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Highlighting Powder by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Highlighting Powder

staying power(55)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Afternoon Glow
Afternoon GlowBronze GlowMoon GlowPink GlowSunkissed GlowSunrise GlowSunset GlowTawny Glow

Top Reviews


blends well

i choose this as the base golden tones to this beautiful product match to the golden base tones in my skin , its sooo finely milled that its blends with the skin seamlessly , i even used it on top of illuminating balm & it looks and feels incredible , does not highlight fine lines , just looks like someone is shining a very soft focus light bulb towards your skin , i also swiped a bit over my cupids bow and across my mobile eyelid over my pink eye shadow - makes green eyes stand out i believe due to the golden tones

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

they are soft, blendable, true to colour, last 8 hrs + and have so many different colours

- Mecca User

staying power


long wearing and the packaging is gorgeous

- Sephora User

smooth to apply and lasts all day

- Mecca User



it blends in well and has a very creamy texture

- John Lewis User

i should also mention that it last through all day,and makes your skin look natural and healthy with a beautiful rose-white wet-glow

- Lookfantastic User



s not harsh or bright and builds well without being noticeable or laying heavy on your face

- Qvc User

i love this highlighter, it really gives a nice, radiant glow to your skin and the packaging is very lightweight

- Sephora User



this highlighter is soft 'n' delicate texture,flawless finish on skin ,easy to blend,easy to apply,appropriate price,perfect candle light, and adding a perfect dimension to your skin

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

the powder has a silky texture and is nicely sheer with build able coverage

- Qvc User


does not have fallout

absolute best best powder highlighter you can buy if you have any type of texture it’s soooo gooddd okay so recently started differin for severe acne and my skin has gone to really oily cystic skin to dry and really sensitive with dry patches so i kinda always have some type of texture going on and only stick highlighters have been doing it for me until this it’s perfect it’s not powdery and glittery like other powder highlighters it literally looks like i’m glowing from within it’s beautiful i bathe in this if it ever even slightly gets powdery i just press my damp beauty sponge onto it and it’s fixed it’s soo good everyone needs to cop this

- Sephora User

as the shade describes, this powder is a beautiful opalescent gold but it's so natural that it just looks like you're really glowing from within and it's not chalky or powdery at all

- Sephora User



this is incredibly light and sheer, yet it helps keep make up on your face

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

its super soft, creamy and sheer, yet gives you a serious highlight

- Sephora User
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Sephora userAugust 25, 2016

the perfect GLOW

Omg this highlighter in bronze glow... This is one of the few highlighters I'd be willing to pay nearly $50. Maybe even the only one. This color... The formulation. Everything about it is perfect. The color bronze glow is perfect for deeper skin tones. A beautiful soft gold luminously without being too white or yellow. And the formulation plays a role in that too. It's not so powdery that it comes off too pigmented and stark onto your cheek bones. Not a huge fan of those time of highlighters. If you're looking for that perfect sheen, almost a liquid glow in powder form on your face without becoming too shiny during the day like a liquid highlighter, this is for you. Absolutely my favorite highlighter or all time. I just don't know how to describe with words how it gives that perfect sheen without looking so powdery and glittery. And because of its formulation it's actually pretty blendable, much more blendable than any highlight I've used so you'll never end up with that weird circular splotch or weird stripe of light on your cheek. This is perfect for a natural glow. It's a bright luminous glow but not so obviously unnatural like some other highlighters. Photographs beautifully. Awesome product. I don't know whether the formulation for the color pink glow but I'm pretty sure it's the same as bronze glow. « less

- Sephora
spacenk.com userApril 8, 2018

Best highlighting powder I’ve ever used

I have a bit of an obsession with highlighters and keep growing my collection, so when this one beat the rest it was very impressive! I got the shade Capri which is beautiful for fairer skin tones, because it’s not too gold or too pink so it looks like a natural glow to the skin rather than a stripe of pigment. It really does create a seamless and beautifully melted in glow to the skin in seconds. No glitter just a dewy “I woke up like this” shine. It also builds up beautifully within a few swipes for a blinding highlight without skipping on any skin texture or looking cakey. It feels so unique to the touch also, I think it’s one of the smoothest and softest powders I have ever felt. Plus at 14grams it is nearly double the size of Becca highlighters so really worth the money. I love it so much I want to buy back ups and second colours for when I’m more tanned. Less

- spacenk.com
bobbibrowncosmetics.com userAugust 23, 2015

This is NOT a blush but actually a beautiful bronzer!

Ok so I want to set the confusion straight on how people are commenting on the pink colors as a "blush". Those reviews almost made me not buy this, and I am so glad that I still did! I cannot live without this product! The pink colors are ACTUALLY bronzers made for a very specific fair complexion with Antigua bringing the lightest of them all. Antigua is for people with complexions up to warm ivory in foundation. I lost a lot of my pigment in my skin, making me the fairest of all Italians out there. I have very dark hair and eyes (almost black) and my skin is so fair that I often felt like a ghost. I have been unable to wear a bronzer. I do not tan at all in the sun so every bronzer was just way too dark. The Antigua bronzer works wonders on my fair, dry complexion. I use the face blender brush to apply a lighter application. I wear Warm Ivory in foundation and have pink and yellow under. The bronzer blends into fair complexions great and looks very natural. My extra dry skin cannot handle powder and I have found that this bronzer sets my foundation nicely. It has a matt finish and does not settle in dry patches or cracks. The shimmer is not over done on this product and it does give my skin a nice glow. My cheeks are naturally pink and my face can get red easily (which can be often in the hot desert). I can still wear blush with the bronzer and my face does not ever appear red or pink. My skin just looks healthy, hydrated, and full of life! Thanks Bobbi for thinking about the fair women out there!Pros: dry skin, bronzer for fair complexions, lasts all day, provides natural coloring to skinCons: will become your favorite product that you cannot go without Less

- bobbibrowncosmetics.com
hqhair.com userMarch 14, 2012

NARS 'Gilda'

This is very pigmented, as expected of a Nars blush. It creates a very warm, natural looking coral/pink flush on my cheeks (NC20) that lasts all day with minimal fading. I love that it's matte as I tend to avoid products with shimmer on an everyday basis. I think the high level of pigmentation is great since I use this daily during Summer and Spring, so it's good to know I won't be hitting pan too soon, but it does mean that this is best applied through light stippling with a duo fibre brush to avoid intense patches of blush. This doesn't bother me as I find stippling provides a more natural finish anyway. Overall, fantastic product!

- hqhair.com
Sephora userAugust 14, 2018


I have been on the hunt to find the perfect highlighter for the last year and I was so excited to receive this product because of the numerous amazing reviews, but I was sadly disappointed. When first swatching the product I noticed that it was incredibly powdery and would not show up on my skin. I tried using multiple brushes to try and see if I could build up any kind of highlight but no matter how much I tried there was no shine or glow, it just blended right into my skin. 

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

C12-20 acid peg-8 esterhazard
Chondrus Crispusacneirritant
CI 19140hazard
Polysorbate 80hazard

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looking for a good highlighter. any recommendations?
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DryDry Skin
This one is expensive ($48), but lasts forever. I have fair skin and love the “afternoon glow” color