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Best Brightening Concealers For Oily Skin

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Flash Luminizer Radiance Booster Pen by Dior

Flash Luminizer Radiance Booster Pen

4.4 (934)$40.00
good for under eyelightweightnot creasingpore minimizing
Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer Brush by By Terry
By Terry

Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer Brush

4.5 (310)$60.00
good for under eyebrighteningnot creasinghydrating
Smoothing & Brightening Concealer by Sephora Collection
Sephora Collection

Smoothing & Brightening Concealer

3.9 (745)$14.00
good for under eyebrighteninglightweightbuildable
HD Lifting Concealer by e.l.f.

HD Lifting Concealer

3.7 (786)$4.00
blends wellbrighteningbuildablesmooth
Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer by Lancôme

Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer

4.5 (1610)$31.00
not creasingwater resistanthydratingdoesn't oxidize
Skin Nude Concealer by Dior

Skin Nude Concealer

4.5 (304)
not creasingbuildablesmoothpore minimizing
Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer by BH Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics

Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer

4.5 (661)$6.00
not creasinglonglastingcolor correctingdoesn't oxidize
Skin Perfecting Comfort Concealer by Almay

Skin Perfecting Comfort Concealer

4.5 (755)$8.99
blends wellgood for under eyelightweightsmooth
Diorskin Forever Undercover Concealer by Dior

Diorskin Forever Undercover Concealer

4.1 (136)$34.00
longlastingbrighteningbuildablewater resistant
Magic Star Concealer by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Magic Star Concealer

4.6 (400)$22.00
blends wellnot creasinghigh coveragepore minimizing
Superstay Full Coverage Long Lasting Under Eye Concealer by Maybelline

Superstay Full Coverage Long Lasting Under Eye Concealer

4.4 (306)$12.00
good for under eyenot creasinglightweightwater resistant
Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector by IT Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics

Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector

4.0 (999)$29.00
good for under eyelonglastingcolor correctingpore minimizing
Amazing Concealer Hydrate by Amazing Cosmetics
Amazing Cosmetics

Amazing Concealer Hydrate

4.3 (184)$32.00
hydratinggood for under eyesmoothdoesn't oxidize
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Community Posts

Profile picture of Tara Mastromihalis
Tara Mastromihalis
OilyOily Skin
Currently searching for products to use on my birthday and I need advice on primers, longwearing foundations, concealers and powders with no flashback. So far I’m interested in trying Charlotte Tilbury’s most recent foundation and the pressed powder. Any luxury recommendations that are worth the splurge and hold up on combo/oily skin? I struggle with a lot of shine mainly between my brows and around my nose :)
Profile picture of Heather Beaird
Heather Beaird
CombinationCombination Skin
I just purchased Charlotte Tilbury the airbrush line! I’m in love! I have the same issues as you with oil etc! You will not be disappointed
Profile picture of Bethany Simpson
Bethany Simpson
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Good serums for dry skin and redness? I have tried the ordinary but it doesn’t seem to hydrate my skin enough
Profile picture of Tammy Dawn Lockhart Wierwille
Tammy Dawn Lockhart Wierwille
MatureMature Skin
There’s an essence you mix with your moisturizer I love it - the ingredient urea in it!! I can’t live without this stuff It’s affordable too
Profile picture of Britney Chambliss
Britney Chambliss
OilyOily Skin
Best SPF for oily, acne prone skin??
Profile picture of Hannah McMinn
Hannah McMinn
OilyOily Skin
My all time favorite, I also use the Cetaphil Pro Dermacontrol Oil Removing Foam Wash to help cut down oil as well! Hope this helps!
Profile picture of Savanah Terrell
Savanah Terrell
OilyOily Skin
What is a good moisturizer for oily skin? I typically don’t use moisturizer because my face is already oily but in the winter it does start to dry out a little bit and I use topical acne medication that sometimes dries it out as well.
Profile picture of Natalia Andela
Natalia Andela
OilyOily Skin
Hi! I used to skip moisturizer as well because my skin is so oily. However, I came to learn that skipping moisturizer simply makes you produce more oil because you’re not hydrating your skin. I really like 3 moisturizers, all within different price ranges. The Simple light moisturizer is a really nice one for the day before makeup application. It’s about $4 for a little pouch, and the pouch lasts about 2 months if you use a pea size amount. The Glow Recipe Watermelon Juice moisturizer is very light weight as well and works nicely during the day— $39. At night (and sometimes during the day if I’m not wearing make up) I use the Drunk Elephant Protink Polypeptide moisturizer. It’s super rich and hydrating and has really made a difference in how oily I wake up in the morning. It’s in the pricier side, $68. Marula oil works wonders for those dry patches you are experiencing from the topical medication. I use it at night on any dry patches I have and the next morning it’s practically gone. Hope this helps!
Profile picture of Bus Only
Bus Only
DryDry Skin
I don’t understand how women do their makeup and come out so flawless.. what’s the best full coverage foundation and baking powder for dry skin?? That wont make me look cakey😩🥺 also do we really need face primers?
Profile picture of Bridgette Waters
Bridgette Waters
OilyOily Skin
Just in case you needed a pic
Profile picture of Sara Ford
Sara Ford
DryDry Skin
I know this app is primarily makeup focused, but does anyone have any skin care recommendations for me? I have very dry skin with mild breakouts and redness. I’m just looking for more hydrated,healthy skin.
Profile picture of Ariya Patel
Ariya Patel
CombinationCombination Skin
The best thing for dry skin! I used to have flaky skin and this has definitely made it softer and more comfortable and even looks healthier!!
Profile picture of Dess
CombinationCombination Skin
Best Sunscreen for Combination Oily skin?
Profile picture of Ashley Walter
Ashley Walter
CombinationCombination Skin
This stuff is gonna absorb all your excess oils and protect your face. It’s not super heavy like most sunscreens too. You can swipe one of these for cheap at a Walmart (depending on where you live of course)
Profile picture of brianna hines
brianna hines
OilyOily Skin
Does anyone know a moisturizing primer before makeup for dry skin this time of year when it gets cold and dry? I normally have oily skin but when winter comes my skin tends to get a little dry. #primer #moisturizer #skincare #skin #dry #oily
Profile picture of Jamie Horwitz
Jamie Horwitz
DryDry Skin
They have a great moisturizing primer!
Profile picture of Amaya
DryDry Skin
Fav concealers for dry skin?
Profile picture of Olivia Kimberling
Olivia Kimberling
DryDry Skin
ESTÉE LAUDER!!! They have one that’s a hydrating undereye primer on one side and concealer on the other and the primer is fantastic
Profile picture of Paige Lindsay
Paige Lindsay
DryDry Skin
Anyone know of a concealer that’s not drying but will cover dark circles? Dark circles are in my genes so mine are pretty dark, and I haven’t found one yet that I am completely happy with. Then there’s also the fact that my skin under my eyes is super dry and can get bumps/bubbles when I apply certain concealers. Thanks! #concealer #dryskin #darkcircles
Profile picture of LuLu Jackson
LuLu Jackson
CombinationCombination Skin
I have sensitive combo skin and I love the BareMinerals concealers! They are hydrating and have nice coverage. (Also sorry my picture low key sucks)
Profile picture of Alia Espinoza
Alia Espinoza
CombinationCombination Skin
@LuLu Jackson which one do you prefer?
Profile picture of Marianthi Verteouris
Marianthi Verteouris
CombinationCombination Skin
Hey guys! So I have combination skin more on the oily side and I’ve been trying to find a foundation that actually makes your skin flawless without that “bumpy” look. Any hacks as to how to avoid that? And any foundation recommendations?
Profile picture of Bianca Alyssa Bonetti
Bianca Alyssa Bonetti
CombinationCombination Skin
When i want extra coverage, i love IT cosmetics CC+ or Your Skin But Better. I only wear full foundation on special occasions so i can let my skin breathe because it’s very sensitive to breakouts. This has never given me problems.
Profile picture of Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
DryDry Skin
Does anyone have any good recommendations for concealers ?
Profile picture of Amira Stephens
Amira Stephens
OilyOily Skin
This one it lasts forever if you take the sponge off
Profile picture of Amira Stephens
Amira Stephens
OilyOily Skin
@Ashley Williams yw! If you're trying to conceal marks use your foundation shade, if you're trying to brighten use a shade lighter than that!
Profile picture of Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
DryDry Skin
@Amira Stephens thank you !! How do I know which shade to chose from ?
Profile picture of Nicole Stagg
Nicole Stagg
SensitiveSensitive Skin
All concealers, sunscreens, lotions, etc feel so heavy on my skin and usually cause me to breakout. I have sensitive skin that’s also combination. I live in a humid southern state but I’ll moving up north with a real winter so lotion is going to be super important for me. Any suggestions? #lotion #sensitive #dry #oily #acne #concealer #sunscreen
Profile picture of Kaylin Strouhal
Kaylin Strouhal
SensitiveSensitive Skin
love this moisturizer!! it’s super good for moisturizing and it’s also non comedogenic which helps prevent breakouts (i was recommended this by my dermatologist since my skin is sensitive)
Profile picture of Larissa
OilyOily Skin
Hii so I am having really bad acne lately and I have really oily skin does anyone know any product that really helps
Profile picture of Smile More
Smile More
OilyOily Skin
Helps w pores and oiliness, zinc balance sebum activity
Profile picture of Kailey Breen
Kailey Breen
OilyOily Skin
For Oily Girls: what is your bake/powder routine? Do you just bake the t zone? Do you bake and powder? I am really oily in my t zone and I bake and powder but I feel as tho it makes me look cakey. PLEASE tell me what combo you use!!
Profile picture of Amira Stephens
Amira Stephens
OilyOily Skin
I use this powder which is amazing. Also before doing anything else (primer, etc) right after toning I use milk of magnesia (weird but works). Keeps me matte for hours but doesn't look cakey!
Profile picture of Amira Stephens
Amira Stephens
OilyOily Skin
Forgot to mention I don't need to bake I just powder my t-zone (with more emphasis on forehead + nose areas)
Profile picture of Victoria Kniffen
Victoria Kniffen
CombinationCombination Skin
Looking for recommendations/advice for long lasting makeup. I work 12+ hour shifts as a nurse and by the end of the night, I’m looking oily and not cute. SOS
Profile picture of Morgan
CombinationCombination Skin
Lancôme, this is THE BEST long wear foundation I’ve ever had.
Profile picture of Samantha Valencia
Samantha Valencia
OilyOily Skin
What are some good drugstore foundations, concealers, or lose powder for oily skin?
Profile picture of Kaysica Delilah Castillo
Kaysica Delilah Castillo
CombinationCombination Skin
i love this foundation when i want a MATTE full coverage look!
Profile picture of Samantha Valencia
Samantha Valencia
OilyOily Skin
@Kaysica Delilah Castillo I used this foundation before but not in the liquid style, I got the stick style and it was so creamy and went on soooo good! I’ll look into the liquid and see if I like it more than the stick 🙏 thank you.
Profile picture of ruthie
DryDry Skin
any recommendations for good all over the face concealers?? i use the elf lifting hd one in fair but it’s runs kinda dark so its too dark for me. i use concealer in the place of foundation bc i hate the way foundation looks on me. so any rec? (vegan please!!)
Profile picture of Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee
CombinationCombination Skin
Any concealer with the IT cosmetics 103 concealer brush is a go to for me. The brush is an investment but so so so worth it. Makes any concealer go on flawlessly and gives it fuller coverage
Profile picture of Amaryllis Fernandez
Amaryllis Fernandez
CombinationCombination Skin
I have this weird problem, my skin is dry and oily. Whenever I put concealer or foundation on and set it it makes me looks flaky and dry, if i don’t set it I’ll get super oily. Any tips?
Profile picture of Kaitlen Fitzpatrick
Kaitlen Fitzpatrick
CombinationCombination Skin
Do your face routine different. Use moisturizer first then lightly put on translucent powder (not a lot), spray setting spray and let it dry then put on primer then foundation. It helps keep your skin from getting oily and it makes your skin look amazing I also sell some amazing products. I have a serum that you put on your face that’ll help as well
Profile picture of Madison Andrews
Madison Andrews
OilyOily Skin
Best oily skin concealer? I have trouble with creasing under my eyes. Help a sister out.
Profile picture of Sarah Nutu
Sarah Nutu
CombinationCombination Skin
I like the Instant Age Rewind by Maybelline! Also, what I do is I take my beauty blender and dip it in powder and then press it onto where I just applied concealer. It helps so much with keeping the concealer from creasing. It even works when I do it on my eyelids, which can get very oily throughout the day. Hope this helps! ;)
Profile picture of Madison Andrews
Madison Andrews
OilyOily Skin
@Sarah Nutu thank youuu!