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Jade Watt
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I really need a good eyebrow product, mine are super light and almost look like a shaved them off, so can anybody help a girl out with her brows?🤞🏻

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Rachael K.
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i have dark auburn hair and blonde eyebrows, so i feel ur pain, girl!! i use abh's dipbrow pomade, and i LOVE it!!

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Autumn Connell
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So.. I have really light eyebrows. Dirty blonde to be exact. Now my hair is dyed a dark chocolate brown right now and I am looking for ways to DARKEN THESE STUBBORN THINGS. I’ve used powder and brow wiz, which looks awesome from far away, but up close you can see my blonde hairs in the light. Help! #brows #browmergency

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jenna brown
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I have legit white eyebrows and nothing worked for me until i started dyeing them. Its really fast and simple and works wonders. But if you don’t want to dye them, Glossier has a great brow gel that adds color and it works great and stays all day.

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Gabi Paulino
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I need some recommendations for a brown lipstick. Like a nice fall color and also a good quality lipstick. Not quite nude but something darker. #lipstick #fallmakeup #brown

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Khaypha Kue
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Not entirely sure of the shade range but these lipsticks are amaze-balls! They actually last and I haven’t had transfer problems with them yet. They have a creamy consistency and don’t dry out your lips like liquid lip products.