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The Best Clean Faced Cosmetics Highlighters

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Profile picture of kelsey millard
kelsey millard
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Kylie has anyone tried the Kylie Cosmetics kylighters (highlighters)?

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Profile picture of kirty
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I used to have one of her cherry kylighters which I got as a free gift from purchasing one of her eyeshadow pallets and it was honestly the worst highlighter I’ve ever used. I guess that’s why it was a free gift. It sucks. You can see the streak of color at every angle and it looked like I smeared pink eyeshadow on my cheekbones and nose. The glow is okay, wouldn’t waste your money on it.

Profile picture of Taylor Hanson
Taylor Hanson
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Recommendations!!! I have VERY bad pores and smile lines and when I put my foundation on it looks terrible! I’ve tried both the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional and the Too Faced Peach Primer but not a big fan of either. What works best for y’all!?

Profile picture of Makala Matthews
Makala Matthews
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Urban decays optical illusion will smooth out and blur just about anything. It’s super light and gentle. La base from Lancôme is nice as well.

Profile picture of Elizabeth Ovalle
Elizabeth Ovalle
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Too Faced Face Palette I’m thinking of purchasing the too Faced face palette since it has two bronzers, blushes, and highlighters... but I’m wondering if it’s worth it or is it best to buy each one individually?

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Profile picture of Danielle Ashpaugh
Danielle Ashpaugh
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I would say if you honestly think you will use all the colors then go for it! If not I would probably buy them separately