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No Shave November: Chris Evans's Favorite Skincare Products

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Nov 9, 2020
No Shave November: Chris Evans's Favorite Skincare Products

Look like a superhero with these men's grooming essentials

It’s that time of the year. Your boyfriend, co-worker, and guy friend are growing out their beards in honor or No Shave November. And while some of them look wild and untamed in the not-so-cute way, others can really pull off the full beard for rugged, supremely handsome vibes. Like Captain America himself, Chris Evans! As a real-life superhero, he needs to upkeep his male grooming routine to look his best on and off the red carpet. Besides keeping his beard in check, that also means cleansers, moisturizer, and face masks to create that camera-ready complexion.

But don’t think that you need to spend a fortune on your boyfriend’s holiday gifts to recreate that Chris Evans vibe, as the A-lister is all about going back to basics with his men’s grooming routine. He told InStyle that he likes to keep things “simple, classic, and clean,” and continued with “I just like things to be easy in my everyday life. I don’t even like shaving.” That last part works out perfectly for Evans as we head into No Shave November - a month-long campaign in which people are encouraged to grow out their beards in order to raise cancer awareness, donating the cash that they typically spend on razors to various organizations in support of cancer prevention. Don’t worry, you can still indulge in the right men’s grooming and skincare products to get that Chris Evans look, and you can find his favorites below!

Ultra Facial Cream by Kiehl’s, $50

Ultra Facial Cream by Kiehl’s
Source: Kiehl's

“I hear Kiehl's is good. If there's anything I've heard over and over in the make-up chair, it's that people love Kiehl's products," says Chris Evans. Yes, they certainly do… as the men’s grooming brand is a favorite for all genders, skin types, and beauty routines. Ultra Facial Cream is a lightweight, ultra-hydrating moisturizer that can easily give you that Chris Evans glow - providing 24-hour hydration to keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant. Even during the cold winter months or when you’re casually flying between countries to film action flicks, like Chris Evans. No big deal. This Kiehl’s moisturizer is made with Glacial Glycoprotein, known to withstand extreme cold and deeply hydrate, protect, and retain moisture within the skin. And then there’s Squalane, a moisturizing oil to protect and repair the skin’s moisture barrier for a healthy and hydrated look. In addition to Chris Evans, even female celebrities like January Jones have spoken about their love for Kiehl’s products - and this moisturizer works effectively on its own or under makeup to get that A-list complexion.

Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream by RéVive, $150

Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream by RéVive
Source: RéVive

“Men have to use a good cleanser, eye cream, a moisturizer, and lip product. If you can be consistent, you don’t need much else,” says Jenn Streicher, a celebrity makeup artist and men’s grooming expert who has styled Chris Evans for countless red carpets. We’ll definitely get to all these products that she mentioned, but for now… let’s talk about eye cream. It’s a necessity whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s (like Evans,) or 40’s and beyond - as the delicate under eye skin is more prone to aging and dullness than anywhere else on the body. If you’re looking for a boost of brightness and gentle hydration, you should try the Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream by RéVive… which Streicher applied on Chris Evans at the premiere of his movie and directorial debut, Before We Go. This ultra-hydrating eye cream works to renew and revive (hence the name) the under eyes while helping to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and Streicher even used it under concealer to make Chris’s gorgeous green eyes really pop. Because male celebrities definitely wear makeup too, even if they don’t want you to know it!

Conditioning Beard Wash by Anthony, $26

Conditioning Beard Wash by Anthony
Source: Anthony

“I usually live my life with a beard. I’m not a huge fan of shaving,” Evans once told Buzzfeed. And if you’ve ever seen paparazzi shots of him out and about in Los Angeles, you’ve probably seen his signature “not quite short, not quite bushy” beard. Which always looks dapper, even when it’s on the thicker side. How can you get the same fabulous facial hair worn by Chris Evans, all throughout No Shave November? A beard wash, like this one by Anthony. It’s infused with Coconut Oil to hydrate and smooth the skin underneath your beard, all while detangling bristles in the process. You’ll also get Rosemary and Black Currant extracts to alleviate itchiness, and Bilberry Fruit extract to naturally exfoliate and cleanse. Even if you’re not a huge fan of shaving like Chris Evans, you can still give your facial hair the love it deserves with this Anthony beard wash.

Moisturizing Lotion by Cetaphil, $11

Moisturizing Lotion by Cetaphil
Source: Cetaphil

This affordable lotion is a celebrity favorite. Not only does Jonathan Van Ness use it to help with his psoriasis, it can also be found on Chris Evans’s beauty shelf to recreate his glowing, male grooming-inspired complexion. Because every good skincare routine begins with moisture, right? This Cetaphil favorite includes six moisturizers, plus vitamin E and B5, for smooth, soft, and nourished skin. Chris Evans describes his male grooming routine as “simple, classic, and clean” - and Moisturizing Lotion is all three of these things, and more. 92% of MIRA guests say that this moisturizer is gentle on the skin, 90% agree that it’s hydrating, and 88% say that it’s good for acne. Wear alone for a boost of moisture and movie star skin, or under makeup for more even application and a touch of radiance.

White Beauty Bar by Dove, $4

White Beauty Bar by Dove
Source: Dove

What would you do if we told you that you’ve been using the same bar of soap as Chris Evans for years? Start fangirling before going out to buy ten more? Us too. And get excited, because one of the products that Chris Evans swears by is a simple, sweet-smelling bar of Dove soap that can likely be found in your shower, right now. This soap contains moisturizing cream to deeply cleanse your skin without drying it out - providing intense moisture throughout your entire body while washing away dirt and germs. And of course sweat, because Chris Evans needs to wash that away after spending hours filming action scenes or working out at the gym to get in Avenger shape. While this soap definitely won’t replace your beloved men’s skincare routine, it will leave you feeling fresh after a shower with radiant, refined, and smooth skin.

Classic Original Lip Balm Triple Pack by Chapstick, $3

Classic Original Lip Balm Triple Pack by Chapstick
Source: ChapStick

Chris Evans may be a multimillionaire Hollywood actor, but even he can’t resist the power of the original ChapStick. He carries one with him everywhere he goes to protect and perfect his lips, and you can do the same for just $3! Whether you’re dealing with dryness from the chilly fall weather, or just can’t seem to escape chapped lips no matter how hard you try, your lips will always be soft and sweet. Listen, we love Balm Dotcom by Glossier as much as the next person, but there’s no denying the power of this affordable, classic product. Chris Evans always has rosy, flushed, and fresh lips that still look completely natural - the goal for any men’s grooming enthusiast - and you will too after you store a Chapstick in your gym bag, car, and home office.  

Sensitive Post Shave Balm by Nivea, $7

Sensitive Post Shave Balm by Nivea
Source: Nivea

You already know that Chris Evans isn’t a fan of shaving. Already the perfect candidate for No Shave November. However, he often needs to do it for months at a time while playing a certain superhero. Or one of his many other clean-shaven, heartthrob characters. But shaving every day can be rough on the skin, which is why your male grooming routine needs a post-shave balm. After you’ve successfully shaved with your favorite razor, like the Braun Series 3 Shaver that Chris loves, just apply a bit of this Nivea essential to soothe even the most sensitive, stressed skin. It contains Vitamin E to soften and smooth your face after a few runs with your razor, plus Chamomile and Witch Hazel extracts for extra nourishment. If you’re the opposite of Chris Evans and like to shave every day, or just want to give your clean-shaven face a little love without the tightness or irritation…this balm makes all the difference in your men’s grooming routine.

Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub by Kiehl’s, $22

Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub by Kiehl’s
Source: Kiehl's

We’re not done with Kiehl’s just yet. Not only is the brand a men’s grooming favorite, it’s also a top choice in the chairs of top celebrity makeup artists and estheticians… as said by Chris Evans himself. A top pick? Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub. Formulated with Apricot Kernels, Caffeine, Menthol, Vitamin E and Citrus Extracts to remove impurities without stripping your skin of its natural and essential oils - this formula reaches into the pores to pull out dirt, oil, blackheads, and dead cells. You know, all the things that sadly collect more easily into men’s skin, as it’s typically more thick than their female counterparts. With all the junk out, you’ll achieve Chris Evans levels of poreless perfection that’s ideal for everything from a daytime charity event to an evening film premiere. Or you know, just Zoom school after you remember that you’re not an A-list celebrity. If it’s good enough for Chris Evans, it’s definitely good enough for you, and our MIRA community agrees that Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub is everything. Hydrate, brighten, and reduce acne - even with your most bushy beard throughout No Shave November - with this Kiehl’s essential!

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