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Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins

Beauty Flash Balm


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it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth and leaves such a natural looking glow

- House Of Fraser User

i'm using this cream on my face in the mornings and it keeps my skin hydrated and firm

- Davidjones User



this does exactly what it says- brightens and lifts the complexion and smells just wonderful

- Lookfantastic User

this product does exactly what it describes, my skin is beautiful and radiant in an instant

- Clarins User



i've tried so many different primers to help conceal my pores and prevent makeup from accentuating my fine lines and this is the only one that has made a noticeable difference

- Sephora User

this mask immediately makes your skin soft, silky and reduces fine lines

- Ulta User



i gently pressed this into my skin over my serum and moisturizer, and went about fixing my hair

- Sephora User

it's easy, gentle, and makes you look well-rested (i sleep 4 hrs

- Sephora User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

when i started using the product my skin was blotchy and uneven and now my skin is smooth with even tones

- Davidjones User

it is light, refreshing and goes on so well and instantly makes your face look fresher and even toned i absolutely recommend this 100%

- Nordstrom User



a peachy balm/cream not that keen on the slightly chemical smell a little goes a very long way a if applying under foundation make sure it dries completely as it sets in place very quickly,myself i like to mix it with my foundation then apply it,it keeps face fresh looking and glowing all day excellent primer,can also use as a facemask also when your skin needs a pick me up excellent in winter months,i have used this product for 8 years will always repurchase highly recommend

- Boots User

this is both an amazing moisturizing cream and a great under makeup primer

- Walmart User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i have very sensitive acne-prone skin, and this has been a great makeup primer, moisturizer and treatment for surface dryness without clogging my pores

- Clarins User

literally, and this one is more like feeding your skin and shrinking your pores

- Ulta User


redness relief

it is absolutely fantastic for red-eye flights

- Nordstrom User

this mask immediately makes your skin soft, silky and reduces fine lines

- Ulta User


reduces puffiness

this product restored a healthy glow to my skin and deflated my tired looking under eye bags as promised, but also made my skin look firmer even though it wasn't advertised as a firming cream

- Nordstrom User

after just having my first baby you can imagine how tired i looked until i found this wonder cream, i dab it on before i put on my make-up and it seems to erase my dark circles and lines

- Debenhams User


good for acne

the dry, scaly spots on my face are now history; my skin is powdery smooth and super soft; it's even kept my break-outs at bay and made my current pimples less noticeable

- Sephora User

no greasiness or breakouts

- Sephora User
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Sephora userNovember 16, 2015

Matte primer that doesn't cause breakouts!

Having oilier skin, I've never been much of a moisturizer or primer user. I use sunscreen everyday, so I learned, after years of frustration, that primer can really help keep makeup from being ruined by greasy sunscreen. The problems is, any time I used a primer. after 2*3 days of use, I would get bad cystic acne. Most primers, no matter how lightweight they feel upon application, wind up kinda "melted" on my skin, and heavy-feeling. I have used Flash Balm for several weeks,and I've found it gives me a beautiful, matte finish that lasts all day. It seems to absorb oil! I even wear it alone as "clear" makeup, because it keeps my skin looking so supple, yet non-greasy. Best of all, this truly covers pores. I have used this as a mask, and my skin feels silky and soft afterwards. I haven't noticed any "tightening" feeling or any "brightening" when this is on my face, but I didn't buy it for those things. I wanted an airy primer that would cover pores and even my skin tone without adding a thick layer of chunky, congesting proudct. This is it! Wow! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
Escentual userAugust 7, 2015


Wow! This is THE best primer I have ever used in my life. I suffer from acne prone skin and was desperate to find something that would tighten my pores as well as give me that glow. I was NOT disappointed. I have tried countless toners and was starting to think they just weren't for me, but I realised its all about finding the right one.This primer not only does all the above, but it actually helped clear much of my acne and made my skin noticeably smoother. I rarely get outbreaks now and also receive countless compliments on how much my skin is glowing. This product is not only a primer (to be used underneath makeup), but is also a face mask as well, which I couldn't believe!!! No wonder it does wonders for my skin if I've been leaving it on all day.Bear in mind however, that although this is THE best product I have ever used, it is advised to only use it a few times per week. I am not too sure why and I think a few other ladies have also pondered this very thought, but nevertheless, you will not want to use anything else once you have tried this amazing product. Well done Clarins, you out did yourselves with this one I think! Whoop! whoop! « less

- Escentual
Sephora userNovember 3, 2016

Dab, don't swipe onto skin

Another user mentioned that this pills on dry skin, which it can do if you have some dead skin cells hanging there and you smooth/ swipe this over your skin. I don't wear foundation or concealer on top of this. Usually I use this after my final moisturizing step and dab/press it onto my face like I would a face oil. I've been using this for a month now and it definitely moisturizes. Brighten and tighten I haven't really noticed much.

- Sephora
Sephora userAugust 29, 2012

Where has this been my whole life?

I bought this after watching a makeup tutorial by Lisa Eldridge and took her suggestion to use it very sparingly. It works as a mask that you rinse off and it tightens up the skin nicely. It also works very well as a primer that smooths out wrinkles and gives the face a natural-looking glow. Be careful applying it though: do not rub it in, just lightly spread it over your face with fingers. If you have very dry skin or makeup that tends to cake, this may not be for you, (especially if it is applied incorrectly by massaging it into the skin.). My method is as follows: I cleanse, tone, pat on a bit of sunscreen containing moisturizer. Then I wait for 10 minutes to let it sink in, pat lightly with a tissue to absorb any extra, lightly apply balm about 1/2 a pea size just smooth it on. Apply makeup right away until you like it. Set shiny areas with powder.. Then, (and this is important,) don't touch your makeup because it will become clumpy and strange. The good news is that flash works so well that makeup stays in place and it makes me look younger and more awake. I use it on the days when I have a 4:30 AM wake-up call to substitute. A bit pricey, but it will last a long time. I have also read that it should not be used every day so I use other primers about 1/2 of the time « less

- Sephora
Sephora userApril 21, 2014


I got a deluxe sample of this with an order and yesterday I was just trying out some things I'd purchased, one of which was concealer, and figured I'd see what this "primer" did.This is not a primer, it's a MIRACLE. (I Sound ridiculous, but it's THAT good)!I had been crying earlier in the day and was a bit puffy and sallow looking from lack of sleepHOW TO APPLY: It is crucial NOT TO RUB THIS into your skin. Dab it around your face and then GENTLY use a long sweeping motion across each area of your face with just enough pressure to spread it across face. 5 or 6 "swipes" should be plenty (left side, right side, forehead, chin, nose - include your under eye and eyelid areas).After I put it on, I got distracted with something and about five minutes went by. When I looked back in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself! No pores, so sagging, no puffy eyes, dewy and bright with COLOR in my face like I didn't NEED any makeup!I'm 46 and new to the whole "beauty thing" so I'm skeptical of what products can do and the vast amounts of money women spend (me too lately)! My skin looked 20 years younger!I was reluctant to put makeup on over this, but I need to find a foundation so I proceeded with my sample application. Did this work as a primer? Absolutely! My makeup looked really great and lasted perfectly the 8 hours until I washed my face. I didn't need blush or concealer even. Just curled my lashes and had a very light foundation on (Dior Nude) and I looked and felt really good. Even my husband noticed.Lisa Eldridge says you shouldn't use this every day because your skin might acclimate to it's effects - I'm not sure if there's any basis to that. Less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylphenyl Methylpropionalhazard
Polysorbate 60hazard
Alpha-isomethyl iononehazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Hexyl Cinnamalhazard

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