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Brilliant Gloss by chantecaille

Brilliant Gloss

chapped lips(45)
staying power(26)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: CHARM
chantecailleBuy ($36)

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not sticky

aside from looking great, they also have a light texture that's not too thick and never sticky, and a pleasant barely-there floral taste and fragrance

- Mecca User

i love how this gloss feels going on; it is not sticky

- Nordstrom User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

it glides on lushly, is super hydrating & glossy, the colour is intense, ones lips feel really moist & comfy, & it lasts an unusually long time too, to boot

- Mecca User

very moisturizing too

- Nordstrom User



this gloss shines and shimmers without feeling sticky and/or heavy

- Mecca User

this pretty gloss feels comfortable, light and lasts reasonably well

- Nk User

staying power


i absolutely love this product it’s long lasting and gives lips a simple glow and polish is just seconds

- Mecca User

this gloss is very long wearing and the colors are beautiful

- Saksfifthavenue User



this colour is perfect for everyday or evening - so pretty, slightly sheer

- Mecca User

this lip gloss is ultra sheer, which is what i prefer

- Mecca User
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Nordstrom userFebruary 18, 2012


I purchased this gloss in Glee after reading raving reviews about Chantecaille gloss and Angie's being a fan. I am very disappointed.Pros: I purchased Glee. The gloss is not sticky and has a nice minty feel to it. It brings out the natural color of lips. It is very hydrating, when I apply at first it feels very nice on my lips and is very moisturizing.Cons: It is NO staying power, within a few minutes especially if I go out the shine is lost and there is very little left on my lips. It is a little sticky, not as much as other brands though. The glosses are very very sheer. When I first tried a few I thought they were pigmented under the bright store lights, but come home and the glosses have barely any pigment. You might as well buy a completely natural or transparent gloss. The gloss also does not have as much of a shimmer as it shows in the bottle. The trio of Crystalline, Patina, and Glaze appeared more pigmented in the store, but I could feel their crystals/shine on my lips.For the price, I expected much more, so overall I am disappointed. I will not buy Chantecaille again. I also compared it with Chanel, Chanel glosses are sticky but are pigmented and have more shimmer. In hindsight I would have purchased a Chanel gloss or the sheer lipstick. « less

- Nordstrom
Nordstrom userJune 9, 2015

Great Gloss

I am not a lip gloss fan, but I love this one. Why do I love it so? Because Chantecaille made their "Brilliant" gloss with a brush applicator instead of that stupid sponge, Q-tip thing that doesn't hold any product. I really hate those applicators, which is the main reason that I'm not a lip gloss fan. The brush applicator holds a lot of gloss so you don't have to keep fishing the wand back into the bottle like you do with the sponge applicators. I lprefer the more saturated colors that the "Brilliant" gloss offers, but they have the sheer colors as well. I do question the claim that it is long-lasting. I didn't find that it stayed on for a significant length of time, so I always carry a back up lipstick for a quick bit of color. They also say it's non-sticky. It's a gloss, they are all sticky to some extent, but this one is better than most in that area. Chantecaille has another gloss line, but it uses the sponge applicator. If you are like me, and despise the sponge, then the "Brilliant" gloss by Chantecaille is the way to go. « less

- Nordstrom
mecca.com.au userJune 26, 2012

Silky shine

Im usually not a gloss girl as I do not like the sticky texture that most glosses have this gloss is an exception its not sticky at all it almost has a smooth balmy texture, leaving you lips feeling hydrated with a gorgeous tint of colour and shine. My absolute favourite shade is tone Charm, as worn by Angelina Joulie in Salt, if my lips can look like hers in any way I am all for it.. 

- mecca.com.au
SPACE.NK userMarch 6, 2016

Love the formula! (review for Modern)

I love the formula of this lip gloss! It's not sticky at all and feels great and moisturizing on the lip. I have it in a lot of different colours but as of yet I've only tried out the shade Modern. The color goes on very opaque and is a bit of a brown/nude shade with a hint of orange in it. After a while it sheers out and becomes absolutely beautiful, making my lips look lush and full. Love it!

Nordstrom userApril 14, 2020

perfect gloss

I have repurchase this over and over. It?s gotta be one of my favorite gloses aside from the Fenty one. I own the shade Charm, which I got once I found that this was the shade Angelina Jolie wore on the movie Salt. Makes your lips look soo juicy and I love that it?s NOT sticky as other glosses that I have purchase, which is huge for me, because there?s nothing more annoying than having a lipgloss with a feeling that you can barely open your mouth :/ I like to wear this with a lip pencil close to my skin tone. Some people don?t like that you have to reapply, but is not an issue for me since the more long wearing it is the more sticky the gloss will be as well. I will forever keep repurchasing this gloss 

- Nordstrom


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
Zea mays oilacne
Retinyl Palmitateacneirritanthazard
Zea mays oilacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Retinyl Palmitateacneirritanthazard

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