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Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream - Normal to Dry Skin by Clarins

Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream - Normal to Dry Skin


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i use it before bed every night and my face is still soft and not dry in the morning

- Birchbox User

my skin is more on the dry side and i have spent a fortune trying to find a moisturiser that keeps my skin soft and hydrated all day long and i have finally found the one

- John Lewis User



the product feels light, silky, like a gentle cloud on your skin and the scent is soft, fresh, yet delicate

- Sephora User

this is the first cream i have used that make my skin feel hydrated and skill smooth with out irritation

- Birchbox User



doesn't dry or feel heavy

- Clarins User

it’s a pretty good size and the packaging is nice, it’s nice and solid and heavy

- Sephora User


good for acne

no break outs

- Sephora User

i have oily, acne prone skin and this moisturizer was great when i needed that extra moisture boost when retin a products dried my skin

- Birchbox User



my face looks radiant, hydrated and feels healthy

- Clarins User

it does wonders for dry, dull skin

- Birchbox User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

this has done wonders to reduce the redness in my cheeks, even out my skin tone, and make my skin look refreshed and feel fabulous

- Clarins User

never thought i could achieve an even skin tone until this product

- Ulta User



perfect for dry aging skin

- Ebay User

while i doubt there are any noticeable anti-aging effects, i'd recommend this cream to anyone who wants their skin to feel pampered and who needs a shot of moisture

- Clarins User


redness relief

i have sensitive skin so the winter weather tends to be harsh on my skin and leaves my cheeks red, but this cream soothes my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth

- Clarinsusa User

i have very sensitive skin and the product reduces redness and dryness

- Sephora User
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sephora userMay 02, 2017

I love this silky cream!

I have a very complicated problem skin: combination/acne prone but also dry around eye brow and centre of my nose and other few areas too. I thought it's for dry skin and worried it would be rich to a combination/oily/acne prone type of skin. But this is so moisturizing and quick absorbed yet not heavy cream. I almost finished the first jar and bot two more during 15% event. I usually used serum underneath and it gives me enough moisture throughout the day. And the price is unbeatable!!!!! I used to try different brands such as darphin and had to return for this for nearly half the price. I strongly recommend to who has similar skin type as I do and prefer rich (cream texture) but quick absorbed light cream. O

- sephora
clarins.ca userMay 19, 2017

Great moisturizer

I was able to try 15ml of this product for free, but I'm writing of my own opinion.As a former skincare therapist I was thoroughly impressed by this product. I tried it for a few days myself, but as I have oily skin I knew I would get a break out or two as this is far too rich for my skin type. I gave the rest to my mother who has aging, dry skin to try and she loved it.My personal experience was that the smell was wonderful and not too strong. I used this 3 nights as a nighttime cream and my skin was so soft right after the application, and as I tend to be more on the reactive skin side of things I was surprised when my skin was very calm the next few mornings.Like I said, I gave the rest of the sample to my mother and she felt the same experiences I did and it was great for her skin type. I would purchase this for myself and use it as a neck and decollete cream.Really great product, I was very impressed. Less

- clarins.ca
Birchbox userApril 8, 2017

Super hydrating and great for sensitive skin

I'm always hesitant to try new facial lotions and creams as they often burn around my eyes or leave them watering and red for hours. In fact my eyes are so sensitive I end up using baby lotion as it is the only thing, until now that hasn't irritated my eyes. I was pleasantly surprised when I used the Clairns that it was very hydrating, not as heavy as baby lotion and left my eye area refreshed, and not irritating in the least. For me that is huge and allows me to add a face specific cream to my routine which will improve my skin, and beauty routine having a lighter base will reduce the heavy feeling that I sometimes get from the baby lotion and wearing makeup.

- Birchbox
clarins.ca userMay 3, 2017

My skin feels so smooth!!

I have been using the Hydra-Essentiel Cream for the past 4 days and I and I have to say that this product is amazing. I have very dry cheeks and the skin on my head can get quite dry as well (I have alopecia), so I am always looking for products that will help me retain moisture without causing me to breakout. This cream may just be the new one I switch to. I've been using it at night before bed and immediately after putting it on my skin feels the smoothest it ever has. I wake up feeling almost as soft as after the immediate application. The true test came when I applied makeup because I can't usually see dry skin flakes on my cheeks and my foundation will clump up. After using this cream there was a significant decrease in the amount of dry skin visible under my foundation.As for the cream itself, it feels thick and luxurious but not heavy on the skin at all. It isn't greasy and feels amazing on application. I did find the scent to be a little strong for my own personal preferences but my partner loved it and said it smelled amazing when he got up close.Disclosure: I received this product free for testing purposes Less

- clarins.ca
Birchbox userMarch 30, 2017

Doesn't work, smells bad

In all fairness, I have oily/combination skin, so a cream for dry skin isn't ideal for me. But I tried it at night, thinking it would hydrate my skin extra-well overnight. Firstly, the smell is really bad. It is heavily perfumed, and it is not a good smell. It went on a bit greasy, but I figured that was normal for a product made for dry skin. But the next morning after I washed my face and began my normal routine I found it had severely dried out my skin overnight. I have dry flakes all over, and had to break out the heavy duty exfoliator. Not sure what skin types this will actually work on, since it made my oily skin super-dry.

- Birchbox


Overall safe Ingredients

Sodium Benzoatehazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Cetyl Alcoholacneirritant
PEG-100 Stearateacnehazard
Cetearyl Alcoholacneirritant
Potassium Sorbatehazard

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