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My Clarins RE-BOOST Refreshing Hydrating Cream by Clarins

My Clarins RE-BOOST Refreshing Hydrating Cream


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best hydrating cream i've tried

- Clarins User

my first impression upon receiving my clarins re-boost refreshing hydrating cream was that i loved the packaging and the minimalistic look and that the product is vegan and cruel free

- Chickadvisor User



so far i love this product - smells amazing, mostly natural products, feels really light on the skin and sinks in quickly and leaves your face feeling refreshed and moisturised

- Boots User

i also like how it gives a nice amount of hydrating without being too heavy

- Chickadvisor User



its gentle on the skin and doesnt feel heavy so if anyones looking for a good facial cream, i would recommend this

- Clarins User

it’s gentle with no harsh ingredients and smells pleasant

- Chickadvisor User


redness relief

my redness is slowly going away

- Clarins User

i put on too much the first time and when i reduced the amount the next time it was perfect and very hydrating

- Chickadvisor User



i got a sample of this with my last clarins order and have just ordered the full size as it's so good - it feels so luxurious on the skin without being heavy and leaves me looking radiant

- Clarins User

it is an extremely lightweight creme that fully hydrates skin and leaves you looking radiant (but not greasy

- Chickadvisor User


good for acne

and it makes your skin feel refreshed and super moisturized, it also did nit make my skin break out and sat very nicely under makeup

- Chickadvisor User

and it makes your skin feel refreshed and super moisturized, it also did not make my skin break out and sat very nicely under makeup

- Clarins User



as someone with youthful skin who isn't too concerned about anti aging ingredients at this point in my life, i would totally recommend this moisturizer for anyone in their twenties or anyone who is looking for a fairly clean feeling and fresh product as part of their skincare ritual

- Chickadvisor User

my skins appears younger and all the flaky and wrinkles are all gone

- Chickadvisor User
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chickadvisor.com userJune 19, 2019

I recently received my Clarins Re-Boost Moisturizing Cream trial. My skin is combination: patches of dryness from new retinol treatment and my usual oily acne-prone areas. At almost 30, I already have some areas of aging around my mouth and eyes. I also have redness and mild rosacea. No matter how good my diet and skin routine has been, I've struggled with my sensitive, irritated skin for ten years! I recently found out it is hormonal and allergy related so I was feeling hopeless. But a few products have turned it around.The texture is a very light gel-like cream. At first, it felt a bit tacky, but it soon dried smooth. It does work well under foundation, however if you are in a rush in the morning and wear full coverage, it may not be the best choice. I have a bit of sun burn right now and it felt SO soothing. At first my cheeks flared up a bit but over the next 10 minutes, they calmed completely to where I almost didn't need foundation!I am now using it only at night as I am already using a moisturizer with SPF during the day and prefer a combined product. My night routine has simplified to: micellar water to remove make-up, a gentle cleaner using a konjac sponge in the steamy shower, then let dry... Retinol cream, let that dry, use a spot treatment where needed, then the Clarins spray and moisturizer. It is so nice to go to bed without itchy red skin! At first I did not notice a big difference but then a few hours later, I touched my face and realized it was so soft and smooth. After a few days of use, my skin is looking very smooth and feels great. It seems to be firming but without any tightness.I trust this more than products that use chemicals that immediately create a synthetic soft coating. There are some "chemicals" but I don't see anything too worrisome and as much as I'd like to go "all natural" with my problematic skin, I have not found anything that is effective and does not break me out.It does have a scent, however it is derived from fruit extracts and very pleasant. I am very perfume/scent-sensitive (asthma and migraines) but it does not bother me at all and wears off quickly as it sets in. You can also request a sample from the company which I would recommend for very sensitive people.Now, it is a bit more expensive than some products you may find, but even on my budget, I think it is worth saving up for. I was using an even more expensive one but my finances changed and I can no longer afford it so I was upset when I ran out... til I found this. You only need a TINY bit to cover your whole face. I imagine it would last for months.I would recommend this to anyone who has oily or combination skin, or if you have very dry skin, you could pair it with a serum or stronger moisturizer at night. Less

- chickadvisor.com
chickadvisor.com userJune 20, 2019

I got the re-boost refreshing moisturizing cream and hydrating beauty mist to try out. I have dry skin with some extra dry patches. First off, the packaging is so simple yet so attractive. The bottle and jar are both glass making it feel so luxurious and worth the money, it also looks so good on your bathroom counter. They recommend to use the hydrating beauty mist before applying the moisturizer, which I did. The mist is so light and refreshing with a slight floral smell. I personally do not like scented mists/creams however the scents of these products are barely noticeably and don't linger that much which I love. My skin definitely felt hydrated and plump after using the mist. I followed that with the re-boost refreshing moisturizing cream which has a light gel texture with a slight floral scent as well. Its not tacky nor is it heavy, its just the right texture. It feels so nice and soothing on the skin and hydrating. My skin is pretty dry so I feel like one layer isnt enough for my dry skin but would probably be hydrating enough for normal-combination skin. I do have to apply more than the normal amount to give my skin that extra hydration but I definitely got to the desired hydration I wanted for my skin. My skin feel so smooth and plump after using these two products and Ill definitely be purchasing the cleansing milk from the same line as well. Also both these products are vegan friendly which is definitely a plus! Less

- chickadvisor.com
beautyboutique.ca userJuly 8, 2019

Soothing and moisturizing

This cream made a nearly immediate difference in my skin! I have combination skin prone to breakouts, rosacea, and sensitivity. It does have a light scent but it's very pleasant and does not bother me at all. I have been using it for about a month now and the difference in my skin is amazing! No more dry irritated patches, but also no breakouts (I am also using retinol - though another moisturizer still led me to breakout). It leaves a dewy refreshed look that is perfect for summer, but does not look too shiny or oily. It can be used under makeup for a smooth base without feeling waxy or blocking pores, but I use it at night as it does not have SPF. It feels very cooling on irritated skin. My face feels so, so soft now and I have noticed some fine lines around my eyes and forehead (I'm nearly 30) and pores smoothing out. I was not sure what to expect but I am so glad to have found this product! Less

- beautyboutique.ca
clarins.pl userApril 27, 2019

I bought trial sizes of the cleanser, hydrating mist, and moisturizer. Sadly, these weren't conducive to my oily skin. Even though some say good for all skin types, I honestly believe these are best suited for normal to dry skin. The cleanser didn't really do much for my skin. The hydrating mist broke me out...within an hour of applying (I used each product separately prior to combining all three). The moisturizer has Dimethicone; which makes my skin react - and not in a good way. When I tried all three together, it was not good for my oily/sensitive skin. Overall, I am glad I only bought the trial sizes and didn't invest in full size products. 

- clarins.pl
chickadvisor.com userJuly 11, 2019

I have tried Clarins creams in the past but this was my first time trying the Re-Boost Refreshing Moisturizing Cream. It is very creamy and easy to apply on the skin; you do not need a lot to hydrate your skin. As someone who is used to using gel moisturizers, I found this cream to be a bit heavier, but surprisingly, still felt really good on my skin. Once it absorbed, it didn't feel heavy at all and skin felt comfortable. The fragrance is also very pleasant and light. The cream would probably be better for dryer skin, but also works with my combination skin. I could see myself using it more in the winter months for sure. I would recommend this to anyone that needs a little more hydration, especially for ladies with dry skin!I #gotitfree as part of the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club. Less

- chickadvisor.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Sodium Hydroxidehazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Propylene Glycolhazard
Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oilacne

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Profile picture of Evelyn Trujillo
Evelyn Trujillo
OilyOily Skin
What’s y’alls opinion on this a as my new moisturizer? For really oily and acne prone skin?
Profile picture of Tyler Bloomer
Tyler Bloomer
CombinationCombination Skin
I’ve never tried this brand, but my go to moisturizer is from the brand My Clarins. It’s comes in a little white and pink jar and smells like strawberry! It helps reduce oil production and has never broken out my very sensitive, acne prone skin! Plus, it’s only $25 bucks. I swear by it. It is my holy grail.