liners from Urban Decay and MUF ran and smudged almost instantly. This cream liner applies like a dream and stays on until I wash my face. I'm always amazed when I fall asleep with my makeup on and it's still there the next morning. I use the thin BE Buxom liner brush with it and they're a perfect pair. This is seriously the best liner I've ever used, and I've tried them all. I wear the brown and it's a perfect chocolate. Not too grey, not too orange. Love love love it!

- Sephora
Nordstrom userJanuary 16, 2010


I bought this product as a first time consumer of cream liner. Although my experience was low I still was disappointed with the products quality. I would apply in the morning but through out the day it would smudge or slowly create a line on my upper eyelid. The small brush wouldn't glide the cream on so it would take time to smooth and finish the lines off. the brush is small, but most gel liners didn't offer a brush so I was tempted. Also this isn't water proof so that is a big warning if you want something that will last

- Nordstrom
Sephora userMarch 21, 2012

The only eyeliner I use

Since my first pot of this I've never tried anything else because I don't need to. I use a Sephora eyeliner brush (and for awhile the Clinique eyeliner brush) to apply and can easy get a nice, thin, clean line. Lasts all day and is smudge proof once it's set and water proof. I have slightly oily lids so at the end of the day a bit has come off on the inner corner of my eye but you can't notice and it doesn't give me raccoon eyes (my biggest issue with other eyeliners). One pot lasts months and it's relatively inexpensive. I will keep on buying this!

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Chromium Hydroxide Greenhazard
Chromium Oxide Greenshazard

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