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Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch by Clarins

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

pore minimizing(336)
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this leaves your skin so nice and smooth, and it helps your makeup last longer

- Sephora User

it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth and leaves such a natural looking glow

- House Of Fraser User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

im a beautician and love this product makes skin velvet an poreless worth the money

- Ebay User

it made my skin velvety soft, and definitely helped conceal my lines and pores

- Sephora User

staying power


this stuff is amazing - it makes your makeup stay put and last all day

- Clarins User

this stuff is amazing - it makes your makeup stay put and last all day

- Ulta User



this primer is unlike any i have tried, it goes on smoothly, kindof like a "paste" at first but then dries down and holds my foundation all day and keeps me looking "fresh"

- Macy's User

i love this product smooth , it plumps up the lines and gives me a more youthful look

- Neimanmarcus User



this little "magic " jar really helps with fine lines and pores without looking cakey or unnatural and lasts forever as you don't need much

- Sephora User

it feels extremely light and leaves your skin very soft and smooth

- Escentual User
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boots.com userApril 7, 2013

Only a very slight temporary effect on pores

I want two things from a primer, first to keep my makeup looking fresh all day, and second to reduce the look of pores, and to do this for dry skin. I really expected to love this product as when I smoothed it on to the back of my hand in store it felt lovely and did seem to make the dry lines look better.However I have not been impressed with the results so far! I have quite dry skin with large pores, and when you first smooth it on, before you put makeup on, it does seem to blur the look of pores. After putting makeup on, again it does make a very slight difference to the look of pores, however this effect only seems to last a couple of hours. I also apply my foundation with fingers and I am quite worried that it rubs the primer away even if you leave it for a few minutes to 'dry'.To really see whether the product was working I put it on half my face, and for a few days wore a hydrating primer from a famous primer making brand, which is a more traditional silicone based primer, on the other half. I found that the clarins primer did smooth out pores slightly better than the silicone one, however this was only temporary, and by the end of the day there was no difference between the two primers on this.Secondly it did keep my makeup looking fresh but not quite as fresh as the silicone one! However the difference was very slight in this regard. Also when I applied foundation on top of the primer I found it made the foundation collect in the pores, however this is easy to fix by just pressing down on the skin.I think this primer may be more suited to smoothing wrinkles than pores, so if that is your main concern then it might be worth a try, but try and get a sample first!Finally, this wouldn't be suitable for oily skin as it doesn't control oil at all, on the other hand it doesn't dry the skin out, so would be suitable for dry skin. « less

- boots.com
Escentual userFebruary 10, 2013

Come here you silky little beauty...

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is a beautiful little product from Clarins displayed in a very handy bright red screw top pot! I have both the full size 15ml pot and the teeny cute 4ml pot which I keep handy in my bag (though to be honest, the full size 15ml is a perfectly good size for your bags too!) The product is described as a cream by Clarins, but to me it is a light pink, thick, velvety balm which sits very lightly on the skin. The idea of this product is to create a ‘veil’, effectively reducing the appearance of any enlarged pores, wrinkles, or fine lines (it is also a little bit of magic to cover any shiny bits). Clarins market this as a primer to make skin foundation ready, but it can also be worn on its own to create natural looking perfected skin -- hurrah! It is worth noting though, this does not in any way conceal – blemishes will not be covered and scars etcetera will not either. This ‘veils’ exactly what Clarins state – fine lines, pores, and wrinkles – nothing more, nothing less. It is extremely easy to apply – a little on the fingertips, and a gentle sweep over the whole face, or just the problem areas, and you are done!The pot is lovely and strong, and the lid screws on securely. It is very simple to be honest, nothing else much to report! The product name on the front is in both English and French (as usual with Clarins), and on the back a brief explanation as to how to use, and results to expect, which I have of course already mentioned.Ok, so to the balm itself. Wow! I love it!It glides on the skin with complete ease, and very little is needed. Each pot will last for a very long time! As it is gliding over the skin you can feel the velvet veil appearing and your skin is exquisite to touch. As you glide over any shiny areas they just disappear, and any obvious pores become almost invisible. The same for those pesky fine lines – goodbye! There is no greasy residue and considering how sensitive and dry my skin can be, it looks so healthy with this on! I cannot stress enough how effective I have found this balm. It is advertised as being suitable for normal, combination, dry and oily skins, and I can see why this is the case – it is neither drying, nor greasy, and seems to just care.Ok, so, without make-up this is great. Like I have said, goodbye fine lines and goodbye enlarged pores! Hidden are those shiny bits…all ready to go out fresh faced. But what about those who like to wear a powder or foundation on top? Or a full face of make-up? Can the balm stand up to the test and make a silky skinned beauty without making her make-up slip slide off her face?Yes, of course it can!After applying this I often apply my cream concealer and my liquid foundation. I actually find both apply so much easier, and I have to use less of my foundation to cover my face. I also find that the make-up looks almost perfect and my skin glows. I then apply my powder, blusher, and the rest of my make-up including powder or cream eye shadow. I have not one single time had any problems with make-up slipping, be it my foundation, powder or shadows. In fact quite the opposite – I am very happy to report that my make-up seems to last far longer! It actually looks freshly applied all day/night (I have even worn this on an evening out for a meal, got very warm, and still had lovely looking make-up at the end of it!) I have also tried this with just powder over the top, and again, have managed to keep a ‘just applied’ and fresh look to my make-up the whole time I have been wearing it. And just as another little brilliant wonder with this balm; if you do have a pesky shine breakthrough, or notice some pores/lines while out or after applying your ‘face’, this can be applied over the top without ruining your make-up! Brilliant!Without any doubt I recommend this product to any and all who are reading! Men and woman, all skin types, younger and older, please try it. I really do not think you will be disappointed – I could not believe how much I fell in love, and I actually do not think I can ever let myself run out or I will just feel lost without my little red pot of wonder. Thank you again Clarins! Less

- Escentual
Sephora userMay 11, 2010

Great primer!

I adore this product! I was very hesitant to try this because I have combination skin. I was worried that a creamy product would exasperate the oily issue. I also have very sensitive skin and a lot of primers I've tried have broken me out into hives, rashes, or acne. This product did not aggreviate my skin at all! My oily skin seems much tamer now (although I think it's because it's allowing my other products to work more effectively). I prefer a more natural look during the week, so all I'll wear is this, concealer, and powder. It works wonderfully! When I'm going out and do the full face makeup, this primer holds everything in place the whole night. It makes my skin smooth and seems to brighten my complexion a little. I use a tiny, tiny amount (like half a pea) and it works amazing. This product lasted me ten months using it almost everyday! The packaging is nice and sturdy and won't pop open in your bag. I've finally run out and am buying another. A great product and very affordable considering how long it lasts! Highly recommend! « less

- Sephora
Sephora userJune 7, 2019

Simply the best

I’ve used the original Smashbox primer for years, and have tried many other products, but this works much better than anything. I have sun damage including large pores on and around my nose, and some skin texture problem areas. I test drove the Smashbox smooth and blur on one side of my face, and the Clarins on the other. Honestly, it wasn’t a full on miracle, but I could tell close up how much more invisible my pores were with the Clarins and my skin texture was improved, definitely enough to switch brands. It somehow also reduced the redness a little in the center of my face. You only need a tiny amount. I definitely recommend tapping and blending with your fingers. On top of that I used a little yellow color corrector on that part of my face, but less than before. Then I pat on the Laura Mercier radiance all over my face, then I pat on her tinted moisturizer. If I see anything that needs to be blended I gently use a foundation brush, then it’s on to blush, bronzer, mascara, and brows. All done in 10, 15 minutes max. This product doesn’t feel oily or heavy, but I’m almost 58 with dry skin. I find wearing foundation or too much of any makeup only makes me look older. If you need a little more coverage than a bb cream or tinted moisturizer, it definitely looks much more natural to layer a few different lighter products than going for a true foundation, and the Clarins adds to that effect. Sometimes I will try much less expensive makeup and skincare, but there are definitely times you need to go big or go home, and this is one of them. Less

- Sephora
sephora userFebruary 11, 2018

Magic in a jar

My skin is acne prone and I was blessed with incredibly large pores to boot. I have tried pretty much every primer sold in Sephora and I’ve never really found one that I couldn’t live without until I came across this product by sheer luck. I was reading the reviews for another Clarins product on the Sephora app when Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch was recommended. Although I purchased the primer on an impulse based on the rave reviews, I honestly did not have high hopes. Boy, did this primer not only meet my expectations, it exceeded them too! The packaging alone is very luxurious. The consistency of the primer is rich but lightweight. It is fast-absorbing and provides lasting hydration. As far as I can tell it is fragrance-free and I have not experienced any skin reactions. My foundation applies beautifully and the results are unreal! My skin looks instantly smooth, almost photoshopped. My pores are significantly reduced and my fine lines around my mouth are concealed all in a matter of seconds. My makeup looks absolutely flawless and lasts all day. This underrated beauty product is truly life-changing.

- sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Acacia senegal gumhazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Alcohol Denatirritanthazard
Hydrogenated vegetable oilacneirritant

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