V-Facial Intensive Wrap by Clarins

V-Facial Intensive Wrap


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reduces puffiness

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Good for dry skin

"...i get extremely dry skin after a day with the sun..."

- Ebay User

"...lovely smell and very good for normal to dry skin - leaves skin smooth and smells lovely all day..."

- John Lewis User
"keeps your skin smooth & hydrated"
- Macy's User
"really does live up to its name - provides satin-smooth skin, goes on like a dream and keeps skin feeling fab until the next shower"
- Escentual User
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"it makes your skin feel great, adds the missing hydration and smells great"
- Clarinsusa User
"one can also dress before lotion is completely dry, fine for girls on the go"
- John Lewis User
puffinessreduces puffiness
"got this after looking for a facial that would help with fatigue/puffiness"
- Sephora User
"its great for reducing puffiness and generally smoothing the contours of the face and neck"
- Clarins User
rednessredness relief
"remedies the redness that us, northern people, can experience after not having applied enough sun protection on holidays or even at home"
- Debenhams User
"the appearance of fine lines are reduced, your skin is nourished with botanical extracts, and the formula also extends the life of your tan and smoothes your skin texture"
- Editorial Review User


Escentual User
I recieved a bottle of this lotion as a birthday gift from a friend who loves it. In my opinion, it does work well at moisturising. It absorbs quickly into the skin. The protectiveness lasts until washed off. But, and for me it's a big but, the scent is too overpowering and not so pleasant. It smells a bit like something my Nana would have used in the 1950's. Due to this, the lotion is seldom used, and sits in my cupboard because I don't dare throw away a lotion which costs so much!
Clarins.co.uk User
Reduces puffiness, smooth, redness relief
I bought this a couple of years ago in New York and was gutted when I got home and realised it hadn't been launched in the UK. its great for reducing puffiness and generally smoothing the contours of the face and neck. I have used it before going out to smooth out my skin, and also the day after the night before to help repair 'the damage' i absolutely recommend!
Macy's User
Reduces puffiness, good for oily skin, hydrating
Everyone must have this mask, its simply treasure ! Due to nowadays lifestyle: sleepless, stress, high sodium food...etc most of us would have swollen, puffy face. This mask signficantly reduces those issue, reveal face contour, face looks slimmer and firmer, totally different before and after. It also contains clay/kaolin that provides clarifying beneficial for oily skin. For dry skin, just avoid applying on those dry areas. Indeed, you just need to apply around face countour, may go a little higher on your puffy cheeks. Personally, I leave it around 30 mins to see result. I enjoy using it on neck, chin, face contour and sometimes whole face, it didnt irritate my sensitive combo skin, though !

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