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Cactus Water Moisturizer by boscia

Cactus Water Moisturizer


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the boscia’s cactus water moisturizer is “an ultra-lightweight moisturizer that gives thirsty skin a sip of hydration (courtesy of the queen of night cactus), leaving skin soft, smooth, and supple” and in my opinion, it lives by the words

- Sephora User

let’s talk about how lightweight it feels and the amazing texture

- Sephora User


good for acne

my skin looks sooo good when i wake up, i feel like the blemishes are to a minimal, my skin feels refreshed as well

- Sephora User

i go out bare faced most times so i tone my skin, use this moisturizer and sometimes double on my acne moisturizer and sun screen and i’m good for the whole day

- Sephora User



this is a really great product it kept my dry skin moisturize overnight it’s a really great product highly recommend

- Sephora User

this is seriously the most hydrating moisturizer

- Sephora User


redness relief

it feels cooling and helps with inflammation at night without feeling too heavy

- Sephora User

it works well to soften my skin and it has a nice cooling effect to lessen redness

- Sephora User



once i put it on i feel like it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and it looks bright and smooth and luminous

- Sephora User

my skin was more plump, tight and radiant

- Sephora User



lightweight, quick difference in hydrating dry areas of my face, laugh lines were lessened, gorgeous packaging, a little goes a long way, did not irritate my face, basically i really enjoy this product

- Sephora User

i suffer from drier skin and this super smooth and cooling moisturizer really helps to hydrate my skin without irritating it

- Sephora User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

that has shrunk my pores it has even out my skin tone, i love it

- Sephora User

i use it about once a week and i've noticed my skin is a lot smoother and even toned

- Ulta User


non anti-aging

i do wish it had more properties for other needs rather than just moisturizing like anti aging properties

- Sephora User

i like using it in the morning since i use a heavier/anti-aging (i'm 26 but never too early to turn back the clock haha

- Sephora User
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mira userDecember 26, 2019

This moisturizer has worked wonders on my skin! I had very bad acne prone skin& ever since I started including this into my skin care routine, my skins has cleared up and has become a lot softer! It also got rid of my texture and flaky skin.

- mira
sephora userJune 06, 2018

Love it!

I started to use this hydrating cream for few days now and I am starting to love it. My skin type is a little oily with tendency to acne and sometimes gets red and dry! It's like combination skin type. So I was kind of scared for testing it, because I thought my skin would break out, but it didn't. It actually makes my skin look clean, hydrated and healthy. What I like the most is that it does not have strong smell or not smell at all. It is pretty light as it says and easy to apply!. I use it mornings and nights and before make up. I recommended mostly if your skin is dry! you would love it.

- sephora
sephora userJune 16, 2018

It’s great!

I got this moisturizer complimentary from a contest and I have used it daily for about 2 weeks now. It does live up to its claims that it’s very moisturizing and it’s also light weight so it can be used under makeup. I have oily skin and some moisturizers make my skin produce even more oils but this one moisturizes while keeping the oils under control. Also, I have acne prone skin and this moisturizer hasn’t led to any breakouts. I go out bare faced most times so I tone my skin, use this moisturizer and sometimes double on my acne moisturizer and sun screen and I’m good for the whole day.

- sephora
sephora userJune 12, 2018


I received this product complimentary for sampling purposes but all opinions are my own. I have combination (with specific very dry areas) and acne prone skin, so I thought this product would be great for me as it is good for sensitive skin. While I apply this product and leave it on overnight, when I wake up, my skin doesn't feel as moisturized or as soft as when I use other products. In the morning, after applying sunscreen, I can see dry skin and flakes under my sunscreen. On the plus side, the product doesn't give me more acne.

- sephora
sephora userJune 10, 2018


I received this product as a complimentary to test out the product. My opinion below is my own personal thoughts. It’s been a couple weeks that I have been trying out this product. I have acne prone skin and combination skin. I normally apply moisturizers twice a day and sometimes three times a day. This product does everything it claims to do. My skin feels soft and hydrated once I apply it. Ive notice that it definitely helps my skin texture as well. It’s super lightweight and it doesn’t clog my pores. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for a moisturizer.

- sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Polysorbate 20hazard
Butylene Glycolacne
PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Potassium Hydroxidehazard

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Profile picture of Evelyn Trujillo
Evelyn Trujillo
OilyOily Skin
What’s y’alls opinion on this a as my new moisturizer? For really oily and acne prone skin?
Profile picture of Caroline
OilyOily Skin
This is my favorite moisturizer ever :)
Profile picture of Jenna Rogow
Jenna Rogow
OilyOily Skin
Best moisturizer for mainly oily skin with some dry areas?
Profile picture of Caroline
OilyOily Skin
This stuff is a miracle for skin that is oily with a few dry spots( this is my skin type as well)
Profile picture of Irlenia Diaz
Irlenia Diaz
OilyOily Skin
Helloo I have oily skin and I look for a good moisturizer please Help me
Profile picture of Caroline
OilyOily Skin
This is absolutely wonderful and super cooling. Works great with oily skin!
Profile picture of Isabella Grzywinski
Isabella Grzywinski
OilyOily Skin
best moisturizer for oily skin?
Profile picture of Caroline
OilyOily Skin
This one is awesome! :)
Profile picture of Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson
CombinationCombination Skin
This is gross but I’m having SUCH a problem with crusty acne. It looks so gross and I’m not sure what to do to heal it or cover it up in the day. Thoughts?? This is with some Estée Lauder double wear concealer
Profile picture of Caroline
OilyOily Skin
Always make sure to moisturize every day! I do in the morning at night and this problem eventually goes away. My favorite is this moisturizer. It’s super cooling and hydrating. You can also try spraying rose water (my fav is the Mario Bedescu) or setting spray on your beauty blender or foundation brush !