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Instant Eye Makeup Remover by Clarins

Instant Eye Makeup Remover


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this is by far the best most gentle & effective eye makeup remover ever

- Ulta User

i received this as a free sample & found it the most effective yet gentle eye make up remover i've ever used

- Boots User


good quality

clarins is simply great quality skincare

- Nordstrom User

nice quality

- John Lewis User
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Nordstrom userNovember 20, 2016

Removes Stubborn Eye Makeup

Clarins is simply great quality skincare. I have been using this make up remover for years and it even takes off waterproof mascara. It does not irritate either - I have sensitive eyes & wear contacts. I wouldn't use any other remover. 

- Nordstrom
sephora userNovember 10, 2014

product works but burns!

Normally I love Clarins products and this product does work, but it is extremely scented and irritates my eyes. I do not have sensitive eyes or skin and this left a film over my eyes along with making my face feeling oily and irritated. I would not recommend this product at all!

- sephora
Macy's userMay 5, 2012

All time Fav

I use this along with Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin after getting glammed up. It is so gentle on the eyes and removes cake eyeliner as well as fake eyelash glue with ease. No need for rubbing your eyes to death and I find it great for those who are contact lens wearers as well as for those with sensitive eyes.I recommend using cotton balls instead of cotton pads with this too (reason I say so is because my roomie tried using it with cotton pads and didn't really experience the same results as me).Try this product out, I'm sure your lids will thank you!!

- Macy's
clarins.pl userApril 18, 2019

Gentle on eyes with issues

I bought a bottle about five weeks ago and am 3/4 done. The bottle was expensive, so I bought a bottle of Bioderma Sensibio miscellar water last week to try it out next. Side by side the Clarins won by a mile. Absolutely killed it. One hold/swipe and 90% of my makeup was simply gone. It leaves a gentle, slippery moisturizing feel behind, which is greatly reduced by a second swipe. The micellar water required multiple swipes and to my surprise actual pressure to remove regular mascara, leaving my skin visibly reddened. I didn’t realize how nice the Clarins was being to my eyes till that moment.I have dry, sensitive skin that breaks out easily and reddens. 3x/year a painful keratitis affects one or both of my corneas and - I cant even - it just hurts and there’s lots of drops involved. What’s a girl to do. (Get better products and test, test test.) I wear cream shadow, liner and regular mascara. My eyes are better after using Clarins than anything. In fact they’re silky and moisturized, without redness. I use it daily.Because the solution separates naturally, you must shake the bottle gently to mix, wet a cotton pad (don’t be a YouTuber here, just a medium amount will do), and hold gently against your eye for a few seconds. Honestly even 5-10 secs does it. In two swipes it’s all gone. I’ve even used it to correct an eyeshadow experiment gone wrong after I already had my face makeup done and set. It did the job like a pro and I wasn’t even late to work.So yeah. I’m now spoiled. Sign me up. Less

- clarins.pl
Escentual userFebruary 26, 2013

The best remover I've used

This is the best make-up remover that I have used - I was a devout Simple fan for years, then started using various face wipes until I heard that they might be too rough on my sensitive skin, and now that I have found this I will not be using anything else! It smells great, and leaves my skin feeling silky and soft, but more importantly this is such an effective remover. You really don't need very much at all, so it lasts ages, and it removes even really thick or waterproof eye makeup almost instantly. I no longer spend ages rubbing my eyes or irritating my skin, and the ease with which I can use the product means that I am encouraged to stop being lazy and remove my makeup every night before bed. An excellent find, cannot recommend enough.

- Escentual


Overall safe Ingredients

Potassium Sorbatehazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Benzyl Alcoholhazard

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