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Joli Rouge Lipstick by Clarins

Joli Rouge Lipstick

chapped lips(171)
staying power(105)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: 701 - ORANGE FIZZ
nordstromBuy ($29)

Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

this lipstick is super moisturizing, always leaving your lips soft and smooth

- Beautyboutique User

this lipstick is a moisturizing item with a pretty colour

- Ebay User



i chose the shade 731 'rose berry', a lovely light colour which is great for everyday use, the texture is soft, smooth and leaves my lips feeling moisturised all day

- Boots User

this clarins joli rouge lipstick filled the bill--it has a creamy texture so is very moist

- Nordstrom User

staying power


it keeps lips feeling moist and stays on for hours the colors are amazing love it

- Clarinsusa User

it also stays on well

- John Lewis User



my favorite lipstick and color, so smooth, lightweight, amazing lipstick

- Beautyboutique User

so the lipstick is not shiny but it feels smooth and light on my lips, and the fruity/grape(

- Clarins User



my newest clarins lippy, beautiful colour, lovely soft creamy texture brilliane clour

- Myer User

i really like the colour the texture is more creamy and i’m delighted with the new case

- John Lewis User



i love how easy it glides on my lips and lasts long even being sheer

- Nordstrom User

i was also disappointed with losing the color pink magnolia in the shine sheer line, but i understand change, so i took the step into the brilliant line, and i'm so glad i did

- Clarinsusa User
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clarins.pl userFebruary 6, 2018

Ordered Wrong Type "Lipsticks" So Colors Too Dark

I bought two Joli Rouge Lipsticks thinking I was buying the Joli Rouge "Brilliant" Lipstick, which is described as "sheer" vs "intense colour" -the description of Jolie Rouge Lipstick. So I'm obviously let down by the lack of shine and fuller coverage.So the lipstick is not shiny but it feels smooth and light on my lips, and the fruity/grape(?) fragrance is exceptional! Colors 742 Jolie Rouge and 744 Soft Plum are not for me. 742 Jolie Rouge is bright! 744 Soft Plum is too dark for me.The fragrance and feel of the lipstick are good enough I will try a lighter shade in the Joli Rouge *Brilliant* product.I did not wear the lipstick long enough to review longevity of color, etc., and didn't experience any adverse effects from it.One recommendation for Clarins: parse out or bullet list product descriptions. Comparing paragraphs is not helpful.Also, Jolie Rouge Brilliant Lipstick states it "Keeps lips comfortable and perfectly plumped with Organic Marsh Samphire.", while the Jolie Rouge Lipstick contains the same product but lacks the "perfectly plumped" description...so is the ingredient supposed to plump lips? Oh, and don't get confused...Currently, the tabs on the windows for the two different types of lipstick are both titled "Jolie Rouge *Brilliant* Lipstick" although the product pages are specific. Thank you. Less

- clarins.pl
clarins.pl userJanuary 7, 2020

Too oily no creamy

Let me start by saying there is no better face serums or creams than what Clarins sells. I am a devout fan. I have tried the foundation which did not dry well...made me look pasty did not soak in or provide a moist look and I bought this lipstick that is a huge disappointment as it does not stay on...it is not creamy but oily. I will stick with their creams but done with their makeup. For such a good company I am shocked they don’t do better with their makeup and certainly for the high cost. I shouldn’t be able to say the Revlon makes a better creme lipstick. Lipstick smudges easily and you could look like a clown if you’re not constantly watching where it goes next. 

- clarins.pl
clarins.pl userDecember 17, 2016

Wow! The Perfect Lipstick!

I'm very picky when it comes to cosmetics and I've tried many lipsticks over the years but I've never been more impressed than I am with this one. I know it may sound hard to believe but this actually makes my lips look younger! The shimmer gives shine but it doesn't look sparkly or frosty. The hydration is excellent without feeling greasy or heavy. I'm fair and I purchased the color Fig which looks dark in the tube but goes on so sheer that it looks like MLBB (my lips but better). It doesn't feel like you're wearing lipstick and looks very pretty. I'm glad I decided to try this and I plan to purchase many tubes as long as they keep making it. A big thumbs up to Clarins for this one!! 

- clarins.pl
Bloomingdale's userOctober 13, 2017

Best Hydrating Lipstick, Ever!

I have tried so many luxury brands for a hydrating yet pigmented lipstick, but Clarins tops them all. The problem with most hydrating lipstick, is that their core consistency is a lot softer because of the moisture, and when it's in your purse and you're out in the sun for a bit, your lipstick can totally fall apart/melt/break off. I had therefore been searching for one that could handle a little sun exposure, and found it in Clarins' Joli Rouge. I love the gorgeous Spicy Cinnamon color, and hope it is never discontinued, (as other brands often do to their lines) because then I'd be at a total loss.

- Bloomingdale's
Macy's userMay 7, 2010


This has got to be the best lipstick I have ever had! The colors 01-06 are the lipsticks that I am referring to, I currently have 3 colors, with 04 praline being my neutral and favorite color, 02 rhubarb for a light summertime hint of pink, but not too pink, and 06 fig for that subtle splash of mauve. (looks nothing like the color guide below) I am still working on getting a couple more colors, but the praline is so nice and neutral, it just goes with everything (again, it looks nothing like the shade guide below) This lipstick is way above average, it is a combination lipstick light gloss with just a hint of sparkle.l It glides on like no other lipstick I have ever applied. It is very moisturizing, and it smells terrific. It is not a heavy lipstick, more of a sheer cover of light color, light gloss, light sheen/sparkle. Very pretty and more natural looking, I just LOVE it! I highly recommend this item! « less

- Macy's

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