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Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Shea Butter by Clarins

Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Shea Butter

redness relief(10)

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non abrasive

- Macy's User

it is effective, gentle and soothing and i use it in the morning and after removing my make-up at night

- John Lewis User



i absolutely love this facial wash it's so gentle and moisturising on your skin and the smell is divine

- Escentual User

this keep my skin clean, soft and comfortable ,because of the shea butter it doesn't dry you out

- Sephora User



i always use this clarins cleanser it is easy to use and feels really creamy on the skin, skin feels lovely afterwards and doesn't feel at all tight

- Debenhams User

it thoroughly cleans while keeping my skin soft, smooth and supple

- Ulta User


redness relief

after using this, her face is no redness, no itch, she feels good

- Macy's User

it does not break me out, rather it helps with breaks out and even helps soothe the redness

- Ulta User



the consistency is creamy and has a lovely fragrance - not overpowering at all

- Nordstrom User

this has an incredibly creamy lotion like texture that feels great on my skin

- Ulta User


good for acne

it foams a little, feels like a cream, helps keep my eczema + mild hormonal acne at bay and it smells really good too

- Nordstrom User

it is soft, clearer less acne prone and no longer dry

- Ulta User



at age 71, reversing the lines and wrinkles that reflect abuse to my face from sun, not using a regular cleansing program for many years, aging and not being aware of the importance of caring for that reflection in the mirror, i now have a new goal

- Macy's User

i am in early 30 but my skin was so dry and the wrinkles was on my forehead and when smiling, but this product lifts my skin and it feels very soft and also lighter i can't wait to buy more products from this brand

- Ulta User
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ulta userJanuary 13, 2019

Best face wash!

Been using this for over a month now and I am in love! It is everything I could possibly want in a face wash! I was on a mission to find my perfect face wash and I do believe I've found it! My skin is sensitive, combination- extremely dry and flaky in some places and oily as can be in others, I am 36 so I am concerned about preventing wrinkles and evening tone and texture, I have some red hyper pigmentation on my cheeks. This works great for all my crazy skin issues. I use it nightly with my clarisonic. This does foam but does not leave a tight feeling as a lot of foaming face washes can. This has an incredibly creamy lotion like texture that feels great on my skin. My face has loved this so far so my quest is over and I will stick with this wash. Highly recommend!

- ulta
ulta userJanuary 13, 2019

Gentle as Gentle Can Be

This is a must have for those who suffer with sensitive dry skin. This will hydrate your skin without feeling oily. It feels luxurious on your face and body. It has helped calm and soothe my dry skin. It mainly use it on my face, but have several times used it all over. It feels wonderful. And ladies it feels great using it for shaving and even after shaving your legs and other areas. It is an all around great product. Your skin could not ask for more. Treat yourself to this wonderful product. You and your skin deserve it. I highly recommend it. It does not break me out, rather it helps with breaks out and even helps soothe the redness. I love it. I feel it restoring my skin and restoring that youthful elasticity. I'm in my early 30's.

- ulta
ulta userJanuary 13, 2019

2017: Why change the formula? :'-(

I just bought a new bottle since I ran out of my old one. Almost instantly notice something is very wrong. The heavenly scent is different, the mild and creamy texture is gone, feels like washing your face with liquid soap that lathers a lot. My face feels harsh and dry, when I look in the mirror it's red, THIS NEVER HAPPENED WITH THE OLD FORMULA. I almost feel like weeping.

- ulta
Escentual userSeptember 16, 2013

really really clean

Having fair, sensitive skin, prone to dry patches on the cheeks, I hesitate to use a face wash, but this one has been really good. It doesn't make a lot of foam but rather a soft creamy lather that feels silky on face and smells lovely. Rinses off well with the aid of a cotton wool oval and then face feels great, thoroughly refreshed and clean but still soft, with none of the harsh tautness that follows with most wash off types. I follow with chamomile toner and gentle moisturiser but still generally feel it is kinder to cleanse only once a day rather than the twice that they suggest. Very pleased with this product, which is just as well as the tube is going to last ages - you only need a pea-sized dab each time.

- Escentual
ulta userJanuary 13, 2019

for my dear mother

I ordered this for my 59 year old mom who I finally, after nearly 5 years of trying, finally convinced that washing her face with body wash wasn't good for her skin! She finally broke down when her skin started flaking and getting rough eczema-like patches under her eyes. She's been using this for about a week now and her friends have noticed a visible difference and she said her face feels nice and smooth. I tried it once and it was really nice, effective at removing makeup and very moisturizing. I personally wouldn't use it regularly just because the shea butter in it would 100% break me out. But for dry skin or aging skin that isn't going to break out with heavy moisturizing cleansers, I would highly recommend!

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients

Cetearyl Alcoholacneirritant
Potassium Sorbatehazard
Sodium Laureth Sulfateacneirritanthazard
Yellow 5hazard
Sodium Lauryl Sulfateacneirritant

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