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Eye Primer 24H Eyeshadow Base by Bourjois

Eye Primer 24H Eyeshadow Base


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4.793% of 147reviewers recommend this product

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March 20, 2018


I have tried every eye primer possible. I have super oily eyelids. After an hour of putting eye-shadow on it just slides straight off. So thought i would give this a try. It's amazing, my eye-shadow stays on ALL DAY! No smudging etc. Well Worth £6.99. user
February 15, 2017

Really, really works. Like really.

I ordered this primer thinking it was just a simple eye primer. I'd never had an eye primer before so I was super enthusiastic to try it. Too enthusiastic, you might say. I got myself settled at my dressing table and started applying this to my eye lid with gusto, right up to my brow bone. It seemed to make sense at the time. I let it dry, then went to do my brows. I noticed straight away that something was different. I am not exactly good at applying make up, I kind of chuck it on and then clean up later. But with this primer, everything I chucked on, stayed chucked. Welded, even. It was then that I picked up the little tube and saw that it was a 24 hour super stay primer. I looked back up at the mirror, at my wonky, mismatched Brows and the ill-advised grey eyeshadow I'd applied, that didn't suit me in any way whatsoever but I'd wanted to try it, and I picked up a tissue and tried to take it off. Nothing happened. I began to panic. Somehow, using my sharpest fingernail, I managed to scrape off the mega grandad brow that I'd applied to my head and fashioned two more or less equal eyebrows that wouldn't scare small children. The grey eyeshadow wasn't shifting, so I covered it with some purple eyeshadow that did suit me and blended it on top, and the finished look was so good I got compliments when I went out later! All was good until bedtime, when I tried to remove my eye makeup. Hilarious. No way was that stuff coming off. Amazing product. Like make up glue. Ideal for people who have a little more sophisticated approach to make up than I do! « less user
November 8, 2018

High-end results at an accessible price

For as long as I can remember I’ve had issues with eyeshadow settling into the eye crease and I’ve tried a lot of primers that haven’t really helped, but this one is an exception. You don’t need to apply much at all – a little goes a long way and lasts a long time. I use this with the Eye Catching Nude Palette every day and I’ve found that my eye make-up barely budges – it even stays put during spin class, which is quite a feat. As with a lot of Bourjois products, the quality belies the price. user
January 2, 2019

Does a great job

Really nice primer. Light in colour so doesn't affect the colour of my eye shadow, nice consistency, dries quickly, stops shadow from creasing and keeps eye makeup in place all day long, no touch ups or smoothing out required. I would definitely recommend this primer. The first few times I think I put too much on and didn't mind where the applicator was and I got some on my lashes, not good, as my lashes stuck together and I couldn't curl them properly or put my mascara on. Now I wipe alot back in the tube and ensure the application is angled away from my lashes and it works great. user
August 14, 2018

NUL !!

Lorsque j’applique la base cela fait un petit paquet, et lorsque j’applique mon fard à paupière par dessus ce n’est pas du tout la même couleur que sur ma palette, c’est beaucoup + foncé. Donc lorsque j’estompe sur le côté il y’a une différence de couleur. Et c’est vraiment pas joli. Je ne recommande pas du tout !!!!! 

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