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Peyton Bunch
sensitiveSensitive Skin

How do y'all clear yalls acne ??

Diana Selover
combinationCombination Skin
CUROLOGY! Best thing I ever tried for my skin
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sensitiveSensitive Skin

hey guys, so i’m a 13 y/o girl with pretty sensitive skin and i’m looking for a concealer that i can wear all by its self (for quick application in the morning before school). It should cover my (mild) acne and dark circles under my eyes and it’ll stay on all day at school(even after PE class)! any of you guys have any ideas? i’ve tried everything and i don’t wanna keep spending money on stuff that doesn’t work! especially overpriced things! (id say anything over $40 would be too much for me).

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Madisen Grae
oilyOily Skin

I need some input... I am 25 and my acne is just as bad as it was at 12 y/o. Any recommendations?

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