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Gentle Foaming Cleanser-Combination or Oily Skin by Clarins

Gentle Foaming Cleanser-Combination or Oily Skin

pore minimizing(30)

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i use this gentle foaming cleanser every day (followed by toner and cream), and it keeps my skin clean, healthy-looking, and refreshed

- Clarinsusa User

even removes make-up and doesn't irritate your eyes

- Debenhams User


good for acne

i have had problems with my skin since i was 8 and i have tried many different things to help my acne but this tops them all it leaves your face feeling a completely different feel and it’s just like refreshed and non clogged up or oily i really struggle with oily skin and black heads and this works wonders the best thing about it is it last forever you use the tiniest bit and it foams up so quick 10/10

- Myer User

i have tried so many products and this has been the only one that could control my oiliness and my baby acne

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it truly has been an investment as you only need a pea size amount to get a good foam and is going to last ages i find it removes all traces of makeup i use a silicone face brush which lifts all dirt from pores

- Clarins User

i can tell that every pore has been cleaned and my face feels insanely fresh

- Sephora User



i love using it at night to wash off my make up with no fuss, leaving smooth, clearer skin and i love it in the morning to refresh my skin, getting it ready for my make up

- Clarins User

on days i wear makeup i remove the makeup with coconut oil and wash my face with this cleanser once only and it leaves my skin squeaky clean and smooth like a glass

- Clarins User


good quality

also a great price for the size and quality

- Sephora User

clarins products never disappoint and are high quality

- Nordstrom User



this is the best face wash i've found - i have milia and combination oily/dry/sensitive skin and i've never found anything that makes me feel clean like this

- Sephora User

this wash leaves your skin squeaky clean but does not dry the skin out, absolutely great when used with your favourite clarin's moisturiser

- Clarins User



утром приятно освежает кожу, не сушит, не стягивает, вечером пользуюсь муссом, а потом протираю кожу тоником и наношу сыворотку bright plus

- Clarins User

the clarins foaming cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and looking radiant

- Overstock User


redness relief

i noticed my skin has a smoothness (reduced pores and refined texture) i guess because it is so perfectly cleaned without drying

- Nordstrom User

it help your skin oilness and reduce acne

- Nordstrom User



i love using this cleanser on my skin, it is a creamy texture and you only need a little amount for full coverage

- Clarins User

gorgeous scent, creamy texture and a little goes a long way

- Myer User
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clarinsusa.com userApril 8, 2013

Gentle yet effective

I have to say I was nervous about this product because anything that promoted any sort of exfoliation, no matter how gentle, just sent my pores in to over time. However, this product was fantastic. I have combination skin and my daughter has extreemly oily skin and wears makeup and we both sing the praises of this product. I didn't find it in the least bit drying and my skin felt clean and fresh. The scent is very plesant as well.

- clarinsusa.com
ulta.com userAugust 16, 2019

Best Facial Cleaner I've Ever Tried

I am not one to leave reviews usually but this product was a miracle for me. I am someone who is obsessed with skincare and always have a regimen I follow. I used to struggle with acne in high school but that cleared up once I found a good routine.However, I moved to Houston which is one of the most humid US cities and suddenly I was breaking out worse than in high school. All over my forehead was constantly covered in pimples which hurt. It got to the point that friends and family were pointing it out and trying to help. I spent months trying different products but had no luck. Finally I went to Ulta to consult with an employee who recommended the Clarins Cleanser with Tamarind. At first I thought she was trying to push expensive products no matter what the end result, but she actually listened and advised me to use the cleanser with the Origins Dr Weil Mushrooms Serum afterward. Basically due to the humidity, my face was oily but also being irritated by harsh chemicals and the constant need to wash my face. The Clarins gentlely foams up and feels great on the face. Then the Mushroom Serum would sooth any irritation and provide extra nutrients. This combination cleared up a face full of acne in less than a week. It was like nothing I've ever seen.I am a firm believer in this product and at least giving it a shot for any type of skin. I have moved to an extremely dry climate now and still use this product, but not as much as was necessary in the heat and humidity. I tell all my friends about it and it is well worth the price, especially if you are at your wits end on how to get rid of persistent acne caused by oily skin or irritated combination skin. Less

- ulta.com
Nordstrom userNovember 26, 2013

Love it!

I have suffered with severe cystic acne for 6 years now, and I have an oily T-zone with dry patches, along with sensitivity.I randomly stumbled upon this product and decided to give it a go.This product literally got rid of most of my cystic acne! Now I have few pimples here and there, but they are mostly from lack of sleep and stress.I'm currently in the process of using my third tube, and I like to cut open the bottle when it becomes hard to get some product out of it.The only downsides to this product are their price and their new design. You can't get a clean amount out of it like it used to from a protruding opening (now it's goes more inward).I like to make sure my pores are open (with warm water) and my hands are clean before cleansing my face.I take about half-inch of the cleanser onto my left index finger and gather my hand into a small bowl shape, filling it with a bit of warm water. Then, I like to mix the cleanser into the warm water, creating soft foams, while avoiding crushing the micro-beads.Then I work the lathered foam in a circular inward motion starting at the center of my face and my nose, and gradually move onto my forehead and etc, making sure to work in the foam in an outward motion afterwards.Next, I rinse off the cleanser in the same circular pattern and finish off with cold water, patting my face dry with a clean towel and moving onto my skincare items as soon as I can.I don't think I will be able to live without this product! Less

- Nordstrom
clarins.pl userMay 28, 2018

Better for suited Oily than Combination skin

I have sensitive combination skin, so this product was over-drying for me. My skin feels tight and stressed when I use this cleanser. I would only recommend this if you have normal or oily skin, but definitely not if you have sensitive, dry, or combination skin. It has a great smell and you only need to use a tiny amount for a refreshing and thorough cleanse. 

- clarins.pl
Macy's userMarch 17, 2010

So far so good

I have the absolute worst skin possible. Combination skin with a very, very oily t-zone area and dry everywhere else, plus I have constant acne even though I am way too old to be getting it still, and I have used acne medicines with benzoyl peroxide and alcohol for years, which just dry out your skin and leave scars. This face wash does what it promises, your face will feel super clean without irritation or burning. You just have to use a tiny dot and it lathers so much. I've only been using it for a week, and I'm a huge skeptic who has tried everything, but so far I haven't had a break out. Although it doesn't fully control my oily skin, I used the toner and pore serum after, and together they definitely toned down the shine on my skin a lot. 

- Macy's


Overall safe Ingredients

Potassium Hydroxidehazard
Butylphenyl Methylpropionalhazard
Benzyl salicylatehazard
Stearic Acidacne
Tipa-laureth sulfatehazard
Sorbic Acidhazard
Lauric Acidacneirritant

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