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blendabilityblends well
"my bronx colors shadow is perfect for this and it blends like butta"
- Ulta User
"the shadows are very smooth and blend well"
- Ulta User
pore minimizingpore minimizing
"it really helps hid pores"
- Ulta User
"i've always been super conscious about being able to see my pores, but this is doing such a great job of making them disappear"
- Ulta User

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combinationCombination Skin

What’s are some good beginners palettes? I mostly looking for neutral colors not nudes. Something like burgundy or emerald. 💕✨

Sheena Sarai
combinationCombination Skin
Honestly this is all you’ll need. You can do smoky, natural, warm toned, cool toned, literally whatever look you want with this.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

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Marie Hur
combinationCombination Skin

anyone know a good color corrector? i bought Pacifica’s color correcting palette but when I blended it, the product would disappear and leave my skin flaky. i might buy the LA girl ones, but I need too many colors and I’m afraid the price will be too high.

7 replies
Autumn Berry
dryDry Skin

What’s the best eyeshadow palette you own? I’m looking for something versatile. I need nudes and shimmers, glitters would be a bonus but I also want some fun colors too like burgundy and olives. Any ideas?

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