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Does anyone know a good foundation that STAYS ALL DAY, stays smooth and doesn’t look gross by the end of the day? I just bought the hello happy from benefit but the reviews are bad so I’m a little concerned.

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Sydney Simmons
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Clinique Acne Solutions. Don’t need any setting powder or spray, I’ve gone 18 with this on with it them and my skin is very oily in the summer, the oil mixed in with the foundation just made me skin look amazing. It was matte for a majority of the day.

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Arshana Acharya
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What are some amazing products that are worth the splurge? And what are some really good drugstore products you swear by. I want to buy some new make up products that are outside my favorites!

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Shyler Spessard
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Anything Rodan and Fields I swear by! Everything they have is “worth the splurge” because it all works to help your skin find its natural balance and stay healthy!!! I would take their personalized skincare quiz to see what products they recommend for your specific skin and skin goals!

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What do you guys love from Sephora or any makeup store? Just want to buy/try new products! What about favorite skin care products?❣️

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Carina Troshin
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This is a great serum