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The Best Brightening Smooth Exfoliator Lotion

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Skin Types
Clarifying Lotion 1 by Clinique

Clarifying Lotion 1

4.4 (848)
good for acnepore minimizingbrighteningevens out skin
Clarifying Lotion 2 by Clinique

Clarifying Lotion 2

4.6 (658)
redness reliefpore minimizingevens out skinbrightening
Clarifying Lotion 4 by Clinique

Clarifying Lotion 4

4.6 (1014)
good for acnepore minimizingbrighteningevens out skin
Clarifying Lotion 1.0 Twice A Day Exfoliator by Clinique

Clarifying Lotion 1.0 Twice A Day Exfoliator

4.3 (696)
good for acnepore minimizingbrighteningevens out skin
Aloe Hand And Body Lotion by queen helene
queen helene

Aloe Hand And Body Lotion

4.6 (238)
gentlesmoothpore minimizingbrightening
Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment With 5% AHA by Paula's Choice
Paula's Choice

Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment With 5% AHA

4.1 (247)
good for acnebrighteninganti-agingevens out skin
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Profile picture of carlie morgan
carlie morgan
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

my skin has been acting up and in the second picture i have a lot of red spots but they aren’t acne and i have no clue where they are from. on both sides of my face i have acne spots and some scars and i need some advice on what to use to help clear my skin up. my skin type is oily and sometimes it can be combination. i currently use Biore charcoal wash, Soap and Glory vitamin C facial wash, and clean and clear morning burst facial wash. i use the Biore and Clean and Clear one after the other and just slightly wash my face with the Clean and Clear because i like how it makes my face feel refreshed and the day after i use the Soap and Glory facial wash. I switch off nights from toning my face with Thayers witch hazel and alba pineapple enzyme facial wipes. Occasionally if i have a pimple i want to go away i will use a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment or mario badescu drying lotion. i hope this gives y’all an insight on what my skin care routine looks like and what i can do to help my skin be smooth and have even toning

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Profile picture of Sara A
Sara A
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I use this serum after toner and before oil free moisturizer - it helps fade dark marks and control oil production. A few other suggestions about the reaction which sounds like an allergy or irritation: 1. I would wash your whole pillow in case some sort of allergen got into it 2. Get some wipes for your phone and clean it at least once a day 3. Your skin could be reacting to something in one of the products that you are using so I would try a gentle cleanser or even just water and a wash cloth for a couple days until the reaction clears up, then reintroduce products one at a time 4. Even though you have oily skin, I would try an oil free moisturizer with spf - this will actually help your skin produce less oil and prevent dark marks from blemishes

Profile picture of Kaytlin Ahn
Kaytlin Ahn
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

@Sara Elizabeth Antoine I agree with everything said here. In addition, I would recommend adding Mario badescu Glycolic cleanser 2-3 times a week. Especially if you determine the break out isn’t related to allergies, stress, menstrual cycle, or any other changes. I have had good luck with this recommendation and I started using The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zync 1% serum at the same time. In my experience it hasn’t necessarily “cleared” my acne, however it has helped a lot with redness and texture. Which can sometimes be half the battle!

Profile picture of Brittany N Carlos Fernandez
Brittany N Carlos Fernandez
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I’ve been having a very hard time with the oiliness on my forehead and nose area especially at work. Also, my pores have become so visible lately. My foundation ends up caking on my face too. I need help/suggestions. Here’s my skin and routine: I have combination skin. Dry patches below cheeks and jawline and very oily forehead and nose area. I also have large pores on nose and cheeks. I wash my face with Neutrogena Hydro Boost (light exfoliator with hylauronic acid) twice a day. After, I use Thayer’s witch hazel toner. I usually finish with Kiehls Ultra facial cream. I also have been exfoliating two times a week with L’Oréal PureSugar scrub in nourish and smooth. To add, I also do a clay mask about once every 2 weeks. I have added rosehip oil and hylauronic acid from the Ordinary to help with moisturizing because I heard that I get so oily because I’m actually dry. For foundation, lately I have been using Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation. I don’t even put it on my forehead because it creases in my fine lines. The only thing I put on my forehead is setting powder. How can I help my oiliness, large pores and foundation cakiness? .. I thought I covered the bases with moisturizing, exfoliating, etc. I’m out of ideas. Thanks.

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Profile picture of Jeri Loving
Jeri Loving
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid might be something that you would want to try for pores. I’ve used it and love it. Seems to help them look smaller.

Profile picture of Aubree Nevarez
Aubree Nevarez
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

The skin around my nose is constantly flaking and peeling. Sometimes is gets red and irritated and bumpy. When I do peel the skin off because it literally looks disgusting, like clear stuff releases from my pores??? Im assuming it’s water? I put lotion on when I get out of the shower. I wash my face in the shower. I do whatever I can do this stops and it just doesn’t. I have never been an oily person. PLEASE HELP my makeup does not look smooth because of this (I rarely wear any makeup ever so too much makeup is not the issue) it has made me soooo self conscious.

Profile picture of Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

100 percent look into a liquid exfoliate. Paulas choice has the best on the market!