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Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer by Chanel

Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer

chapped lips(90)
staying power(60)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: 106 AMARENA

Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

i've dry lips and i've tried a lot of lipsticks, lip balms and lip gloss

- Saksfifthavenue User

it feela great and does not leave your lips feeling sticky or dry

- Macy's User

staying power


this is the creamiest lipcolor i have ever tried and it stays on well

- Nordstrom User

beautiful color, smooth, long lasting, fun to use

- Nordstrom User



love the texture and silky essential oils that keep it moist and vibrant

- Nordstrom User

it has a smooth gel texture that hugs the lips and isn't tacky or sticky when you press your lips together

- Nordstrom User


not sticky

beautiful gloss very hydrating on lips stays good and the best part is it is non sticky

- Nordstrom User

easy to apply, and good size to throw in any purse

- Nordstrom User



i love the natural color (a perfect match for the inside of my lips) and the rich creamy texture

- Nordstrom User

love the combination intense color and creamy texture

- Nordstrom User



very sheer and easy to wear

- Macy's User

the color is stunning, sheer and glossy

- Nordstrom User
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Macy's userMarch 20, 2018

My New #1 Lip Gloss

I am *surprisingly* not often a big fan of Chanel cosmetic products, but without question, this gloss is #1. It is the perfect consistency - thick without being sticky and moisturizing without being greasy or one of those annoying products that mysteriously ends up all over your face and other items. The applicator is absolutely perfect - the size is perfect (larger than most applicators which I personally find much easier to use) and the texture is soft (too often the applicators for these types of products are hard and just unusable - they definitely put thought into both the product and the applicator). This is just the absolute best lip gloss I have found out there - and I have literally tried just about everything else! It also lasts a surprisingly long time and you can accurately gauge when you need more by how much is left in the clear tube. Just a fantastic product all around. « less

- Macy's
Macy's userJune 21, 2017

My favorite lipstick

I love lipsticks and try different brand lipsticks ,this one must be my favorite and definitely will back buy more!My lip is dry and pale.This one is so moisturizing,amazing thing is some mosturizing lipsticks' color will not last long ,but this one can last almost whole day,even after meal,it still have color on my lip.Very sheer and easy to wear.

- Macy's
Nordstrom userAugust 21, 2017

Sheer black

The lip gloss I purchased was in caviar. A sheer black top coat. Which is good to put over your black lipstick to give it a glossy look. I've even used it to change the color of other lipsticks I have. Nordstrom is my favorite go to store. They have everything it seems. I have other glosses by this brand and they're long lasting as well as moisturizing. Worth the cost.

- Nordstrom
Nordstrom userJuly 2, 2017

good change

The new Chanel gloss is amazing. While I liked the old formula ok, I feel the new is more moisturizing & makes my lips feel awesome. This is NOT a lipstick or stain so if you desire deep pigment, go that route. I dislike when people bash a product because they want it to be something it's not. This is an awesome GLOSS that provides sheer coverage with some color. I wear it by itself, with a lip crayon, or over lipstick. New applicator is soft & allows you to make smooth/less passes over the lips than old applicator. Thanks Chanel for this great product!!!

- Nordstrom
Nordstrom userApril 8, 2017


Longtime lover of the old Glossimers-but these new replacements are terrible. I went over to Nordy's the day they were launched totally convinced I would be picking up at least a few. I was really excited to try them. I swatched and tried on nearly half (in the shades I was interested in). They are thin, super sheer, lacking pigment and not sticky. The not sticky could be a plus except for that they slide and run all over the lips like an ointment. They have no tack to them to keep them in place or from being a thin runny mess. These are great for a 12 year old who is not yet ready for color. I can't believe the folks over at Chanel got rid of the old Glossimers for these. Bummer. Bring back the Glossimers and get these on the discontinued list.

- Nordstrom

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Jesse Coble
CombinationCombination Skin
Has anyone used any Chanel products? And if so what were your thoughts?
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Marilyn S
CombinationCombination Skin
Yesss!!! Its so good and not so sticky like other glosses or gluey at all. Smells yummy not so overpowering though. One of my all time favorites. Also the price on there^ says $92 for some reason which is more than double the actual price which is $30! I would definitely try it on in store!!!!
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Gloss that makes you feel like a million bucks by one of the most iconic female founded brands, my role model since 5th grade