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uglie vegan
Combination Skin

does anyone know a good vegan alternative mascara for loreal voluminous curved brush/carbon black?

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Maddie Farnell
Combination Skin

this one has a curved wand

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Combination Skin

Does anyone have a theory on when Jeffree Star is restocking the conspiracy theory palette? #jeffreestar #makeup #eyeshadow

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Jon Bligh
Dry Skin

So he just did a mini restock the day blood lust launched. He said he is going to delay the restock because of COVID-19. My guess is the restock will happen mid May.

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Katie Wheat
Oily Skin

conspiracy ok i have a conspiracy theory: so like drug store makeup (like wet n wild) will post pictures on instagram of these girls with literal art works on their eyes and u click on the photo and see that the artist only used that said stores’ foundation. like they make it look like “oh well if this model can use wet n wild products like that then [wet n wild] must me good” but it turns out all along, the artist only used [wet n wild] foundation. IM NOT TRYING TO DRAG WET N WILD OR ANY OTHER BRANDS!!! I LOVE WET N WILD AND ONLY GET DRUG STORE BRAND PRODUCTS ❤️❤️

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