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Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer by chantecaille

Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer

pore minimizing(24)
staying power(50)
finish: natural coverage: medium coverage
Variation: ALABASTER
nordstromBuy ($74)

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i found this one is light weight, smells divine and makes my face look "flawless" and "airbrushed"

- Mecca User

living in singapore means sun and humidly which means sun protection and lightness is a musti love this as its simple to use lightweight and a little goes a long wayno need for foundation i just apply a light sunscreen and this over the top, it really is like nothing is on your skin

- Mecca User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

no clogged pores feeling

- Mecca User

it doesn't clog your pores (in my opinion), goes on easily via brush or fingers and gives the perfect coverage (not too sheer or too heavy)

- Mecca User



beautiful consistency, a little goes a long way and the packaging makes it perfect for carting around in my bag on a daily basis - this leaves my skin dewy but not greasy and even helped calm my angry, irritated and sensitive skin

- Mecca User

my skin looks flawless and it does not irritate

- Neimanmarcus User

staying power


the product leaves a nice glow and gives decent coverage that stays all day

- Nk User

i wore it to work and the subtle glow lasted all day until i removed it prior to bedtime

- Mecca User



i work in an office with horrible dry air and it helps my skin to stay hydrated and glowing

- Mecca User

this product works beautifully for my dry to combo skin type and is perfect for natural day time looks as it hydrated and provides spf15 protection

- Mecca User



the lady suggested this one for my skin type and although i was hesitant about the price i am so happy i purchased this as it is sooo lightweight, creamy and evens out my skin tone

- Mecca User

my skin looks smooth, glowy and healthy when i wear this

- Mecca User


blends well

this foundation is so easy to apply, it can be quickly slapped on with perfection, easy to blend and best of all makes my skin feel soft and moisturised all day

- Mecca User

it’s such a versatile product and blends seamlessly to offer a dewy and natural finish while providing buildable coverage

- Mecca User



i found this product lifted dull skin and evened out skin tone

- Mecca User

this product is perfect for a quick application to simply brighten and even skin tone resulting in a simple and natural look

- Nordstrom User


redness relief

this tinted moisturiser gives you the 'your skin but better' look, with build-able light coverage (so you can even your skin tone and rid of any redness) as well as a comfortable wear time

- Mecca User

not drying, covers redness and gives a natural radiant finish

- Mecca User



i love how natural it looks

- Mecca User

i love that the colour evens out my skin tone, looks very natural and lasts while i am at the office

- Mecca User


medium coverage

it feels very lightweight and gives a very natural looking medium coverage

- Nk User

this a great everyday foundation, light to medium coverage, very light on skin and easy to apply

- Mecca User
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mecca.com.au userNovember 5, 2013

A fail-proof reliable product

This is the best base product I have ever used and a product I can rely on whether I have good skin days or bad skin days.It has a thick, gel like consistency when you squeeze it out of the tube, but once it hits the skin it just melts into a most natural and undetectable finish. It gives great coverage for a tinted moisturiser, almost as much as a light foundation, and evens out the skin tone quite well.It feels like nothing on my skin, doesn't accentuate any dry patches, flakiness, acne marks and hold up well on my dehydrated, dry-combintation skin. It also doesn't cause any irritation or aggravate any sensitive areas and acnes when my skin is acting up. I can honestly say that I have been able to rely on this to work no matter what condition my skin is in and whatever season/climate I am in.I just went through my first tube which took me about a year or so, and I'm waiting to repurchase once Mecca restocks my shade. It's expensive but I can't find anything that matches this so I am happy to think of it as an investment.It may not work for everyone of course, but it sure works like magic for me.My skin tone is NC 15-20 in MAC for reference and the shade Bliss matches well. Less

- mecca.com.au
SPACE.NK userSeptember 20, 2014

The perfect base

This tinted moisturiser is the best I have ever came across! It provides a light layer of coverage that smooths out any imperfections and evens out skin tone. I absolutely love that this has properties such as anti-pollution filters to help protect and nourish my skin but also has a tint of colour to enhance the skin and make it glow. You can definitely build the coverage up if you prefer a medium level of coverage and it still does not feel heavy on your face. It is perfect for any age group, ideal for somebody young in their teenage years as it still allows their natural youth to shine through, or for anyone older who would appreciate an even skin tone but nothing too heavy and benefit from sealing in the skins moisture and protecting their skin with a layer of SPF 15. I love this tinted moisturiser during the summer time as it is nice and light, but I also love it just as much at winter because it gives an extra glow to your skin that sadly disappears when the dryer weather appears! It creates a dewy appearance but never looks slippery or greasy. It is just like your face is lit from within! I also have to comment on the packaging - very handy for travelling and distributing the right amount of product, as glass bottles can often be impractical. A tube lasted me a whole year, as a small amount goes a long way! For application I would recommend using your fingers as this warms the product up, letting it blend into your skin creating a more natural appearance. I absolutely love this tinted moisturiser - best in the market! « less

Nordstrom userMarch 1, 2013

new go-to

I recently switched to using tinted moisturizer rather than foundation (yes even in the office) to cut down on the over-made-up look. I heard about this in a new york times article about beauty during fashion week and so I tried it - previously I had been using Laura Mercier which is decent, but I don't think I'll go back. The coverage is of course light but I use it with a primer or transluscent powder and it makes me look like I have good skin (which I don't, my pores are huge, i have freckles and not the cute kind, and my skin is extremely dry). There is an illuminating property but it's not sparkly, the color is perfect for me, I have fair skin and used porcelain in LM - I got alabaster and while I was afraid it would make me look like a mime, it turned out to be perfect. For reference I use mont blanc in NARS and the lightest color in smashbox foundation/concealer. Definitely you should use a moisturizer first, this is not a one-stop product. I don't think any of them are. But I found it to be just as moisturizing and easy to apply as LM. What it has over LM is that it settles into your skin more and doesn't look like a sunscreen applied on top the way LM can. Also the shade is more natural and the texture is better, it makes my skin glow and gives the appearance of an even skin tone. I love it. Also, it stays put better. But I would recommend a primer or setting powder- it'll last all day that way. Less

- Nordstrom
SPACE.NK userJuly 5, 2016

Chantecaille Tinted Moisturiser Anti-Smog

I've just ordered my fourth Chantecaille moisturiser. I'm in my late 40s with three young children and really don't have much time for personal vanity. I wish I did! But in the absence of time and an ageing changeable, complexion I had to find a better product than my previous which was leaving me looking greasy by mid afternoon, with tinted moisturiser gathering in the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. Not so pretty! This is such a good product. It goes on beautifully, smoothly and feels fresh and light when applied after my morning wash. It appears to work on any redness in my complexion and it evens out my complexion. Some moisturisers irritate my eyes. This doesn't. There's no feeling of it sitting on the surface of the skin and it stays in place, all day. I absolutely love it's light fragrance. Sometimes I dilute it with my Murad moisturiser just to give a lighter look or if I need more moisturising. I've stopped using any powder because the finish is so good. I rarely post comments about products but I think this is worth the £58 and a 5 star review. Used sparingly it lasts me around 5 months. I like a more natural look and don't like full coverage foundations. If you're similarly minded I highly recommend this product. « less

Nordstrom userJuly 10, 2012

Tinted moisturizer

This isn't good for oily skin. Also, because I have been using 100% organic skin care this tint makes me itch. This is also very thick so may be good for dry skin. I don't care for the luminescent appearance. It looks too phony/shiny.

- Nordstrom


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Stearic Acidacne
PEG 400acnehazard
Butylene Glycolacne

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