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Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer by Clinique

Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer

staying power(141)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: Alabaster

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you can use it lightly, or build for more coverage and it smoothes out the skin to look fresh and blemish-free, but without heavy build-up

- John Lewis User

the coverage is buildable and lasts without making me feel like i'm wearing a mask

- Nordstrom User

staying power


i love how this lasts all day (:

- Clinique User

it stays on all-day long

- Stagestores User



i did my makeup today with this new clinique product and it really help me with my skin (i have oily skin) keeps my makeup very smooth and finally i found my skin tone the macys clinique sales rep did a great job matching the color of my skin and this powder

- Macy's User

love this product it covers my brown spots and also leaves my skin feeling silky

- Stagestores User



love that it gives a full coverage without being heavy

- Ulta User

it isn't ever cakey, even with touch ups, the finish looks natural/mildly luminous, and the coverage is fantastic with a small amount of product

- Ulta User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

this is simple and effective and does not turn you orange or add age to your face

- Ulta User

i use a sunscreen moisturizer before my makeup and it doesn't oxidize with it or anything

- Ulta User

under eye

good for under eye

it's awesome to have a nice mirror to look into while you apply it, and best of all, the foundation smooths on effortlessly, even under your eyes and along your jawline

- Clinique User

it's quick, provides beautiful and complete coverage, even under the eyes - what more can a girl ask for

- Macy's User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

this foundation has full coverage and reduces pores

- Clinique User

it doesn't clog my pores and while it doesn't cover enough for a concealer, it's perfect for everyday

- Macy's User



it doesn't look dry or oily in my face

- Clinique User

omgssss i am in love with this product, i definitely recommend this, it dries like a powder finish and is full coverage

- Macy's User


blends well

i use this product daily and love how light it feels and how natural it blends into my skin tones

- Ulta User

blends so well with my skin color without any fuss

- Nordstrom User

water resistance

water resistant

you can create a very natural looking brow that is also waterproof and doesn't have the painted look of some of the other waterproof formulas on the market

- Sephora User

i've used clinique products for years but fell into the mineral makeup craze, because i loved the idea of waterproof, clean makeup

- Clinique User


not creasing

blends easily and doesn't settle into fine lines

- Beautyboutique User

i love the coverage, feel and the fact that it does not settle in my wrinkles

- Nordstrom User


non brightening

the color is very dull and not vibrant

- Sephora User

i am sorry, i have to give it 1 star because i was advised to use ginger which was too dark and the shade before it which is sand was too ashy

- Macy's User


medium coverage

this product is great for every day and ideal for people who don’t want to use liquid foundation on a daily basis: medium (buildable to full) coverage and a very light, little-fallout formula

- Sephora User

this product is great for a medium to full coverage

- Clinique User
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Macy's userNovember 6, 2015

Beautiful and Easy to Apply!

I took a chance on this make-up because it seemed to get mixed reviews. I think one reviewer felt it made her look "old", but I took a chance anyway. I am 44 years old and while I do my make-up every day, I dreamed of it being a simpler process. I do work from home, so I just don't feel like taking the time to apply the foundation, concealer, powder, ad nauseum for a half hour every single day. When I saw this powder, that it was basically a "wipe-on" product, I knew I had to try it! While it's true that you want your face to be moisturized and your pores to be relatively small, I think the make-up is beautiful. If your pores are open and your face is taut and dry, this make-up will not compliment you, and guess what - nothing else likely will either! It's almost winter, and my face is already feeling drier due to the heaters already being on, etc, so I have to ensure I moisturize and use a primer for sure. This make-up is so easy to apply and is not heavy at all. I do feel like it makes my skin a little oilier than usual, but nothing a little top coat of finishing powder won't take care of. I feel the finish is beautiful and long-lasting, and even with sensitive skin, I have not had any adverse reactions to this new make-up at all. I liked this product so much, that I exchanged a Clinique liquid foundation for another compact of this make-up since I know I will be using it in the future! It's quick, provides beautiful and complete coverage, even under the eyes - what more can a girl ask for!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-6037074066497875371-full" data-show="-6037074066497875371-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Macy's
ulta.com userAugust 26, 2016

another great clinique product!

I normally use the beyond perfecting liquid foundation, and LOVE it! I needed a powder foundation for summer and working in a brutally hot kitchen so i decided to try this. Soo glad i did! The sponge included is very helpful, sponge side for light-med coverage and the velvety side for full. Also has a pointed end for spot concealing. I have also applied this with my dense angled flat brush (bm precision face brush) and a dense flat top brush (it cosmetics airbrush). Both have worked great and make blending easy. This foundation is great for full coverage, what i need, and works great over liquid foundation or a bb cream. It feels very lightweight on my skin and no irritation or breakouts. I have sensitive acne-prone combo skin, a little oily in the summer, but still have dry spots and this powder doesn't make them stand out. It is also quick and easy to apply, esp on the go w.included sponge and mirror in the compact. I highly recommend this foundation if you are looking for a good powder foundation that can give you full coverage, and still look and feel natural. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-2186721971232321698-full" data-show="-2186721971232321698-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- ulta.com
clinique.com.my userMay 22, 2019

New to Clinique, this is not great foundation

Hello, I'm new to Clinique and I am not impressed by this powder. I have combination skin, dry, oily, and also with with small white heads that can stay red all day (not big zits but small blemishes). It's a real challenge. This powder does not cover very well and I have to really put a lot on to cover imperfections and if my skin is dry at all it makes it look worse. Then it gets streaky and sort collects in places later in the day so I end up looking like I have spots of concealer I forgot to blend in. I'm not very impressed. I'm going to try other foundation powders before giving up. 

- clinique.com.my
ulta.com userApril 28, 2016

Full Coverage but feels light & airy! Amazing~!

I purchased this after using Physicians Formula BB Powder for years. I really wanted another powder foundation with light to medium buildable coverage and I was not disappointed! The clinique goes on so easily and feels & looks great on my skin- I have been getting compliments on my skin/makeup almost daily. I am super pale and could not see much difference on my skin between the two lightest shades so I went with Alabaster since it's summer and I tend to get a lil darker. I have combo/oily skin and my old makeup was settling in my creases and just becoming a nasty oil slick by the end of the day- not an issue with the clinique! It stays put all day long, never gets oily/greasy, and never settles in my fine lines. I use a sunscreen moisturizer before my makeup and it doesn't oxidize with it or anything! I don't even need to use a concealer anymore because this one powder really does it all for me now. I think this one is 110% a keeper in my beauty bag from now on! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-2960122933895257285-full" data-show="-2960122933895257285-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- ulta.com
clinique.com.my userOctober 9, 2015

Powder Foundation Perfection

I procrastinated purchasing this product, as all other powder foundations I've tried in the past have failed me miserably. I hate the feel of liquid foundation and its' messy application and have searched for years trying to find the perfect "powder foundation" that meets my high demands for 1. full coverage 2. long wear 3. quick application 4. doesn't settle in or "dry out" my fine lines 5. stays PUT and doesn't "separate" on my face 6. doesn't make pores more visible 7. All in one doesn't require concealer . Girls, I know you know what I mean. WOW what a list of expectations!! I've tried every drug store and department store brand of powder foundation and there's No way this could be accomplished in ONE product? YESSSS there is NOW!!!!! This truly lives up to its name and is in my opinion Beyond Perfecting PERFECTION. It's super fine in texture, full coverage yet lightweight without the "powdery" cake face, applies flawlessly & quickly with the included double sided sponge or powder/foundation/buffing brush yet looks AMAZING, and performs through the day into the evening with ease. I could fearlessly wear this to any special occasion. The compact is sooo beautiful and you get .51 oz. of product which is incredible for powders as the majority are approximately .30 to .35 oz. so you get your $$ worth chaa ching. AT LAST!!! I love this product and cannot say enough good things about it. Less

- clinique.com.my


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Red 7 Lakeacne
Potassium Sorbatehazard
Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamatehazard

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