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Gentle Cleansing Milk

Gentle Cleansing Milk

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Skin Type

i have combination skin and this product has 'balanced' everything

- Sephora User

i have fairly sensitive, combination skin, which i treat as if it is dry (i get better results for some reason)

- Sephora User


redness relief

it's gentle, hydrating but now greasy, non irritating, doesn't make your eyes itchy or red

- Sephora User

doesn't sting or make my skin red

- Sephora User



excellent for dry winter skin

- Sephora User

i use once a day and my skin feels cleansed, but nice and smooth, not dried after foaming type cleansers

- Sephora User



a very good and gentle cleanser

- Beautyexpert User

the most gentle, and effective cleanser, ever

- Sephora User



this makes my skin look smooth, healthy, blemish-free, and balanced

- Sephora User

this product makes my skin feel soft and smooth

- Sephora User


good for acne

this regimen has helped decongest my pores, and prevent breakouts for my combination skin without being harsh

- Sephora User

this is by far one of my favorite cleansers and if you have sensitive skin, acne prone skin or even dry skin try this with a daily moisturiser and toner, it's perfect

- Sephora User


good quality

this product line is such great quality

- Sephora User

all caudalie products are of the highest quality and do what they promise

- Skin1 User



previously, my skin had been under-moisturized--over-productive oil glands, flaky, bumpy-- since using this cleanser, my skin has become so incredibly smooth and radiant

- Sephora User

i have been using this for a week and my cheek redness has cleared up, my pores look smaller, my skin looks brighter and "plump", and the small little dry skin bumps on my forehead are clearing up

- Sephora User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

leaves skin soft and ready for evening skin cream

- Sephora User

this cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean and looking well toned

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i have sensitive skin and find the caudalie line does not irritate my skin but provides enough cleanser to effective remove make up, clean pores without clogging

- Nordstrom User

it actually leaves a strip of moisture on your face that doesn't clog your pores

- Sephora User


non anti-aging

i have used anti-aging products which have left my skin with moisture, but this was a totally different

- Sephora User

i have dry sensitive/aging skin concerns so i thought this would be a good cleanser for me; however, it did not make my skin feel clean at all - instead, i felt like i couldn't get it clean from the cleanser itself

- Sephora User



however, when i bought my 4th or 5th bottle the other day, the consistency was liquidy and not creamy like it usually is

- Sephora User

the creamy texture made it difficult to work around the eyes

- Sephora User
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Sephora userSeptember 10, 2015

Best "gentle" cleanser I've used

I was recommended this product by a skincare specialist at Sephora because I wanted something gentle, hydrating, and natural. Previously, my skin had been under-moisturized--over-productive oil glands, flaky, bumpy-- since using this cleanser, my skin has become SO incredibly smooth and radiant. I didn't think that was possible. The most high end cleanser I've ever used is Clinique, this is way more gentle and hydrating. Since using this product I still get typical hormonal breakouts in the usual spots, but they are less severe because I think this product is so soothing. The product itself has never caused me to break out. The cleanser itself pumps out looking almost like a liquid-y white lotion. It does not lather. It says to use with a cotton ball, but I prefer to wet my face, slather the cleanser all over, and then take it off with a warm, wet washcloth. If you just try to rinse with water, it will leave a residue. This product is more expensive than what I would typically spend on a facial product, but it ended up being very worth it. It has made my skin so soft, makeup even looks better on me. Overall, I recommend this to people with dry, sensitive, under-moisturized, or irritated skin caused by acne. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="7548093270974952189-full" data-show="7548093270974952189-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

Sephora userFebruary 1, 2016

Lovely for Dry Skin

My skin type: dry, acne prone I got this in a 500-point kit from Sephora. This was honestly my favorite product in the kit and I did decide to go and buy the full-size version. My skin is usually dry and with the harsh winter, it is very dry. On top of that, I travel a lot for work and the dry air in hotels is so rough on my skin. This cleansing milk is a serious boon for me. For me, it removed my makeup without any problems, and it left my skin feeling clean, but still hydrated. Many other soaps and cleansers tend to be over-drying and after using them, my skin feels too taut, uncomfortable, and honestly sometimes feels like it might crack like a chapped lip. That's definitely not how I want my skin to feel. Enter: Caudalie cleansing milk, which is far gentler on my skin. I've always been satisfied with its level of cleansing and I certainly appreciate that it leaves some moisture in my skin. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="1413465237217346807-full" data-show="1413465237217346807-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

Sephora userJune 21, 2012

Epitome of Gentle

I have dry, sensitive skin. When I say sensitive I mean incredibly sensitive because I have dermographism. If you simply touch my skin, it will turn bright red and it will burn. Once I found that my acne was caused by my skin producing oil to make up for the dryness, I dedicated my life to gentle cleansers. Before this cleanser I used Johnson and Johnson "purpose" cleanser. It was gentle, yet, my skin still was somewhat dry. So, being a fan of the Caudalie line, I decided to give this cleanser a whirl. Upon first usage, my skin was thanking me! My skin felt so nourished and hydrated, almost as if I don't need moisturizer afterwards. I have been using this for a week and my cheek redness has cleared up, my pores look smaller, my skin looks brighter and "plump", and the small little dry skin bumps on my forehead are clearing up. If I have makeup on, I use the Caudalie Cleansing Water first to take it off. While the Gentle Cleanser does take off makeup, I prefer to "power" of the cleansing water. After makeup has been removed, I use one pump of Gentle Cleanser and massage into my face. I do pair this with my Clarisonic Mia 3 times a week and it helps give a gentle, but thorough exfoliation. The scent is very light and fresh. It doesn't irritate my eyes either. I can actually open my eyes while some of the cleanser is on/around them. When removing this, you may feel that all of it hasn't come off your face. That's because this nourishes and hydrates your skin, not strip it. I sincerely hope they never get rid of this cleanser. I would be pimply, dry, red, and helpless without it. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

Sephora userNovember 17, 2010

obsessed after days

I made a huuuge mistake... replaced my normal milk cleanser with a cheap drugstore brand. MY FACE PAID FOR IT IN FULLL. I have veryyy sensitive skin that will break out in flaky, patchy, rashy looking spots and gets gross bumps when not washed with the appropriate cleanser. So, my face fought me for he cheap cleanser, and i needed an emergency fix. I planned on going in to buy Korres 3 in 1 milk cleanser, bu they were out of it and this was recommended to me instead. I had heard good things about it, so i gave it a shot. THANK YOU CAUDALIE!!! ummm i saw some progress after just one use of it; some redness and flakiness on my face was soothed, and i have been using it for only a week and the bumpy breakout it almost unnoticeable. Im very impressed and believe that it was worth the money. every cent. I would NOT RECOMMEND this product to you if you have oily skin; this tends to make you feel like you havent washed everything off your face because the mouisture it leaves on your skin. But its great for sensitive or dry skin. I have washed it off and wiped it off with a washcloth; both work well and it removes my makeup easily. In LooOvE <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

Sephora userJanuary 7, 2014

It's not the same

I used to use this facial cleanser and swear by it. It was the only thing I could use for my sensitive, and dry skin. They have "reformulated" it and it's just not the same. It does not clean your face it leaves everything there. Now I have to experiment and find something that won't irritate my skin.


Overall safe Ingredients

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Potassium Sorbatehazard
Isopropyl Isostearateacne
Sodium Hydroxidehazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Potassium Sorbatehazard
Isopropyl Isostearateacne

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