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Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser with Peach Essential Water by Clarins

Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser with Peach Essential Water

uneven skintone(3)

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this is a gentle and refreshing facial cleanser and it is one step

- Debenhams User

face wipes used to irritate my skin so i'm happy i've found a quick and easy product that does the same job but without irritation

- Clarins User



i have very dry, mature skin and this product is so easy to use and works so well that even when using a toner afterwards, the skin is crystal clear

- Escentual User

this one-step cleanser is soft, hydrating and quick

- Clarins User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

it washes and tones your face all in one step

- Saksfifthavenue User

my skin feels hydrated, cleansed and toned without feeling heavy or dried out

- Macy's User


redness relief

leaves skin refreshed with no tightness or reddening

- Debenhams User

nice and silky, not greasy liquid removes red spots, rosacea, some skin imperfections

- Beautyspin User



and my skin feels smooth and lustrous

- Nordstrom User

it is gentle yet thorough and leaves my skin feeling great, with no tightening and no sticky residue

- John Lewis User
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Escentual userDecember 10, 2013

My star time saver for Miss Lazy in an evening!

This cleanser is the newest addition to my vast Clarins collection. I have a lot of products, and I use them all, and there are very few that I do not get one with/don’t get on with me. This, for me, is another hit and another time when I have been happy to have invested my money in my favourite skin care company!Let me begin by stating that sometimes, I can be lazy. Don’t get me wrong – I work hard, and I am productive, but when I am tired and have a full face of make-up which needs removing before sleep, the laziness can kick in! Now my mother always drummed into me the importance of good skin care (a rule I live by) and so I feel very guilty when Miss Lazy shows her face before bed. I went through a week where I was using baby wipes to remove my make-up not so long ago (rather than cleanse/tone/moisturise), and that is just a no go with me. I know it is ok for some people, but when a sensitive baby wipe makes your cheeks sting, you know you are doing badly! And as a woman brought up on good skin care, I cannot emphasise how guilty I felt wiping my Tesco baby wipe on my face. So, the next day I went online to see what ‘quick fix’ I could find from Clarins to 1) take away my guilt and 2) further my Clarins addiction!The item I ordered was this Water Comfort One Step Cleanser. I did actually sample it, and love it, some years ago (or at least a very similar version) so I can’t really understand how I had forgotten about it. But I did.When it arrived I was very excited. This little gem promises to cleanse skin, remove make up and soften the skin in one easy step. Exactly what I need on a night time! All you need to do is soak a cotton pad and wipe the face. No need to rinse, all done!(This would actually be brilliant for someone travelling, as no water is needed to clean; just the bottle and a piece of cotton wool).Now Clarins do state that it will remove ‘light’ make up, and this suggests to me powder etc. I use a full coverage Clarins foundation, and I have to admit, it is quite difficult to get my face completely clean. I do find though, that if I apply to the cotton and wipe, then repeat a few times, that my skin does become fresh and clean, so although I cannot do it in one step I am still happy. That is not Clarins fault; it is my own for trying to remove more make up than it is designed for! And if you were someone who actually did wear light make up (or none at all for that matter) then you would find this product very quick and effective.My step dad actually uses this, with no moisturiser and he is very happy. Being a steel worker, he gets very grimy, and even after a shower and hair wash he manages to get yet more grime off using this wonderful product.So how does it feel?When I use the cleanser it feels very gentle on my skin. It sweeps over my face easily on the cotton, and I find it picks up plenty of grime along the way. There is no residue left on my face, and I do not feel all damp to the touch. I do, however, feel soft and clean! It does a wonderful job of caring for my skin and making it feel refreshed in an evening.Although you do not have to, I do add a moisturiser after using this. This may be purely habit, and my mums lessons again, but I simply cannot wash my face and then not apply moisturiser. It goes against everything I have been taught! If you did choose not to though, I believe your skin would still feel very nice and soothed. I cannot say I have noticed any tightness following a liberal use of this product.The liquid itself smells very fresh. There is no particular scent which comes to my mind when I smell the bottle. Just a nice clean and fresh scent I am happy to put onto my face. There is no lingering smell either, and I am more than happy with this.The liquid – now this might sound silly – is very soft. It does not feel like water does, it feels much smoother and softer. I assume this will be all the lovely softening ingredients in it (such as the peach essential water, the honey and the glycerine), and to be honest, this makes it even more of a pleasure to apply.The bottle is easy to handle, and is in the usual Clarins style you expect. A simple bottle; a screw top lid; and a good sized hole in the top. You can easily tip out the product without it running everywhere and being wasted. The only down side is the bottle being clear it is very hard to read any of the red writing with the ingredients and basic instructions. But, all this information can be obtained on here or on the Clarins website, so it is not the wend of the world.Personally I am happy with the value for money with this product. A 200ml bottle lasts a good amount of time, and although I do have to use quite a bit more than I expected (thanks to my heavy make-up) I will still buy again to clean my skin in an evening.I would recommend!Please note: this is a facial cleanser, and not intended to remove eye make-up! « less

- Escentual
clarins.co.uk userMarch 30, 2016

I spoiled my skin around eyes. skin is red and dry. be careful to use, should to try before.

- clarins.co.uk
Nordstrom userNovember 1, 2017

Clarins Water Comfort One Step: Peachy Clean

I’d describe this is as micellar water, since it’s an all in one cleanser, makeup remover and toner. The clear colored liquid cleans and removes makeup with a faint peachy scent. Not drying, very gentle, easy to use day and night. No rinse needed but at night I usually follow with light gel cleanser to be sure makeup is fully removed. Great multi-task time saving product for sensitive, dry skin. Downside is ingredients include paraben preservatives, which I try to avoid.

- Nordstrom
clarins.co.uk userFebruary 2, 2013


My skin is very sensitive and most products make my redness worse, this doesn't which if you suffer from bad skin you will know what a HUGE deal it is to find a product that's gentle and doesn't make you skin feel worse. If using it to take of make up (which it isn't created for) I would say run over your face twice but I really would recommend this and yes whilst it is more expensive than basic other cleanser it lasts so much longer and it all natural products. Once I found Clarins I would never use another face product and it really does benefit my skin, no its not a miracle product and I still get break outs (acne sufferer here!), it really has, along with other Clarins products, change my skin for the better.

- clarins.co.uk
Macy's userSeptember 22, 2010

Best Cleanser ever!!!

This is the cleanser you are looking for. Very mild, smells good and really cleanse you skin. After using One step Cleanser your skin doesn't feel tight or dry and irritated. My good friend who has great skin recommended this to me. Two of my best friends (who were visiting me) tried it and they agreed with me. For our golden age skin, we need to use a product that we like and enjoy using. Now, I always look forward to my daily ritual skin regimen in the morning and at night. I also use Clarins pore minimizer serum and the Matte rebalancing lotion with this product. My skin looks radiant. I just turned 50 and at my party people are asking what is my secret because I look younger than my age. Well...if they have known. Thank you Clarins and here's to another 50 years!!!

- Macy's


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 17200acne
Propylene Glycolhazard

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