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Long-Wear Cream Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Long-Wear Cream Eye Shadow

staying power(1008)
pigmentation: sheer

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not creasing

if you are looking for an eye shadow that goes on easily, wears until you take it off, doesn't crease or look heavy, improves your eyelid appearance and makes your life easier, look no further

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

the color stays true through 12 hour work shifts, with no creasing, and is the perfect base for her gel liner

- Sephora User

staying power


this is my favorite eye shadow, as it stays put and looks great for 12 hours

- Nordstrom User

it stays on all day and looks fine for at least 8 hours

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User



texture is so important for creamy eye shadow

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

this stuff is great for two reasons- it makes your eyelids look great because of the creamy texture, and it lasts all day

- Bloomingdale's User


blends well

i bought the gold sparkle/metallic long-wear cream shadow as the second top layer which blends nicely and conservatively to make eyes noticeable in chic and sexy

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

so easy to apply, lasts well, blends well, all in all a fabulous product

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User


does not have fallout

regardless, the multi-colored glitter particles sparkle and last all day and night, and do not have fall out, unlike the sparkle powder shadows

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

great for sensitive, allergy eyes as it stays put and has zero risk of fall-out

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User



i love to use these both alone and as bases (the formula is so smooth, you can create a very natural sheer color, or layer more for a more intense payoff)

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

i apply cement long wear underneath my metallic black pearl and it is very sheer and very light and pretty

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User
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bobbibrowncosmetics.com userDecember 15, 2013

4 Shade Review

I've been wearing BB's long wear cream shadows for almost 2 years. This stuff really does last all day long and won't let you down at the end of a long shift. Great for sensitive, allergy eyes as it stays put and has zero risk of fall-out. I use a brush to take it out of the little glass pot and then glob it on the eyelid before using my finger or the brush to smear it on. You have only 5 seconds to move it around before it sets. After which, you risk de-setting what you already have on. For me, this works best as broad washes of color. Sometimes, I apply a heavy line of cream eye shadow near my eyelashes to spackle the crinkles in my eyelids for smoother liquid eyeliner application. So far I have bought 4 different colors: 1) BONE - on me, this is not an "off-white" it is more like the super palest petal pink. I am "warm ivory" in BB foundation, so this may just be my natural color coming through. This color does not build well and it de-sets/clumps noticeably when more cream shadow (bone or otherwise) is placed on top. Good for highlighting brows and as a primer for pale eyeshadows. 2) SHORE - "pale nude" is an accurate description as it really is a skin-toned tan. I haven't had this for longer than 2 months and have been using it as a crease color. Looks good next to "Opal" from the Metallic Cream Shadows. Sometimes, I apply it as a nude-colored spackle for my eyelid crinkles before applying eyeliner when I'm using a sheer eyelid color. Not a buildable color in my experience. 3) STONE - "beige brown" = wrong. This is really a cocoa color. VERY BUILDABLE COLOR. You can easily go from transparent to opaque brown with this stuff and it looks great! My favorite so far. 4) PLATINUM - terrible. Texture is not creamy, it's more like a clumpy paste. This stuff did not set and it ran down my eye creases and into my eye. Not an attractive silver shimmer either. A total disaster, I returned it immediately. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- bobbibrowncosmetics.com
Sephora userJanuary 22, 2013

I want every color (heather)

"I was chatting online w/ a BB MU and I asked for an eye product that would go w/ my beloved Black Mauve Shimmer Ink long wear gel eyeliner and would bring out the green in my dark, hazel eyes. She immediately recommended HEATHER in this product. I was glad since I have oily eyelids and I love creamy long wearing eye products; I hate how powders crease, fallout, etc. So I went to the BB counter and the MU there put this on me w/ a concealer brush, along w/ my Black Mauve liner, and WOW! my eyes look GREEEEEN! It is a gorgeous grayish - heatherish - slight purpley color - i look at it as my day to day, subtle "purple" look. i am a warm beige, nw 25/30 for reference; i don't know if this'd look great w/ a darker or lighter skintone. as for the product itself though - wow - goes all day w/o creasing w/o a primer. i still use a primer, though, force of habit. unless you want the sheerest wash of color do not use your finger as my first reflex was - it did NOT give the color payoff of a brush. i was every color - as my title states :) dries quickly so work fast. Photo=HEATHER blended out w/ finger and w/ brush « less

- Sephora
bobbibrowncosmetics.ca userApril 11, 2011

Worth the praise! But...

I'm really just about as impressed with this eye shadow as many of these positive reviews: I do love its creamy consistency. It *does* last all day. And the color selection truly makes it impossible to choose one at a time.... I've never purchased fewer than three at once because of this! :P Also I haven't had a miss yet with color selection. Almost everything I've tried I've loved.But a couple of objective notes should be made I think. This product does not always apply perfectly evenly. Even with a light touch I typically need to help the brush get the color even. From time to time that has even meant I'd need a little dab of makeup remover on my fingertip to help blend it in.I've found that if you use the cream shadow brush you do get good results... but this eyeshadow also *will* crease. It isn't excessive or even always particularly noticeable to anyone else... but a little smoothing out in the crease later in the day is generally necessary.It IS great stuff... but it ISN'T perfect. 5 stars anyway... awesome jar/packaging and color selection and wearability and consistency. Also it's just gorgeous on! Less

- bobbibrowncosmetics.ca
sephora userMarch 29, 2014

Daily staple

Yet another winner from Bobbi. These shadows go on rather sheer at first, but are easily buildable to be as pigmented as you'd like. Unlike Bobbi's gel liner, the pots last FOREVER and don't dry out. I'd say I go through one pot in about 8-9 months and that's with using several layers almost daily. I find that application is easiest with a brush. They glide on smooth as butter, dry quickly, and last all day and night. I've never had an issue with creasing, clumping, or flaking. I tend to wear mine as a base for other shadows, but they look lovely on their own as well. It's really easy to blend and layer these shadows with themselves or even with other shadow formulas. The color Sand Dollar (a light shimmery taupe) is one of my daily staples.

- sephora
bobbibrowncosmetics.ca userFebruary 28, 2012


I have mixed feelings about this. I bought it in the shade Slate, which is a mid-light grey that looks quite warm and taupey in the pot but disappointingly just looks grey on my lids. Whilst it does last several hours without creasing (which is pretty impressive), the formula isn't very pigmented and it takes at least 3 layers to get it to even show up properly on my lids, and I have very pale skin. I wish it came in darker colours or was more pigmented, because as it is it just looks a big wishy-washy and sheer, and doesn't give enough definition or really do anything for me. Incidentally, I was hoping this would be like the cream shadow equivalent of Copperplate eyeshadow by Mac, which is the perfect warm mid-grey shade and very flattering, but sadly it pales in comparison (quite literally).It sets very quickly so you have to move fast to avoid a patchy finish, but that's easy enough once you've practiced a couple of times. Less

- bobbibrowncosmetics.ca


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